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110 Celtic Names for Your Baby

Discover your ancestry by exploring 110 Celtic boy and girl names, their origins, and meanings. Search for Irish, Scottish, & Gaelic names!

Updated April 14, 2024

If you are searching for a Celtic name to honor your Celtic heritage, you have come to the right place. We’ve organized the names into categories based on popularity and where they come from. You’ll notice that they have Irish, Scottish, and even Gaelic roots. The Celts were Indo-European people who spoke an ancient Celtic language that you may still hear spoken in some parts of Europe, such as Ireland. These people date back to the Bronze and Iron ages. Even though modern-day languages are broken up, into Irish or Cornish, for example, many people can trace their culture back to their Celtic ancestors.1 Here are 110 of the best Celtic boy names and Celtic girl names:

Celtic Boy Names

Many of these boy names are unique in the U.S., though some, like Liam, are popular. Liam has been in the top 10 several times in the last few years, even claiming the top spot in 2022.

20 Popular Celtic Boy Names

These are the most common Celtic boy names. These names are popular in Ireland and Scotland, especially Finn and Niall.

Here are our favorite most popular Celtic boy names:

1. Angus

2. Barry

3. Braden

4. Caden

5. Cillian

6. Cormac

7. Declan

8. Domhnall

9. Eoghan

10. Finn

11. Gavin

12. Graham

13. Ian

14. Keane

15. Liam

16. Malcolm

17. Niall

18. Patrick

19. Seamus

20. Tiernan

10 Boy Names from Celtic Mythology

These names come from deities found in Celtic mythology. Some of them are well-known, while others are less so. Either way, they make great unique names if you have your heart set on choosing a name that represents your Celtic heritage. We also included which gods they are in case you weren’t sure which one is which.

Here are 10 of our favorite boy names from Celtic mythology:

1. Alator – Associated with the Roman war god Mars

2. Arubianus – A god in the Celtic kingdom, Noricrum

3. Borvo – God of healing springs

4. Grannus – A healing god

5. Loucetios – A god of thunder

6. Lugh – A god of craftsmanship

7. Maponos – A god of youth

8. Nuada – God of healing

9. Sucellus – A god of agriculture and wine

10. Taranis – A god of thunder

20 Less Common Celtic Boy Names

Here are even more name options for boys of Celtic origin. Even though they aren’t popular, there’s nothing wrong with a unique name for your new baby boy.

Here are our top picks for less common Celtic boy names:

1. Aneurin

2. Aodh

3. Balfour

4. Brieg

5. Cullen

6. Donall

7. Douglas

8. Duncan

9. Gilligan

10. Gordon

11. Jareth

12. Kane

13. Keith

14. Merrell

15. Nevyn

16. Powell

17. Quaid

18. Ronan

19. Trevor

20. Zayden

Celtic Girl Names

While not as popular as some boy names, these Celtic girl names are most popular in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Even though they have yet to be popular in the U.S., they are still great choices for a girl.

20 Popular Celtic Girl Names

You’ll often see these names for girls in countries with Celtic roots. Some, like Erin or Morgan, are not very common in the U.S. but are popular in places such as Ireland.

Here are our favorite Celtic girl names:

1. Aislinn

2. Brighid

3. Bronwen

4. Caoimhe

5. Deidre

6. Enid

7. Erin

8. Fiona

9. Gwyneth

10. Isolde

11. Keely

12. Maeve

13. Moira

14. Morgan

15. Niamh

16. Rhiannon

17. Roisin

18. Saoirse

19. Siobhan

20. Teagan

10 Girl Names from Celtic Mythology

Here’s a list of some of the strongest Celtic goddesses, along with what their dominions are.

These are our 10 favorite options:

1. Acionna – Goddess of the river Essonne

2. Brigit – A goddess of healing, fire, cattle, poetry, and fertility

3. Ceridwen – A shape-shifting goddess

4. Cissonia – A goddess of trade

5. Divona – Goddess of sacred springs and rivers

6. Epona – A horse goddess of fertility

7. Icauna – Goddess of the river Yonne

8. Lerina – Patron goddess of Lerins Islands

9. Rosmerta – Goddess of fertility and abundance

10. Sirona – Goddess of healing

20 Less Common Celtic Girl Names

These names may be less popular for girls, but sometimes a unique name can be more memorable.

Here are our top choices for less common Celtic girl names:

1. Aife

2. Avalon

3. Bedelia

4. Conwenna

5. Cordelia

6. Doireann

7. Duna

8. Eislyn

9. Gilda

10. Glynnes

11. Kiera

12. Maureen

13. Nevanthi

14. Nevina

15. Riona

16. Shannon

17. Shona

18. Tahra

19. Tiona

20. Tristana

10 Unisex Celtic Names

These names are gender-neutral and are suitable for either boys or girls. Many of these names, like Aidan, are very popular and can be a great option if you are searching for the perfect unisex name or want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until birth.

1. Aidan

2. Blaine

3. Dylan

4. Evan

5. Lee or Leigh

6. Logan

7. McKinley

8. Reagan

9. Rowan

10. Wynn

Searching for a baby name to honor your Celtic heritage can be a process, but this list of 110 names can help you find inspiration for your new bundle of joy!

If you want to see more names, check out our other baby name lists. Also, try flower names for girlsbeautiful girl names, rare boy names, powerful boy names, and Irish baby names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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