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95 Korean Names (And Their Meanings) for Your Baby

Find inspiration to honor your heritage by choosing a Korean name. We have plenty of Korean boy names and Korean girl names on our list.

Updated April 14, 2024

Finding the perfect name for your baby is a significant journey many parents enjoy. You can discover several beautiful options along the way. Our list of Korean names covers several categories for both boys and girls to aid you in your search for the best match for your little one.

How is a Baby Name Chosen in South Korea?

Many names are written with either one or two syllables. Middle names are not used in South Korea. Instead, many first names are made up of two components. You’ll often see the term “Sino-Korean.” These are Korean words but have Chinese origin. Similarly, “hanja,” which is what is used to write names, has roots in Chinese.1

When selecting a name, one component is unique or lets the child’s individuality shine, while other components are family names shared across generations of the same gender. You see this in the United States as well, especially in sons and fathers who share the same first name.2

16 Popular Korean Girl Names

These are some of the most popular Korean names for girls. You will see them often in South Korea and in families that like to keep their naming traditions. A great example is Seo-Ah for baby girls. Are you looking for a well-known name for your daughter? This is a great place to look for ideas.

1. A-Rin — This is a common name for girls that means “spring.”

2. Chae-Won — The combination of the hanja used for this name means “collect” and “origin.”

3. Da-Eun — This girl’s name means “a lot of grace.”

4. Ga-Eun — This popular girl’s name means “beautiful and kind.”

5. Ha-Eun — Meaning “great summer,” many parents choose this name for a baby girl born in a summer month.

6. Ha-Yun — This name means “natural talent.”

7. Ji-An — Depending on the hanja used, this name can mean “build,” “establish,” or “healthy.”

8. Ji-U — The meaning of this given name for girls is “wise and rich.”

9. Ji-Woo — This is a common name for girls that means “house of wisdom.”

10. Seo-Ah — Meaning “auspicious,” this is a name chosen often for baby girls in South Korea.

11. Seo-Yeon — Depending on the hanja used, this name can mean “beautiful and graceful” or “felicitous omen.”

12. Su-Bin — This is a perfect choice for a baby girl, meaning “refined beauty” in Korean.

13. Ye-Rin — This popular girl’s name means “talented.”

14. Ye-Won — This combination has several meanings, commonly “talent” and “garden.”

15. Yi-Seo — Meaning “happiness and wisdom,” this name is a wonderful choice for a baby girl.

16. Yun-Seo — This name means “allow” and “series.”

17 Cute Korean Girl Names

This list of names for girls contains so many sweet options. They are both cute sounding and have adorable meanings.

1. Ae-Cha — This adorable name means “loving daughter.”

2. Bo-Bae — Meaning “treasure,” this is a less common but cute name for a baby girl.

3. Bong-Cha — This Korean name can mean “ultimate girl” or “superior daughter.”

4. Chija — This is the Korean name for gardenia flowers.

5. Choon-Hee — The meaning of this girl’s name is “spring girl” in Korean.

6. Eun-Kyung — This name means “grace” and “respect.”

7. Heejin — This beautiful Korean name means “precious pearl.”

8. Hei-Ran — In Korean, this cute girl’s name means “grace and orchid.”

9. Hyun-Joo — The combination of hanja for this name means “worthy” and “jewel.”

10. Jang-Mi — If you love flowers, you’ll adore this Korean girl’s name, which means “rose.”

11. Kaneisyeon — This is the word for the carnation flower.

12. Myung-Hee — This Korean girl’s name means “brightness and pleasure.”

13. Ji-Hye — This name means “wisdom” in Korean and is an excellent choice for a baby girl.

14. Ma-Ri — Why not choose an adorable name for your daughter that means “the best?”

15. Soon-Bok — This cute girl’s name means “gentle and blessed.”

16. Yoo-Mi — This name can mean “abundance of beauty” or “eternal beauty” in Korean.

17. Yoon-Suh — For your little ray of sunshine, this name means “sunlight.”

6 Pretty Girl Names

These pretty Korean names sound pretty and have beautiful meanings, too! Any of them would make a lovely name for your little girl.

1. Da-Hye — The combination of hanja in this name means “beautiful,” “excellent,” “wise,” or “intelligence,” making it a great name for your daughter.

2. Hae-Won — In Korean, this name means “beautiful garden.”

3. Hwa-Young — Meaning “beautiful flower,” this name perfectly fits any baby girl.

4. Mang-Mi — This pretty name means “hope” and “beauty” in Korean.

5. Mi-Gyeong — This name means “beautiful view.”

6. Mi-Ok — The meaning of this girl’s name is “beautiful pearl” in Korean.

12 Unique Korean Girl Names

Are you looking for an uncommon name for your baby girl? These names for girls are rare but are still worth browsing. A unique name can give your daughter a sense of her identity. You might find her a perfect match here.

