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198 Baby Boy Names That Start With C

Your baby boy deserves the perfect name! Check out this list of C names for boys, including popular, unique, modern, old-fashioned, rare, and cute names!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Jessica Tzikas

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is choosing their name—but it can also be one of the most stressful. A name says so much about a person; selecting the right one for your baby can be daunting. Some families name their children after relatives, favorite authors, or celebrities, while others pick names they love. If you’re still searching for the perfect baby name, it may be challenging to narrow down your search. One of the best ways to narrow down your search is by letter. Here are our favorite pics for baby boy names that start with C!

Baby Boy Names That Start With C

Explore these C names for baby boys, including popular, cute, old-fashioned, country, and other types of names:

12 Popular Boy Names That Start With C

Popular baby names are typically chosen because of their connection to culture. Whether celebrities or famous athletes, these names have stood the test of time and still come out on top. To start your search, look at these popular boy names starting with C.

1. Caleb — This Hebrew name means “faithful.”

2. Cameron — This name means “crooked nose” in Scottish.

3. Camille — A French name meaning “helper to the priest.”

4. Carson — This boy’s name is of Irish and Scottish origin. It means “son of the marsh dwellers.”

5. Carter — This English name is one of the most popular boy names that starts with C. It is an occupational name for someone who makes or drives carts.

6. Charles — French and German for “free man.”

7. Christian — This name is of Latin origin and means “follower of Christ.”

8. Christopher — The meaning of this boy’s name, which starts with C, is “bearer of Christ” in Greek.

9. Colton — English for “dark town” or “settlement near a coal mine.”

10. Connor — This Irish name means “lover of hounds.”

11. Cooper — An Old English name meaning “barrel maker.”

12. Courtney — This name has two meanings in French: “short nose” and “from the court.” It is gender-neutral.

12 Common Boy Names That Start With C

Here are some of the most common C boy names. You may find the perfect match for your little boy!

1. Caden/Cayden — Caden is Gaelic for “battle,” while the spelling Cayden is Welsh.

2. Carl — A German and English name that means “free man.”

3. Carlos — Also meaning “free man,” “Carlos” is the Spanish version of “Carl.”

4. Casey — Irish Gaelic for “brave in battle” and “watchful.”

5. Cody — This common boy’s name means “helpful” in Irish.

6. Christoph — This name is German and means “bearer of Christ.”

7. Colby — This English name means “coal town.”

8. Collin — This name means “victorious people” in Greek and “young one” in Scottish.

9. Corey — Irish for “from the hollow.”

10. Craig — This name means “from the rocks” or “dwells near the crag.” It is of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origin.

11. Cristiano — Latin for “follower of Christ.”

12. Curtis — This French C name for boys means “courteous” or “polite.”

23 Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With C

For more C inspiration for your baby boy, check out these other great names. They are both modern and trendy!

1. Cage — This is a trendy C boy name that means “enclosure” in English.

2. Caine — This Irish name means “son of a fighter.”

3. Cal — A short and modern boy name that means “devotion” in Hebrew.

4. Callum — This name means “dove” in Scottish.

5. Cash — We love this C name for boys. It is English for “money” or “wealth.”

6. Chancellor — A French name for someone in power.

7. Charleson — German for “free man” or “strong.”

8. Chaz — This name is German for “free man.”

9. Chelsea — A gender-neutral name that means “chalk landing place” in Old English.

10. Cheyenne — This is a Native American name that means “people of a different language.”

11. Chicago — This is the French version of the Native American word “chicagoua,” the name of a garlic plant.

12. Chosen — English for “selected.”

13. Cillian — An Irish name meaning “bright-headed.”

14. Coast — This English name means “land near the sea.”

15. Collins — This name is typically a surname. It means “people of victory” in Irish.

16. Comet — This name is derived from the Greek word that means “head with long hair.”

17. Connolly — This Irish Gaelic name means “fierce as a hound.”

18. Copper — Meaning “reddish-brown mineral,” Copper is an English name for the chemical element.

19. Crane — English for “long-necked bird.” It is also a nickname used for someone with long legs.

20. Crew — Meaning “group of people” in English.

21. Crimson — This English name means “deep red.”

22. Cruz — Derived from the Spanish word for “cross.”

23. Cyrus — A Greek name that means “lord” or “sun.”

27 Country Boy Names That Start With C

These country classics will catch your eye. There are plenty of C boy names here for your cowboy.

