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126 Most Popular Hebrew Names For Your Baby

Are you having a baby and want to choose a meaningful name? Check out this list of Hebrew girl names and Hebrew boy names.

Updated April 15, 2024

One of the best parts of expecting a baby is choosing a name for your child. If you are pregnant or adopting and considering Hebrew names, we’ve got you covered! There are many Hebrew boy names and Hebrew girl names to choose from in the Bible and beyond.

Popular Hebrew Baby Names

These names include those of prophets and prophetesses, judges, generals, angels, apostles, disciples, missionaries, and even places.

Hebrew Boy Names

Of course, the vast majority of names in the Bible have Hebrew origins. Many of them have meanings related to God, a few relate to nature, and several have meanings that are positive traits.

Want to give your son a Hebrew name with a meaning related to God? You might consider Abner, which means “my Father is a light;” Adriel, which means “of God’s flock;” Amos, which means “carried by God;” Daniel, which means “God is my judge;” Ezekiel, which means “God strengthens;” Gabriel, which means “God is my strength;” John, which means “God is gracious;” Immanuel, which means “God is with us;” Ishmael, which means “God listens;” Israel, which means “God contends;” Jacob, which means “may God protect.”

Or you might like Mateo, Matt, or Matthew, which mean “gift of God;” Micah, which means “who is like the Lord;” Michael, which means “who is like God?;” Nathaniel, which means “gift of God;” Raphael, which means “God has healed;” Samuel, which means “God has heard or listener of God;” Tobias, which means “God is good;” Zacharius or Zachary, which mean “the Lord has remembered;” or Zane, which means “God is gracious;” Elijah, which means “Yahweh is my God;” Isaiah, which means “Yahweh is salvation;” Jeremiah, which means “Yahweh will exalt;” or Jonathan, which means “Yahweh has given.”

Are you a nature lover? You might enjoy nature names like Aaron, which means “high mountain;” Adam, which means “man, of the earth;” Barak, which means “lightning;” Cyrus, which means “sun;” Elon, which means “oak tree;” Jonah, which means “dove;” Moses, which means “delivered from the water;” or Samson, which means “sun.”

You also might consider Asa, which means “healer, physician, or born in the morning;” Asher, which means “fortunate, blessed, happy;” Caleb, which means “wholehearted;” David, which means “beloved;” Eli, which means “high, elevated;” Ephraim, which means “fruitful, fertile, and productive;” Ethan, which means “strong, firm;” Ezra, which means “help;” Gad, which means “fortune, luck;” Hillel, which means “praise;” Isaac, which means “laughter;” Jabin, which means “discerner, the wise;” Jesse, which means “gift;” Judah or Jude, which mean “praised;” Nathan, which means “given;” Noah, which means “rest, comfort;” Seth, which means “appointed, placed;” or Simon, which means “the listener.”

Or you might like Abraham, which means “father of many;” Benjamin, which means “son of the south or son of the right hand;” or Reuben, which means “behold, a son.”

Popular Hebrew Boy Names

Here are a few of the most popular Hebrew boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Aaron

2. Abel

3. Abner

4. Abraham

5. Adam

6. Adriel

7. Amir

8. Amos

9. Asa

10. Asher

11. Axel

12. Barak

13. Benjamin

14. Boaz

15. Caleb

16. Carmel

17. Cyrus

18. Daniel

19. David

20. Eli

21. Elias

22. Elijah

23. Elon

24. Emmanuel, Immanuel

25. Ephraim

26. Ethan

27. Ezekiel

28. Ezra

29. Gabriel

30. Gad

31. Gideon

32. Hillel

33. Hiram

34. Isaac

35. Isaiah

36. Ishmael

37. Israel

38. Jabin

39. Jace, Jason

40. Jacob

41. James

42. Jared

43. Jeremiah

44. Jesse

45. Jesus

46. Jethro

47. Joel

48. John

49. Jokim

50. Jonah

51. Jonathan

52. Joseph

53. Joshua

54. Josiah

55. Judah, Jude

56. Kaleb

57. Levi

58. Malachi

59. Mateo, Matt, Matthew

60. Meshach

61. Micah

62. Michael

63. Moses

64. Nathan, Nathaniel

65. Noah

66. Raphael

67. Reuben

68. Samson

69. Samuel

70. Saul

71. Seth

72. Simon

73. Tobias

74. Zacharias, Zachary

75. Zion

Hebrew Girl Names

There are many Hebrew girl names to choose from in the Bible and beyond. (My oldest daughter’s name is Samantha, which is the feminine form of the Hebrew prophet and judge Samuel’s name.)

Want to give your daughter a Hebrew name with a meaning related to God? You might consider Abigail, which means “my Father is joyful;” Brielle, which means “heroine of God;” Eliana or Elianna, which mean “God has answered;” Elizabeth, which means “pledged to God;” Daniella, which means “God is my judge;” Gabriella, which means “God is my strength;” Isabella, Isabelle, or Izabella, which means “God’s promise;” Jane, which means “God is gracious;” Josephine, which means “Jehovah increases;” or Samantha, which means “listener of God, God has heard, or name of God.”

Are you a nature lover? You might like Ariel or Ariella, which mean “lion of God;” Ayla, which means “deer or gazelle;” Bethany, which means “house of dates or house of figs;” Carmel, which means “garden;” Deborah, the name of the only female judge and general mentioned in the Bible, which means “bee;” Esther, which means “star;” Jemima, which means “dove;” Keziah, which means “cassia tree;” Rachel, which means “ewe;” or Susannah, which means “lily or rose.”

You also might consider Ada, which means “noble;” Delilah, which means “delicate;” Eden, which means “place of pleasure, delight;” Edna, which means “rejuvenation, delight;” Eve, which means “life;” Anna, Annie, Hanna, or Hannah, which mean “God has favored me or grace;” Leia, which means “child of heaven;” Naomi or Noemi, which means “pleasantness or my delight;” Noa, which means “motion;” Ruth, which means “compassionate friend;” Sarah, which means “lady or princess;” Selah, which means “praise;” or Shiloh, which means “tranquil.”

Or you might like Miriam, the earliest form of Mary, or Maryam, which means “wished-for child or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.”

Popular Hebrew Girl Names

Here are a few of the most popular Hebrew girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Aaliyah or Aliyah

2. Abigail

3. Ada

4. Amirah

5. Anna, Annie, Hanna, or Hannah

6. Annabelle

7. Aria

8. Ariel or Ariella

9. Ayla

10. Bethany

11. Daniella

12. Deborah

13. Delilah

14. Eden

15. Edna

16. Elle

17. Eliana or Elianna

18. Elizabeth

19. Esther

20. Eve

21. Faith

22. Gabriella (derived from Gabriel)

23. Hope

24. Isabella, Isabelle, or Izabella

25. Jane

26. Jemima

27. Jessica

28. Josephine

29. Judith

30. Jezebel

31. Keziah

32. Leah

33. Leia

34. Lilah

35. Madeline, Madelyn, Madelynn, or Madilyn

36. Makayla or Mikayla

37. Mara

38. Mercy

39. Maryam or Miriam

40. Naomi or Noemi

41. Noa

42. Rachel

43. Rebecca

44. Ruth

45. Sadie

46. Samantha (derived from Samuel)

47. Sarah

48. Selah

49. Shiloh

50. Susannah

51. Talia

There are so many great Hebrew names to choose from. We hope you were able to add a few of these to your list!

If you are looking for more baby names, try biblical girl names, biblical boy names, or the coolest girl names and coolest boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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