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198 Baby Girl Names That Start With D

We’ve compiled a list of the top girl names starting with D and their meanings, ranging from the most unique to the most widely recognized.

Updated April 13, 2024

by Marianella Orlando

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Hooray, you’re having a girl! Now that you know what you’re having, or if you’re waiting to find out the sex of your baby until the delivery but want to be prepared, it’s time for the next exciting part of the parental journey: naming your sweet baby. Whether you’re looking to keep to family traditions of selecting the letter D or you’ve binged too many episodes of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” and are drawn to the name Daphne (ahem, we mean, Your Grace), you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for girl names that start with D.

Baby Girl Names That Start With D

While the process can feel taxing, it’s a beautiful experience to curate a special list of names you envision yourself saying soon. We’ve compiled a list of girl names that start with D, from the most unique to the most widely recognized, for your soon-to-be daughter:

10 Popular Girl Names that Start with D

These popular girl names that start with D are the perfect mix of classic and trendy and will inspire your perfect baby name.

1. DahliaScandinavian for “Dahl’s flower.”

2. Daisy — An Old English D name for girls, meaning “day’s eye.”

3. Dakota — Native American Sioux for “friendly one.”

4. Daleyza — This name means “delightful” in Spanish.

5. Daniela — Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

6. Delaney — Irish for “dark challenger.”

7. Delilah — This name is of Arabic and Hebrew origin. It means “delicate.”

8. Demi — A Greek and French name meaning “half” or “small.”

9. Destiny — This name means “fate” in English and Latin.

10. Diana — Latin for “divine.”

13 Common Girl Names  That Start With D

Here are some common D names. Take a look to see what we’ve chosen as our favorites.

1. Dana — English, Slavic, Persian, and Arabic for “from Denmark, gift, or wise.”

2. Danna — This name means “God is my judge” in Mexican or African.

3. Danica — This common girl’s name is Slavic for “morning star.”

4. Danielle — This Hebrew name means “God is my judge.”

5. Daphne — The meaning of this common girl’s name is “laurel tree” in Greek.

6. Dara — A Hebrew, Slavic or Irish name meaning “pearl of wisdom, gift, or oak tree.”

7. Davina — This D girl’s name means “little deer in Hebrew.”

8. Dawn — This name means “sunrise” in English.

9. Dayana — Spanish and Kazakh for “heavenly” and “faith.”

10. Deanna — An English name meaning “divine.”

11. Denise — French for “god of Nysa.”

12. Dominique — This name means “belonging to the Lord” in French.

13. Dorian — A Greek name meaning “of Doris” or “gift.”

26 Vintage Girl Names That Start With D

Timeless names never go out of style. You can’t go wrong with one of these vintage baby girl D names.

1. Dagmar — Scandinavian for “day maiden.”

2. Darlene — An English name meaning “darling.”

3. Deborah or Debra — This name means “bee” in Hebrew.

4. Dede — This Sudanese name means “younger sibling.”

5. Delia — This Greek name means “from Delos.”

6. Della — A Greek name meaning “noble.”

7. Delphine — This D name for girls means “from Delphi” in French, from Greek.

8. Dharma — The meaning of this name is “truth” in Sanskrit.

9. Diane — Latin for “valley” and French variation of Diana for “divine.”

10. Didi — Hindi for “sister.”

11. Dierdre — This Irish D girl name means “sorrowful.”

12. Dixie — A Latin and French name meaning “I have spoken, tenth.”

13. Dolores or Delores — Spanish for “sorrowful.”

14. Dolly — This name means “gift of God” in English.

15. Domenica — Italian for “belonging to the Lord.”

16. Donna — This name is Italian for “lady.”

17. Donatella — In Italian, this feminine version of Donato means “given by God.”

18. Dora — This D girl’s name means “gift” in Greek.

19. Doreen — Irish for “sullen.”

20. Doretta — A variation of Dorothy, this name means “gift of God.”

21. Doris — A Greek name meaning “gift of the ocean.”

22. Dorothea — Another Greek name that means “gift of God.”

23. Dorothy — English for “gift of God.”

24. Dottie — This is a shortened form of “Dorothy.”

25. Drucilla — A Latin name for “strong.”

26. Dusty — This German D name for girls means “valiant fighter, dark stone.”

22 Modern Girl Names That Start With D

This is the perfect category if you are in the market for something trendy and new. These modern D names draw inspiration from present-day influences and offer a unique option we think you’ll love.

