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247 Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Adorable baby girl names starting with F and their meanings. From popular and common to cute, modern, unique, and rare, you'll love this list!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


There are so many big decisions moms must make when welcoming their bundles of joy. What infant car seat do I choose? Do I formula feed or breastfeed? Which stroller is the best and the safest? The biggest and most important question seems to be: what do we name them? Choosing a name can be a stressful and important task that might feel daunting. Starting with a letter of the alphabet you like the sound of and then narrowing it down to names that start with only that letter is a helpful trick if you’re feeling stuck. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of baby girl names that start with F. It will hopefully put you and your partner at ease if you can’t agree on a baby name!

Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Explore the origins and meanings for 247 baby girl names starting with the letter F, including vintage, modern, and cute names:

10 Popular Girl Names That Start With F

These trendy names are popular for a reason — they are well-loved! We included F names for girls projected to be some of the most popular names in the future.

1. Faith/Fayth — An English name meaning “trust” or “devotion.”

2. Fatima — This F girl name means “daughter of the prophet” or “to abstain” in Arabic.

3. Felicity — English for “happiness.”

4. Fernanda — This Portuguese and Spanish name means “bold voyager.”

5. Finley/Finnley — A Scottish name meaning “fair warrior.”

6. Fiona — Gaelic for “fair” or “white.”

7. Flora — This name means “flower” in Latin.

8. Frances — This name means “free one” or “from France” in Latin.

9. Francesca — Italian for “free.”

10. Freya — This Old Norse name means “noble woman.”

9 Common Girl Names That Start With F

Even though these names didn’t make the cut for the most popular, they are super common. I don’t think these girl names that start with F will ever go out of style.

1. Fallon/Falon — An Irish Gaelic name meaning “leader.”

2. Fay/Faye — Middle English for “fairy.”

3. Felicia — This Latin name means “lucky.”

4. Filipa — A Portuguese name meaning “friend of horses.”

5. Florance/Florence — This name means “prosperous” or “flourishing” in Latin.

6. Francisca — Spanish and Portuguese for “Frenchman.”

7. Frankie/Franky — An English name meaning “Frenchman.”

8. Freja/Freyja — This name is of Icelandic and Old Norse origin. It means “lady.”

9. FridaGerman for “peace.”

18 Vintage Girl Names That Start With F

These classic girl names are just waiting to make a comeback. Even though they have lost popularity in recent years, several gems would be a great match for any baby girl.

1. Fannie/Fanny — English for “crown” or “wreath.”

2. Fantine — This fictional name created by Victor Hugo means “child” in French.

3. Farrah — An Arabic name meaning “joy” and “happiness.”

4. Fauna — This name means “to befriend” in Latin. It is also the name of the goddess of fertility, women, and healing in Roman mythology.

5. Fern — This is an English name inspired by the plant.

6. Fifi — A French name meaning “He will add.”

7. Filomena — This name means “to be loved” in Italian and Portuguese.

8. Flavia — Italian and Spanish for “golden” or “yellow-haired.”

9. Florentine — French for “prosperous” or “flourishing.”

10. Florian — This name is German and French for “flower.”

11. Florinda — Spanish and Portuguese for “flower.”

12. Florrie — An English name meaning “flower.”

13. Flossie — This English name means “prosperous” or “flourishing.”

14. Forsythia — This is an English name for a spring shrub that produces yellow flowers.

15. Fran — This name means “Frenchman” in English and Spanish.

16. Francine — A French name meaning “Frenchman.”

17. Franka — German for “free man.”

18. Frederica — This name means “peaceful ruler” in Portuguese and English.

54 Modern Girl Names That Start With F

These F girl names are on the rise. We see more and more names inspired by places, everyday words, and even unisex or traditional boy names used for girls. We love these modern choices for any princess.

