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142 German Baby Names For Your Little One

Check out our list of popular and meaningful German names for girls and boys to honor your family's German heritage.

Updated July 5, 2024

Whether you have German ancestry or are interested in the cultural diversity of Germany, we have 142 German baby names and meanings for you to look through to find the perfect name. We have divided them into relevant categories based on the type of name you are looking for. There are common German girl names, as well as traditional options, and common German boy names. We even covered middle names! Take a look at the wonderful German baby names that we have chosen for this list.

Naming Traditions in Germany

The first thing you will notice is that not all these baby girl and boy names are of German origin. Like many countries around the world, there are influences from other cultures that come into play. You will see a lot of French and Scandinavian names that are chosen for many babies in modern Germany.

When it comes to choosing a name, many German people pick two personal names. Similar to the United States, they will have a first name and middle name, and their surname is passed on from their father.1

It’s common for families to choose a biblical name, a saint’s name, or an old, traditional German name. Many parents also pass down given names from other family members as well. Naming customs vary between families, making their practices more unique.2

German Girl Names

You will find many German baby girl names separated into relevant categories here. Explore these lists to find the perfect match for your daughter.

22 Common German Names for Girls

These are the most popular names chosen for girls in Germany. They are pretty names; many have origins in other languages and cultures.

1. Anastasia — This name has Greek and Russian origins. It means “resurrection.”

2. Anna — This is one of the most popular names for girls in Germany. It means “grace” in Hebrew.

3. Clara — This name means “bright” in Latin.

4. Emilia — This name has many origins, including Spanish and Hungarian. It means “rival.”

5. Emma — The meaning of this common German girl’s name is “universal.”

6. Frieda — A German name meaning “peace.”

7. Hannah — Also Hebrew, this name is a variation of Anna. It also means “grace.”

8. Helena — A Greek name meaning “shining light.”

9. Ida — This German girl’s name means “industrious one.”

10. Johanna — The German version of the Hebrew name Joanna, and it means “God is gracious.”

11. Josephine — This name means “Jehovah increases” in Hebrew.

12. Layla — This common name is of Arabic origin, meaning “dark” or “night.”

13. Leni — This name has several origins and meanings, including Latin for “light.” It is also the short form of the German name Magdalene.

14. Lina — This name means “tender” in Arabic.

15. Lotte — A common German name that means “free.”

16. Marlene — This name means “woman of Magdala” and “star of the sea.”

17. Nele — Starting as a nickname for Cornelia, this name means “horn” in German.

18. Marie — A French name meaning “star of the sea.”

19. Pauline — This common girl’s name of French origin means “small.”

20. Romy — This name means “dew of the sea” in Latin.

21. Sophia — This name is popular throughout Europe. It is Greek for “wisdom.”

22. Tilda — Meaning “strength in battle” in German, this is another common girl’s name in Germany.

15 Cool German Names for Girls

Many of these baby girl names are unique. They are cool and modern — just like your little one.

1. Annalise — A Latin and German name that means “graced with God’s bounty.”

2. Belle — This cool name is of French origin and means “beautiful.”

3. Carla — This German girl’s name means “free” in German and Italian.

4. Conra — This is the female version of Conrad and is German for “brave counsel.”

5. Etta — This cool girl’s name means “home ruler” in English.

6. Franka — A German name meaning “from France.”

7. Freya — This Scandinavian name means “noble.”

8. Gisela — This is another super cool girl name of German origin that means “pledge.”

9. Greta — Meaning “pearl,” this is both a cute and cool German name for a girl.

10. Juna — This cool name is a little bit more unique. It means “June” in Latin.

11. Lisbet — This is an uncommon variation of Elizabeth, but it has the same meaning: “God’s promise” in Hebrew.

12. Mayne — German for “brave.”

13. Noa — This Hebrew name means “movement.”

14. Odilia — A German and French name meaning “wealth.”

15. Rainah — This is the feminine form of Ray, and it means “wise guardian” in Old German.

23 Traditional Names for Girls

Are you looking for something more traditional? These classic German names are fabulous choices for a daughter.