1. Calhoun — Irish and Scottish name meaning “from the narrow woods.”

2. Campbell — Scottish for “crooked mouth.”

3. Carlson — This name is of Scandinavian origin and means “free man.”

4. Carol — This name has two meanings in English: “free man” and “joyful song.”

5. Carver — A Middle English occupational name for someone who cuts wood.

6. Cassidy — A gender-neutral country name that means “curly-headed” in Irish.

7. Charlie — This C boy’s name means “free man” in German.

8. Chatham — This English name means “soldier’s land.”

9. Chesney — This name means “oak grove” in French and English.

10. Chet — This short and sweet country name means “fortress” in English.

11. Chauncey — A British name that can mean “chancellor” or “fortune.”

12. Chuck — Like Charlie, Chuck means “free man” in German.

13. Clancy — Irish for “son of the red warrior.”

14. Clarence — This C name for boys is Latin for “bright.”

15. Clark — British for “clerk” or “scribe.”

16. Cletus  — A Greek name meaning “called forth.”

17. Cleveland — This English name means “hilly land” or “from the cliff.”

18. Clifford — An English name meaning “ford by a cliff.”

19. Clint — This name of English origin means “settlement on a hill.”

20. Clyde — This Scottish country boy’s name means “friendly” or “warm.”

21. Colt — The English word for a young male horse.

22. Conroy — Irish for “keeper of the hound.”

23. Conway — This name has Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origins. It means “holy river.’

24. Corbett — An Old French name meaning “raven.”

25. Cranston — Old English for “settlement of cranes.”

26. Crawford — This is an English place name that means “ford of the crows.”

27. Crockett — A Middle English name that means “large curl.”

25 Cute Boy Names That Start With C

Looking for a sweet name for your adorable baby boy? These names are some of the cutest around.

1. Cadence — A Latin name that means “rhythm.”

2. Carlito — This name means “manly” in Spanish.

3. Carey — This Irish boy’s name that starts with C means “dark” or “black.”

4. Cashmere — The meaning of this name in English is “derived from wool.”

5. Celestino — A Latin name meaning “heavenly.”

6. Chad — This name means “protector” or “defender” in English.

7. Champ — This American name means “winner.”

8. Chandler — French for “candle maker.”

9. Chase — A French word for “hunt” or “hunter.”

10. Chen — Chinese for “dawn” or “morning.”

11. Chester — This is a Latin name for “fortress” or “walled town.”

12. Chevy — This is a cute short form of “Chevalier,” a French name that means “horseman” or “knight.”

13. Chico — A Spanish name meaning “boy” or “lad.”

14. Chidi — This African name means “God exists.”

15. Chip — A sweet nickname for Charles that works great as a given name. It’s German for “free man.”

16. Cinna — This name is of Greek origin and means “cinnamon.”

17. CiscoPortuguese and Spanish for “free.”

18. Coby — An adorable short form of “Jacob” that means “supplanter” in Hebrew.

19. Cole — This English name means “charcoal.”

20. Collie — A Latin name meaning “dark-haired.”

21. Conley — Irish for “great chief.”

22. Cortez — This name means “courteous” in Spanish.

23. Cosmo — This boy’s name means “order” and “beauty” in Greek.

24. Cree — This is the name of a Native American tribe.

25. Cristobal — Spanish for “Christ-bearer.”

36 Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With C

These timeless names are classics; each is wonderful for any baby boy. Some favorites are “Charlemagne” and “Constantine” because they are so old-fashioned and sophisticated.

1. Caldwell — This Old English name means “cold stream.”

2. Carlisle — An English name that means “from the protected tower” or “from the walled city.”

3. Carmine — Italian and Latin for “song.”

4. Casimir — This old-fashioned name means “destroyer of peace” in Polish.

5. Cassian — The meaning of this Latin C name for boys is “empty” or “hollow.”

6. Cavanaugh — An Irish name meaning “follower of Kevin.”

7. Cecil — This name is Welsh for “sixth” and English for “blind.”

8. CedricCeltic for “bounty” and Old English for “loved.”

9. Chadwick — English for “from the warrior’s town.”

10. Charlemagne — An Old French name meaning “Charles the Great.”

11. Claude — Meaning “lame,” this classic name has English and French roots.

12. Clemmons — This name means “merciful” or “son of Clement” in Latin.

13. Clement — A Latin name for “merciful” or “mild.”

14. Clifton — Old English for “town by the cliff.”

15. Clinton — This English name means “settlement on the hill.”

16. Clive — This is an Old English name used for someone who lived near a cliff.

17. Clooney — Irish for “from the meadow.”

18. Colbourn — An English place name meaning “cold brook.”

19. Coleman — This is an English and Irish name. It means “dove” and was also an occupational name for a charcoal burner.