1. Falco — An Italian name meaning “hawk.”

2. Famous — This is an English word name meaning “well-known.”

3. Fanning — Irish Gaelic for “fair.”

4. Fantasia — This girl’s name starts with “F” and means “imagination” in Italian.

5. Faraday — This Irish name means “man of the wood.”

6. Farrell — This name means “descendant of Fearghal” in Irish.

7. Fathi — An Arabic name meaning “conqueror.”

8. Faven — This Ethiopian name means “light” in Tigrinya.

9. Fawn — This name means “young deer” in English.

10. Feather — A modern English name inspired by the word.

11. FedorRussian for “gift of God.”

12. Fendi — This name means “master” in Turkish.

13. Fenella — A Scottish name meaning “white shoulder.”

14. Fenn — This modern name means “wetland” or “marsh” in English.

15. Fennel — An English name for the vegetable and herb.

16. Fenris — This Norse name means “fen-dweller.” A “fen” is also known as a marsh or wetlands.

17. Fenyx — Greek for “dark red.”

18. Fergie — An Irish and Scottish name meaning “man of force.”

19. Ffion — This name means “foxglove” in Welsh.

20. Fiametta — This name means “little flame” in Italian.

21. Fifer — This is a Scottish occupational name for a piper.

22. Fig — This English name refers to the fruit.

23. Fiji — This is the English name for the archipelago in Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean.

24. Finbarr — This name means “fair-haired” in Irish.

25. Finch — English for “swindle.”

26. Finesse — This name is of French and English origin and means “flair.”

27. Finnick — Author Suzanne Collins created this English name. It is derived from the word “finicky.”

28. Fiorentina/Fiorenza — A Latin name meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous.”

29. Fire — This is an English word name.

30. Fitz — A Scottish name meaning “son of.”

31. Flair — English for “style.”

32. Flannery — This name means “descendant of Flannghal” in Irish.

33. Fletcher — This is an English occupational name for an arrow maker.

34. Floriana — Latin for “flourishing” or “prosperous.”

35. Flourish — This name means “thrive” or “flair” in Latin.

36. Ford — An English name meaning “dweller at the ford.”

37. Forever — This name is inspired by the English meaning “for all future time.”

38. Fortezza — This name means “fortitude” in Latin.

39. Fortune — A Latin name meaning “luck, fate, and wealth.”

40. Foster — This is an English occupational name meaning “forester.”

41. Four — An English word name for the number four.

42. Fox — This name is for the animal and is of English origin.

43. Foxy — An English word for the animal and for someone “sly” or “cunning.”

44. France — The country of France inspires this name.

45. Frangipani — Italian for “plumeria.”

46. Franklyn — An English name meaning “free landholder.”

47. Free — This name is inspired by the English word “free.”

48. Freesia — German flower name that translates to “Freese’s flower.”

49. French — This is an English word for someone from France.

50. Fringilla — This Latin name is the name of a fictional sorceress. It is derived from a genus of singing finches.

51. Frost — An English name meaning “freezing.”

52. Furaha — This name means “joy” and “happiness” in Swahili.

53. Furiosa — Latin for “furious” or “full of rage.”

54. Fury — An English F name for girls inspired by the word “fury,” which means “wild or violent anger.”

46 Cute Girl Names That Start With F

A cute name is fitting for any adorable baby girl! Try one of these as a first or middle name if you want one starting with F.