1. Aera — This charming and unique name means “love” in Korean.

2. Ahnjong — This rare name means “tranquility.”

3. Bitna — Meaning “shining,” this is a great choice for a unique little girl.

4. Byeol — This is the Korean word for “star.”

5. Chin-Sun — This name means “goodness.”

6. Chun-Ae — This uncommon girl’s name means “noble and love” in Korean.

7. Eun-Hee — The combination of hanja in this name means “grace and pleasure.”

8. Ho-Sook — This uncommon girl’s name means “goodness and purity.”

9. Hye — This is primarily a female name sometimes used for boys and means “intelligence.”

10. Mi-Hi — Meaning “beautiful joy,” this is a wonderful and unique Korean name for girls.

11. Mun-hee — This name means “educated” in Korean.

12. Yoonah — This girl’s name means “light of God.”

16 Popular Korean Boy Names

If you are looking for some of the most popular Korean names for boys, you will find them here. These are most commonly chosen for baby boys in Korea, and they all have strong and impactful meanings. Take a look to see if any of these interest you.

1. Do-Yun — This popular boy’s name means “correct path” in Korean.

2. Eun-U — This name means “kindness” and “protection.”

3. Ha-Joon — This boy’s name means “great summer.”

4. Hyeon-U — In Korean, this name means “divine intervention.”

5. I-Jun — Depending on the hanja, this popular name can mean “handsome” or “ruler.”

6. Jae-Yun — Meaning “allow” and “ability,” this is a common name for boys.

7. Ji-Ho — This is a popular name for boys, but is also unisex. It means “wisdom and intellect” in Korean.

8. Ju-Won — The combined hanja of this name means “circumference” and “first.”

9. Jun-Seo — This boy’s name means “handsome and auspicious.”

10. Min-Jae — This name has several meanings in Korean, including “strong” and “smart.”

11. Min-Jun — Meaning “clever and talented,” this is another popular name given to boys.

12. Seo-Yun — This name means “prosperous omen.”

13. Shi-Woo — In Korean, this boy’s name means “excellent universe.”

14. Ye-Jun — Meaning “talented,” this is a fantastic pick if you would like a common name for your son.

15. Yi-An — This boy’s name means “plum tree” in Korean.

16. Yu-Chan — This popular name means “abundant praise.”

17 Cute Boy Names

These adorable baby names are fantastic choices for a bouncing baby boy. They are short and sweet and have nice meanings. They may not be rare, but they are less common, giving you the best of both worlds.

1. A-Yeon — This sweet name means “lovely/beautiful connection/relationship.”

2. Beom-Seok — This cute name for boys means “pattern of a rock.”

3. Byeong — This boy’s name means “bright” or “glorious.”

4. Cho — This is a family name that many parents choose as a given name, and it means “beginning” in Korean.

5. Chung-Hee — In Korean, this boy’s name means “righteous.”

6. Dae — This name has the perfect meaning for a little boy: “greatness.”

7. Geon — This name can have multiple meanings, including “respect” and “strong.”

8. Him-Chan — We love this cute name. It means “powerful” or “spirited.”

9. Hwan — This boy’s name means “brilliant one.”

10. In-Su — Depending on the hanja, this name can mean “humanity,” “wisdom,” or “outstanding.”

11. Jeong — This simple and sweet boy’s name means “gentle” and “loyal” in Korean.

12. Kyong — This name for boys means “brightness.”

13. Sang-Hoon — In Korean, this name means “benevolent.”

14. Seul-Ki — Meaning “wisdom,” this cute boy’s name is sometimes used for baby girls.

15. Shin — This name means “faith and trust.”

16. U-Jin — This is a cute name with a wonderful meaning: “blessing.”

17. Young-Ho — In Korean, this name is perfect for a baby boy and means “great hero.”

11 Unique Korean Boy Names

These are some of the rarest Korean boy names, and they each have their charm. If you are still looking for the best name for your son, don’t sleep on this category, as there are many hidden gems.

1. Chan-Woo — This uncommon boy’s name means “bright gem” in Korean.

2. Chang-Uk — This name means “good sunrise.”

3. Chul — If you want a unique name for your son, try this name, which means “firm.”

4. Duri — This name is predominantly masculine but can be unisex. It means “two” in Korean.

5. Gyong-Si — This name means “honor” and “time.”

6. Hae-Jin — In Korean, this rare name means “intelligent” and “precious.”

7. Hyun-Sik — This boy’s name means “wisdom” and “honesty.”

8. Il-Seong — This unique name means “day” and “complete” in Korean.

9. Nam-Gi — Depending on the hanja used, this name can have many meanings, including “south” and “flag.”

10. Sung-Mo — This name is an expression that means “Holy Mother.”

11. Woo-Jin — This Korean name was popular for boys and means “treasure of the family.”

Korean culture is reflected in many ways, including in naming traditions. If you want to honor your heritage, choosing a Korean name for your child may be the way to go. It can show off their individuality and still have ties to family.

Want more ideas for your baby boy? Check out our other baby names lists, like rare boy names, rare girl names, flower names for girls, and nature names. Have fun choosing a name you love for your baby boy!

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