20. Columbo — This name means “dove” in Latin and Italian.

21. Conan — Irish Celtic for “little wolf.”

22. Conrad — A German name that means “brave counsel.”

23. Constantine — Meaning “constant” or “steadfast” in Latin; this name is gender-neutral.

24. Copeland — English for “bought land.”

25. Cormac — This name means “son of the charioteer” in Irish.

26. Cornelius — This name is derived from the Latin word for “horn.” It is also Irish for “strong-willed.”

27. Costello — Irish for “resembling a deer.”

28. Craven — An English name meaning “garlic place.”

29. Credence — This name means “to believe” in Latin.

30. Crispin — Latin for “curly-haired.”

31. Cromwell — An Old English place name for a village in Nottinghamshire. It means “from the crooked well.”

32. Crowley — Irish Gaelic for “descendant of the hardy warrior.”

33. Crusoe — This French name means “cross.”

34. Culver — This Old English name means “dove.”

35. Cuthbert — This name means “brilliant” or “famous” in Old English.

36. Cyril — This is another old-fashioned boy name that starts with C, it is Greek for “lordly.”

30 Unique Boy Names Starting With C

If you’re looking for something different, these are some unique C names for boys. There are plenty of hidden gems here!

1. Cade — An English name meaning “round” or “sturdy.”

2. Cagney — This is an Irish C name for boys, meaning “grandson of the advocate.”

3. Caillou — French for “pebble.”

4. Calder — This name is English for “rough water.”

5. Callahan — Meaning “bright-headed,” this is a great, unique name of Irish origin.

6. Caliban — A Romanian name meaning “black.”

7. Calvin — French for “little bald one.”

8. Camden — This Scottish name means “winding valley.”

9. Carlton — This name means “free man’s settlement” in English.

10. Carmelo — This name has Italian, Hebrew, and Spanish origins and means “garden.”

11. Carmichael — Scottish for “fort of Michael.”

12. Casper — This name means “treasure bearer” in Persian.

13. Castiel — In Hebrew, this name means “my cover is God” or “shield of God.”

14. Cato — Latin for “all-knowing.”

15. Chamberlain — Middle English for “officer of the household.”

16. Chance — This English name means “good fortune.”

17. Channing — Meaning “wolf cub,” this name is of English and Irish origin.

18. Ciaran — This name means “little dark one” in Irish.

19. Cicero — Latin for “chickpea.”

20. Ciel — This name means “heavenly” in French.

21. Cipriano — This name is Italian for “from Cyprus.”

22. Cirrus — This Latin name means “lock of hair.”

23. Claudio — An Italian and Spanish name meaning “lame.”

24. Clayton — This name means “clay settlement” in Old English.

25. Clovis — French for “renowned warrior.”

26. Colbert — This French name means “bright.”

27. Corbin — Another unique boy named Corbin means “crow” or “raven.”

28. Cosimo — Italian for “order” or “beauty.”

29. Creed — A Latin and English name that means “guiding principle” or “belief.”

30. Cullen — This name means “young hound” or “handsome” in Irish.

33 Rare Boy Names That Start With C

It’s unlikely that you have heard of many of these rare names. However, there are some solid ones that you shouldn’t sleep on.

1. Cable — A French name for “rope maker.” Short forms are Cab and Cabe.

2. Cabot — This name means “to sail” in French.

3. Cabriole — This is a French name for a ballet leap.

4. Cadao — Vietnamese for “song.”

5. Caddock — This Welsh name means “battle glory.”

6. Cadell — This name means “spirit of the battle” in Welsh.

7. Cadfael — This rare Welsh name means “battle prince.”

8. Cadmus — Greek for “from the east.”

9. Cadoc — This is another rare Welsh name that means “battle.”

10. Cadogan — Welsh for “honor in battle.”

11. Cador — This is the name of King Arthur’s nephew in Arthurian legend.

12. Cael — This Irish name means “slender.”

13. Caelan — This C name for boys has two meanings in Irish: “narrow” and “powerful warrior.”

14. Caesar/Cesar — Spanish and Latin for “head of hair.”

15. Caetano — Portuguese for “from Gaeta.”

16. Cahir — Old Irish for “battle man.”

17. Caian — An English and Welsh name meaning “rejoice.”

18. Cairn — This name means “mound of rocks” in Scottish.

19. Cairo — A rare boy’s name that means “victorious one” in Arabic.

20. Callan/Callen — A Scottish boy’s name starting with C. It means “battle” or “rock.”

21. Cannon — English for “clergyman” and Latin for “discipline.”

22. Case — This name means either “case maker” in English or “observant” in Irish.

23. Caspian — This name is of English origin and means “white.”

24. Cassius — The meaning of this Latin C name for boys is “hollow” or “helmeted warrior.”

25. Cayson — This Irish name means “brave.”

26. Ceda — Latin for “cedar tree.”

27. Chaim — This Hebrew name means “life.”

28. Cohen — A Gaelic name meaning “wild goose.”

29. Colson — In English, Colson means “victory of the people.”

30. Colter — This is an English occupational name for someone who herds colts.

31. Crosby — Irish for “dwells at the cross.”

32. Cutle — Old English occupational name for a knife maker.

33. Cyan — An American name for light blue-green color.

Did you find your perfect boy name starting with C on this list? We hope so! Maybe you found the one, or you need to keep searching. If so, look at some of our other baby name lists, like cute boy names, rare boy names, trendy boy names, badass boy names, and coolest boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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