1. Fabienne — French for “bean.”

2. Fable — This name is derived from the Latin word and means “a story.”

3. Fae — An English name meaning “fairy.”

4. Faerie — This Old French name means “realm of fairies.”

5. Fairlight — English for “beautiful light.”

6. Fairy — An English name for the mythical creature.

7. Faithlyn — English for “trust” and “lake.”

8. Fala — This name means “crow” in Choctaw.

9. Fancy — This F girl name means “like, love, inclination” or “ornamental” in English.

10. Fareeda — Arabic for “unique, precious pearl.”

11. Fareena — A Latin name meaning “flour” or “one who brings good news.”

12. Faren/Faron — English for “handsome servant.”

13. Fari — As Old Norse name meaning “to go” or “to travel.”

14. Farine — This name means “wanderer” in English.

15. Fayra — The meaning of this name is “gift of God” in Arabic.

16. Feba — This name means “bright” or “pure” in Russian.

17. Fee — This name means “fairy” in Dutch and German.

18. FelciHebrew for “talented.”

19. Felice — This Italian name means “lucky” or “successful.”

20. Feline — Latin for “cat-like.”

21. Femi  — This African name means “God loves me” in Yoruba.

22. Femma — A French name meaning “she is the peace.”

23. Feodora — Russian for “gift of God.”

24. Ferelith — A Scottish name meaning “true sovereignty.”

25. Fernlee — Old English for “fern meadow.”

26. Feven — An Ethiopian name meaning “bright” or “radiant.”

27. Filo — This girl’s name that starts with F means “to be loved” in Portuguese.

28. Finian — This name means “white” or “blessed” in Irish.

29. Finn/Fynn — Shortened versions of the name Finian.

30. Fiorella — An Italian name meaning “flower.”

31. Fjolla — Albanian for “snowflake.”

32. Flame — English for “blaze” or “fire.”

33. Flava — This name means “yellow” in Latin.

34. Fleur — This French name means “flower.”

35. Flo — This short form of “Florence” is English for “flourishing” or “prosperous.”

36. Florene — English and French for “flower.”

37. Flower — This is derived from the English word for a blossoming plant.

38. Flykra — This name means “snowflake” in Faroese.

39. Forest — An English name for someone who lived near a forest.

40. Fortuna — This name means “luck” in Latin.

41. Franice — English for “Frenchman.”

42. Frannie/Franny — This is another English name for “Frenchman.”

43. Franya — French for “free.”

44. Freda — An English name meaning “friend of peace.”

45. Freddie — This name means “elf counsel” in English.

46. Fuschia — This is an English name for a flowering plant named after botanist Leonhart Fuchs. His last name means “fox” in German.

55 Unique Girl Names That Start With F

Looking for a name to be all your little one’s own? A unique name not only offers individuality, but it’s also exciting. These F girl names would be a great choice.

1. Faatina — An Arabic name meaning “captivating.”

2. Fabiana — Italian and Spanish for “bean.”

3. Fabiola — This name also means “bean” in Italian and Spanish.

4. Fabrizia — An Italian name meaning “craftsman.”

5. Faeema — Arabic for “she who reached fame.”

6. Faelynn — This English name means “fairy” and “lake.”

7. Fahada — Arabic for “leopard.”

8. Fahima — This name means “intelligent” or “scholar” in Arabic.

9. Faidra — A Greek name meaning “bright.”

10. Faimina — This name means “lady” in Arabic.

11. Fajr — Arabic for “dawn” or “beginning.”

12. Fakhra — This unique name means “good” or “new” in Urdu.

13. Fala  — This name means “a crow” in Choctaw.

14. Falaq — This name means “daybreak” or “dawn” in Arabic.

15. Falda — An Italian name meaning “strength in battle.”

16. Fana — This African name means “light” or “jungle” in several languages, including Swahili.

17. Fania — Italian for “crown” or “wreath.”

18. Fantina — An Italian name meaning “fair child.”

19. Faraza — This name means “success” or “height” in Arabic.

20. Fariha — This name means “happy” in Arabic.

21. Fariza — This name means “duty” or “obligation” in Arabic.

22. Farran/Farryn — This English name means “iron gray.”

23. Faru — Old English for “journey.”

24. Faryal — This name means “angel” in Arabic.

25. Farzin — A Persian name meaning “learned.”

26. Fasila — Arabic for “go the distance.”

27. Fate — A unique French name meaning “faith.”

28. Fayette — This F name for girls also means “faith” in French.

29. Fearne — This is the Scottish name for a fern.

30. February — This is the second month in the Roman calendar. It is a Latin word meaning “purification.”

31. Felisha — English for “lucky” or “successful.”

32. Femke — This name means “peace” in Dutch.

33. Fenix — This is an English name and a variant spelling of phoenix, an immortal bird in Egyptian and Greek mythology.

34. Fenne — Dutch for “peace.”

35. Feodosia — This Slavic name means “gift of God.”

36. Fevronia — A Greek name meaning “purification.”

37. Fia — Swedish for “wisdom.”

38. Fidelity — An English name meaning “to trust.”

39. Finola — This Irish name means “white shoulders.”

40. Finlee — This name means “white warrior” in English.

41. Finnegan — This Irish name means “white” or “blessed.”

42. Flicka — An English name meaning “happiness.”

43. Floral — This name is an English word related to flowers.

44. Flore — This name means “flower” in Latin.

45. Florencia — This name means “prosperous” or “flourishing” in Spanish.

46. Florida — An English name meaning “blooming.”

47. Flynn/Flinn — Irish for “descendant of the red-haired one.”

48. Fonda — This Italian name means “deep.”

49. Foteini — The meaning of this F girl’s name is “light” in Greek.

50. Franca — A Latin name meaning “free.”

51. Francelle — This name means “Frenchman” in Afrikaans.

52. Franziska — Latin for “free man” or “from France.”

53. Friday — This is one of the days of the week, and the name is derived from an Old English word meaning “Frig’s day.”

54. Frieza — This is a fictional name in the Japanese series “Dragonball Z.” It is a pun on the English word “freezer.”

55. Fuentes — Spanish for “springs” or “fountains.”

55 Rare Girl Names That Start With F

These original and creative F girl names are perfect for any baby girl. They are hardly used, making them perfect ideas for a rare name.