1. Adele — This traditional German name for girls means “noble.”

2. Alice — This German name is a classic and means “noble” or “exalted.”

3. Bernadette — This French name means “brave bear” or “strong.”

4. Druella — Meaning “elf vision,” this is a traditional name for girls in Germany.

5. Elsa — A simple German classic that means “pledged to God.”

6. Emmeline — German for “hardworking” or “industrious.”

7. Gertrude — An Old High German name meaning “strong spear.”

8. Gesine — This is a variation of Gertrude, and it has the same meaning and origin.

9. Gretchen — This is a traditional and pretty name for girls that means “pearl” in German.

10. Heidi — An Old German name that means “noble kind.”

11. Helga — Scandinavian for “holy” or “blessed.”

12. Ingrid — This traditional name is of Scandinavian origin and means “fair.”

13. Isolde — This name is both German and Welsh. It means “ice ruler.”

14. Jocelyn — An Old German name for a member of the tribe called the Gauts.

15. Lorelei — This classic German girl’s name means “enchantress” or “temptress.”

16. Matilda — This German name means “battle mighty.”

17. Maude — This German name means “strong battle maiden.”

18. Nadine — A name of French origin that means “hope.”

19. Odetta — This name is French and German and means “wealthy.”

20. Rafaella — Meaning “God has healed,” this traditional name has many origins, including Hebrew and Spanish.

21. Rosamund — This Old German name means “horse protection.”

22. Sabine — The Sabine tribe is a group of ancient Italian people.

23. Ursula — A Latin name for “little bear.”

German Boy Names

These are our top choices for German baby boy names. From cool to classic, there is something for every little boy here.

23 Common German Names for Boys

If you are interested in more common German boy names, the most popular options are here, including some that are short and sweet.

1. Anton — This is the German form of the Greek name Anthony, meaning “praiseworthy.”

2. Arthur — This name is of Latin and Celtic origin. It means “bear.”

3. Bruno — Old German for “brown.”

4. Elias — The meaning of this common name for boys is “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.

5. Emilio — This name is Latin and Italian, meaning “rival.”

6. Felix — A Latin name for “happy” or “fortunate.”

7. Finn — This boy’s name is primarily Irish and means “fair.” It is often used in Germany for baby boys.

8. Hannes — Scandinavian name meaning “God is gracious.”

9. Henry — A common German name that means “home-ruler.”

10. Jakob — This is the German and Scandinavian spelling for Jacob. It means “supplanter” in Hebrew.

11. Karl — Old High German for “free man.”

12. Kilian — A German boy’s name meaning “little church.”

13. Konstantin — This name means “constant” in Russian.

14. Linus — This name is of Greek origin and means “flax.”

15. Lukas — Meaning “light,” this name has many origins, including Latin and Swedish.

16. Mats — Another popular boy’s name in Germany, Mats means “gift of God” in Norwegian and Hebrew.

17. Maxim — French and Latin for “the greatest.”

18. Noah — This is a common name worldwide, including Germany. It means “rest” in Hebrew.

19. Oskar — This name is both German and Old Norse. It means “God’s spear.”

20. Paul — A Latin name for “small” or “humble.”

21. Philipp — This boy’s name is Greek for “horse lover.”

22. Theodor — Greek for “gift of God.”

23. Valentin — This name has several origins, including French and German. It means “strong.”

12 Cool German Names for Boys

From different to strong, these cool German boy names have a unique flair.

1. Adler — This German name has a cool meaning: “eagle.”

2. Barnard — German for “brave as a bear.”

3. Brenner — Middle High German name meaning “to burn.”

4. Fritz — A cool and unique boy name that means “peaceful ruler.”

5. Gunther — This is a strong boy’s name that means “battle warrior” in German.

6. Hugo — French and German for “mind” or “intellect.”

7. Leon — This name is of Greek origin and means “lion.”

8. Leopold — An old German name meaning “brave people.”

9. Martell — German and Latin name meaning “dedicated to Mars.”

10. Niklas — This name means “victory of the people” in Greek and Swedish.

11. Otto — This short and cool German boy’s name means “wealth.”

12. Wolfgang — An Old High German name meaning “traveling wolf.”

12 Traditional Names for Boys

These traditional German names are often family names passed on through generations. You may even find a name you recognize.