1. Dallas — Of course, this is the name of a U.S. city, but also Irish for “skilled.”

2. Dalissa — Latin for “delight” or “pleasure.”

3. Darling — The meaning of this name is “dear” in Old English.

4. Dasani — The meaning of this name is unknown, but it is the name of a famous bottled water brand.

5. Davie — This English name means “beloved.”

6. Dayle — A variant of Dale, an English name meaning a person who lived near a dale or valley.

7. Daytona — Meaning “day’s town” in English; the city of Daytona in Florida inspires this name.

8. Deacon — A modern gender-neutral name that means “messenger” or “servant” in Greek.

9. Deepali — This name is a variation of Dipali and means “row of lamps” in Sanskrit.

10. Delancy — A variation of Lancey, this name is French for “lance or spear.”

11. Delanie — This name is a variation of Delaney and means “from the alder grove” in French.

12. Delphi — This modern girl’s name is of Greek origin, meaning “womb.”

13. Denver — An Old English name meaning “from Anvers.”

14. Desire — The English word for a strong want or wish.

15. Deslynn — This name means “rich merchant” in English.

16. Deveah — An African name meaning “pure love.”

17. DevonCeltic for “deep valley dweller,” and a county in England.

18. Diva — This is a Latin name that means “goddess.”

19. Divine — This name means “like God” in English.

20. Domino — This Latin name means “lord” or “master.”

21. Drew — Greek for “manly.”

22. Dylan — This modern, gender-neutral name means “son of the sea” in Welsh.

28 Cute Girl Names That Start With D

These cute D names are fantastic choices for a baby girl. They are sweet and full of heart!

1. Daffodil — From Greek origin for a flower name, “asphodel.”

2. Dailyn — This name means “pretty flower” in English.

3. Daleela — The meaning of this name in Arabic is “guide” or “proof.”

4. Dandelion — French for “lion’s tooth.”

5. Dani — This Hebrew name means “God is my judge.”

6. Darcy — This name means “dark one” in French and Irish.

7. Dariana — This name is of Persian origin and means “possessing goodness.”

8. Darla — An English name meaning “dear one.”

9. Dejah — Arabic for “precious” or “worthy.”

10. Delight — In French, this name means “to please.”

11. Delma — The meaning of this name in German is “noble protector.”

12. Dessie — Irish for “ambitious” and “determined.”

13. Devi — This name is Sanskrit for “goddess.”

14. Dia — A Spanish name meaning “day.”

15. Diamond — The meaning of this name is “of high value” or “brilliant” in English.

16. Dido — Greek for “wanderer.”

17. Dina — This is a Hebrew name meaning “judgment.”

18. Divinity — his name means “of the Gods” or “divine” in Latin.

19. Dizzy — An American name meaning “giddy” or “silly.”

20. Dodie — The meaning of this name in English is “gift of God.”

21. Doe — English for “female deer” and Greek for “gift of God.”

22. Dorcie — In Greek, this name means “gazelle.”

23. Dory — This name means “gift from God” in Greek.

24. Dove — An Old English symbol for peace.

25. Drea — This name means “strong” in Greek.

26. Dream — English for “joy” or “music.”

27. Duckie — This is an American term of endearment for “darling” or “dear.”

28. Duffy — An Irish name meaning “dark.”

51 Unique Girl Names That Start With D

Uncommon names often make the best ones! We have plenty of wonderful and interesting D names for girls in this category.