1. Faatin — An Arabic F name for girls, meaning “clever.”

2. Fadheela — Arabic for “virtue.”

3. Fahmida — This name means “intelligent” or “scholar” in Arabic.

4. Faiga/Faige/Faigel — A Yiddish name and variations meaning “bird.”

5. Fairamay — George Harpen created this name. It’s featured in his novel “The Journey to the Forest of Temptation.”

6. Fairly — An English name meaning “the clearing where the ferns grow.”

7. Faizah — Arabic for “victorious.”

8. Faizan — This name means “grace” or “favor” in Arabic.

9. Fairooza — This name means “turquoise” in Arabic.

10. Fakhira — Arabic for “glorious” or “magnificent.”

11. Fallyn — An Irish name meaning “leader.”

12. Fanan — Urdu for “tree branch” or “twig.”

13. Fanchon — This name means “Frenchman” in French.

14. Fanta — An Arabic name meaning “captivating” or “a woman who abstains.”

15. Farahnaz — Arabic and Persian for “happiness” and “comfort.”

16. Faraja — This name means “consolation” or “comfort” in Swahili.

17. Fargo — A Hungarian name meaning “cobbler.”

18. Fariba — Persian for “enticing” or “charming.”

19. Farica — This name means “peaceful ruler” in German.

20. Farishta — Hindi for “angel from heaven.”

21. Farjana — This name means “wise” or “intelligent” in Bengali.

22. Faroshan — An Arabic name with an unknown meaning.

23. Farquhar — Scottish for “beloved.”

24. Farzana — A rare Persian name meaning “wise” or “intelligent.”

25. Farwah — This name means “wealth” in Arabic.

26. Fatema — This Arabic name means “to abstain.”

27. Fatoumata — This is the Western African equivalent to “Fatimah,” which means “to abstain” in Arabic.

28. Faustina — Italian and Spanish for “lucky.”

29. Farvardin — This Persian name means “protector of the good.”

30. Favour — This name means “to favor” in English.

31. Fayre — English for “fair.”

32. Felix — Latin for “fortunate.”

33. Felixa — In Spanish, this rare name means “lucky” or “successful.”

34. Fenet — This name means “wished for” in Amharic.

35. Fenna — A Dutch name meaning “peace.”

36. Fenton — Old English for “marsh town.”

37. Fiadh — This Irish F girl name means “wild.”

38. Fianna/Fyanna — This name means “band of warriors” in Irish.

39. Fidelia — This name means “faithful” in Spanish.

40. Finlay — An Irish and Scottish name for “fair-haired hero.”

41. Fionnuala — Irish Gaelic for “white shoulders.”

42. Fiza — This name means “breeze or open” in Arabic.

43. Flor — This Spanish name means “flower.”

44. Fong — This name has several meanings in Chinese, including “wind” or “abundant.”

45. Fradel — Yiddish for “joy.”

46. Frady/Fraidy — This is another Yiddish name that means “joy.”

47. Fraida — This Yiddish name means “joy.”

48. Francheska — Russian and Bulgarian for “Frenchman.”

49. Francique — Haitian Creole for “free man” or “from France.”

50. Frank — A Latin name meaning “free man.”

51. Freedom — This English word name means “the quality or state of being free.”

52. Freideriki — Greek for “peaceful ruler.”

53. Fumiko — A Japanese name for “writing” or “child.”

54. Funoon — This name means “diversity” in Urdu.

55. Fynnley — In English, this name means “white warrior.”

If you have your sights set on girl names that start with F, we hope you’ve found her name in this article. For more baby names, check out the rare girl names, the coolest girl names, cute girl names, flower names for girls, and beautiful girl names– happy baby naming!

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