1. Arnold — Old German for “eagle power.”

2. Christoph — The German version of the Greek name Christopher, which means “bearer of Christ.”

3. Florian — This Latin and German name means “flowering” or “flourishing.”

4. Friedrich — This traditional German name means “peaceful ruler.”

5. Gustav — This classic name means “staff of the gods” in German and Scandinavian.

6. Heinrich — A German name for boys that means “home-ruler.”

7. Johannes — This is the German and Scandinavian form of the Hebrew name John. It means “God is gracious.”

8. Kiefer — The meaning of this boy’s name is “barrel maker” in German.

9. Manfred — German for “man of peace.”

10. Matthias — Greek and Hebrew for “gift of God.”

11. Raphael — This traditional boy’s name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has healed.”

12. Sigmund — An Old German name meaning “victorious protection.”

35 Middle Names

Middle names are an essential part of a child’s individuality and are very common in Germany. Look at some of our favorites for baby boys and baby girls.

1. Agathe — This middle name means “good” or “honorable” in Greek.

2. Anselm — This German name for boys means “God’s helmet.”

3. Baldwin — This name means “bold” or “brave friend.”

4. Blas — In German, this is used as a nickname for someone with a pale complexion.

5. Boris — This middle name is of Slavic origin. It can mean “wolf” or “battle.”

6. Clemens — A German and Latin name for “merciful.”

7. Delia — Greek meaning “from Delos.”

8. Eartha — This is a girl’s middle name that means “earth” in Old English.

9. Gerd — The meaning of this name in Scandinavian is “garden.”

10. Halag — This is a German middle name that means “pious.”

11. Herta — This middle name for girls is German and Old English. It means “of the earth.”

12. Hubert — This is a classic boy’s name used as a middle name. It means “bright” in Old German.

13. Idetta — Meaning “hardworking,” this German middle name is often chosen for baby girls.

14. Ivon — This French name means “yew” or “archer’s bow.”

15. Jolank — A German name meaning “countly.”

16. Karoline — This is the German Scandinavian form of the French name Caroline. It means “free woman.”

17. Klaus — German for “victory of the people.”

18. Leo — A simple middle name for boys that means “lion” in Latin.

19. Lisette — This name is of French origin and means “pledged to God.”

20. Meinhardt — This name means “bravery” and “strength” in German.

21. Millicent — This name is of both French and German origin. It means “strong in work.”

22. Nadja — In German, this middle name means “hope.”

23. Odiane — This girl’s name can mean “elfin spear” or “wealthy” in French.

24. Otis — This name is of Old German origin and means “wealthy.”

25. Perahta — This is a sweet middle name that means “glorious” in German.

26. Riker — Even though this is more commonly a last name, it also makes a great middle name. It is German for “brave power.”

27. Roslyn — Having several origins and meanings, Roslyn is Latin for “gentle horse” and Spanish for “beautiful.”

28. Stadler — Middle High German for “barn.”

29. Tibalt — This is the German version of the English name Tybalt, which means “bold.”

30. Trudy — Meaning “universal strength” in German, this is a strong choice for a girl’s middle name.

31. Ulka — This German name means “power of the wolf.”

32. Ulrich — German for “rich and noble heritage.”

33. Winifreda — A German middle name meaning “peaceful friend.”

34. Yvette — This name is French for “yew.”

35. Yvonne — This name is derived from Yvette and means “yew” in French.

Whether you are curious to learn more about German culture or have German ancestry, there are many German baby name choices out there. We hope that if you are on a baby-naming journey, you found some inspiration here.

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