1. Dacey — An Irish name meaning “from the south.”

2. Daenerys — Welsh for “lady of light” or “lady of hope.”

3. Dafne — In Greek, this name means “laurel tree.”

4. DahyunKorean for “over virtuous.”

5. Daksha — This name means “the earth” in Hindu.

6. Dalett — This refers to the fourth letter of ancient Hebrew.

7. Dalia — Swahili for “gentle” and Arabic for “strong branch.”

8. Dalma — A Hungarian name that means “from Dalmatia.”

9. Damaris — This name means “calf” in Greek.

10. Damira — This name means “long live the world” in Arabic and Hebrew.

11. Danae — Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

12. Danasia — An American name meaning “bright as day.”

13. Daneel — This name is Hebrew and Dutch for “God is my judge.”

14. Danuta — A Polish name that means “judged by God.”

15. Darby — This Old English name means “deer park.”

16. Darchelle — This name means “dark” in French.

17. Dareen — A Hebrew name meaning “nugget of wisdom.”

18. Daria — Persian for “sea.”

19. Darsha — This name means “vision” in Sanskrit.

20. Daryl — This name means “darling” in French and English.

21. Dashawna — An American name meaning “God is gracious.”

22. Daveigh — This name is Hebrew for “beloved.”

23. Dayla — An English name for “valley.”

24. Deandra — English for “defender of mankind.”

25. Deema — The meaning of this name is “beautiful” in Arabic.

26. Delmara — A Spanish name meaning “of the sea.”

27. Demaya — This name has an unknown origin but is a variation of the name “Maya.”

28. Demetra — This is a Greek name that means “follower of Demeter.”

29. Denali — Native American for “the great one.”

30. Denim — A French name meaning “strong cloth.”

31. Desiree — This name means “desired” in French.

32. Dessa — This Latin name means “wandering.”

33. Devora — Hebrew for “bee.”

34. Dianthe — This name of Greek origin means “flower of the Gods.”

35. Diara — This name means “gift” in Latin.

36. Dielle — A French name meaning “God.”

37. Dilli — Old English for “idol.”

38. Disha — This name means “one who can show the right direction” in Hindi.

39. Dita — This name in Spanish means “prosperous in war.”

40. Dominga — A Spanish name meaning “born on Sunday.”

41. Donica — Latin for “lady.”

42. Donita — This Italian name means “little lady.”

43. Dorinda — A Greek name meaning “gift of God.”

44. Dorma — This name means “sleeping” in Latin.

45. Drina — English and Greek for “defender of mankind.”

46. Dua — This name means “love” or “prayer” in Arabic.

47. Duchess — This name of Latin origin means “leader” or “commander.”

48. Duena — Spanish for “chaperone.”

49. Dulcinea — A Latin name meaning “sweetness.”

50. Dylana — This Welsh name means “born of the sea.”

51. Dynasty — English for “royal family.”

48 Rare Girl Names That Start With D

You have likely not heard of most of these baby names—and that’s okay! Their rarity is what makes them extra special.

1. Dakin — In English, this name means “kin of David.”

2. Dakoa — This is an alternative spelling for “Dakota,” which is Sioux for “friend” or “ally.”

3. Dalal — Arabic for “touched with kindness.”

4. Dallyn — An English name meaning “from the valley.”

5. Damara — This name is Greek and Latin for “gentle.”

6. Damita — This name means “little noblewoman” in Spanish.

7. Danai — This name means “to call love” in Greek.

8. Dania — Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

9. Danique — A French name meaning “morning star.”

10. Danita — This Spanish name means “God is my judge.”

11. Daniyah — Arabic for “close” or “near.”

12. Dao — This name means “star” in Vietnamese.

13. Darielle — Persian for “possessing goodness.”

14. Darika — A Hindi name meaning “maiden.”

15. Darina — This Slavic name means “gift.”

16. Davida — This Scottish name means “beloved.”

17. December — This name is Latin for “tenth.” It was the 10th month of the ancient Roman calendar.

18. Declynn — Irish for “full of goodness.”

19. Deepana — The meaning of this name is “illuminating” in Hindi.

20. Deja — A French name meaning “already seen.”

21. Delta — This name means “born fourth” in Greek.

22. Delwen — Welsh for “pretty and fair.”

23. Deneisha — An English name meaning “of the God of wine.”

24. Derin — This Irish name means “precious.”

25. Desdemona — This name is Greek for “unlucky.”

26. Desna — An Indian name meaning “gift” or “offering.”

27. Devondra — The meaning of this name is “divine” in French.

28. Devonne — This name is English for “divine.”

29. Dextra — Latin and Old English for “skilled.”

30. Dheeksha — This name means “initiation” in Hindi.

31. Diamante — In English, this name means “of high value.”

32. Dijonay — This rare girl’s name is inspired by the character of Dijonay Jones from the animated Disney Channel series “The Proud Family.” The origin is unknown. It is a play on the word “dijon.”

33. Dimity — This name is English for a type of cloth.

34. Dionne — Greek for “follower of Dionysius.”

35. Dior — A French name meaning “golden.”

36. Divina — This name means “heavenly” in Latin.

37. Divya — Sanskrit for “divine brilliance.”

38. Domele — In Latin, this name means “mistress of the home.”

39. Dorota — This name means “gift of God” in Greek.

40. Driana — The meaning of this name in Irish is “protector” or “wealthy.”

41. Drisha — Hindi for “mountain lord.”

42. Drizella — This Irish name means “spirited and cruel.”

43. Druella — A German name meaning “elf vision.”

44. Dulce — This name is of Latin and Spanish origin and means “sweet.”

45. Duna — The meaning of this name is “dark” and “swarthy” in Irish and Hungarian.

46. Durga — In Hindi, this name means “invincible.”

47. Duri — Korean for “two.”

48. Duru — A Turkish name for “lucid.”

We hope these baby girl names that start with D inspire you. Be sure to peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our cute girl names, celebrity baby names you’ll love, classic baby names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a girl name you love!

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