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Popular and Beautiful Irish Names for Your Baby

Are you expecting a new baby and want to honor your Irish roots with the perfect name? Here are some Irish names you'll love!

Updated July 12, 2024

One of the best parts of pregnancy is choosing your baby’s name! If you are expecting and considering an Irish girl name or an Irish boy name, you’ve come to the right place!

Many parents choose to honor their family heritage with their baby’s name. Do you or your partner have any Irish roots? Irish names are primarily Celtic, English, French, Gaelic, Scottish, or Welsh in origin. Many beautiful Irish baby names have equally beautiful meanings, mainly relating to nature or God, to choose from.

Did you know the popular girl’s name Erin means “Ireland”? Or that Irish is a popular boy’s name?

Irish Names

Irish Girl Names

Country music fan? You might like Kacey, of Kacey Musgraves fame, which means “thorny tree.”

Shrek fan? You might consider Fiona, of Princess Fiona fame, which means “fair or pale.”

Do you love nature and the outdoors? You might consider nature names like Ashlyn or Ashlynn, which both mean “meadow of ash trees;” Kyla, which means “crown of laurel;” Molly, which means “sparkling or shiny sea;” Muriel, which means “of the bright sea;” Róisín, which means “little rose;” or Tara, which means “hill or star.”

Are you religious? Consider Sinéad, which means “God’s gracious gift; God forgives,” or Siobhan, which means “God is gracious.”

Want to give your daughter a strong name befitting a female warrior? You might consider Brenda, which means “flame or sword,” Reilly, Rilee, Rileigh, Riley, Rylee, or Rylie, which all mean “courageous or valiant,” or Sloan or Sloane, which both mean “a warrior.”

Want something a little more elegant for your little girl? Try Aoife, which means “beautiful, radiant;” Aisling, Aislinn, Aislyn, or Aislynn, meaning “dream or vision;” Alana, which means “precious; awakening;” Bree, Bria, Briana, Brianna, Brianne, Brienne, or Bryanna, which all mean “high, noble, exalted;” Bridget, which means “exalted one;” Caoimhe, which means “gentle, beautiful, precious;” Imogene, Imogine, or Imojean, which mean “maiden;” Kathleen, which means “pure;” or Nora, which means “honored.”

Here are a few of the most popular Irish girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Aileen

2. Aisling, Aislinn, Aislyn, or Aislynn

3. Alana

4. Aoife

5. Arlene

6. Ashlyn or Ashlynn

7. Brennan

8. Bree, Bria, Briana, Brianna, Brianne, Brienne, or Bryanna

9. Brenda

10. Bridget

11. Cailey, Caleigh, Cayleigh, Kailey, KailKaleigh, Kaylah, Kaylie, Kayleigh, Kayley, or Kaylyn

12. Caoimhe

13. Caitlin or Kaitlin

14. Cara

15. Carlin

16. Casey, Kace, Kacey, Kaci, Kacy, Kasie, or Kayce

17. Cassidey or Cassidy

18. Ciaran, Keira, Kiara, or Kierra

19. Colleen

20. Darci or Darsie

21. Deirdre

22. Delaney

23. Devin or Devyn

24. Duna

25. Eileen

26. Elfie

27. Elva

28. Erin

29. Ethna

30. Fallon or Fallyn

31. Finlee, Finley, or Finnley

32. Fiona

33. Glennie

34. Gráinne

35. Imogene, Imogine, or Imojean

36. Ireland

37. Kathleen

38. Kaylie, Keyla, or Kylee

39. Kelley, Kelli, or Kelly

40. Kelsey

41. Kennedy

42. Kerry

43. Kiley

44. Killian

45. Korie

46. Kyla

47. Lana

48. MacKenna

49. Mackenzie

50. Maeve

51. Maira, Mayra, Maura, Maureen, or Meara

52. Moina or Mona

53. Molly

54. Muriel

55. Niamh

56. Nola

57. Nora

58. Órla

59. Payton or Peyton

60. Polley

61. Quin or Quinn

62. Reagan

63. Reilly, Rilee, Rileigh, Riley, Rylee, or Rylie

64. Róisín

65. Rynn

66. Saoirse

67. Shannon

68. Sheelagh

69. Sheila or Sheyla

70. Sheridan

71. Sinéad

72. Siobhan

73. Sláine

74. Sloan or Sloane

75. Tara

76. Teagan

77. Tierney

78. Úna

Irish Boy Names

Are you a fan of The Beatles? You might like Lennon, which means “descendant of blackbird, dear one, child of love, or a small cloak or cape.”

Ted Lasso enthusiast? You might like Roy, of Roy Kent fame, which means “red.”

Are you a Disney fan? You might like Flynn, of Flynn Rider fame in Tangled, which means “ruddy complected.”

Do you love nature? Consider Alan, which means “little rock;” Conan, which means “high, wise; little wolf;” Conner, Connor, or Conor, which mean “hound lover or one who loves wolves;” Cormac, which means “son of raven; charioteer;” Craig, which means “rock or near the rocks;” Dillon, which means “like a lion; loyal;” Darren, which means “great; oak tree;” Fayette, which means “raven;” Glenn, which means “from the small valley;” Murphey or Murphy, which mean “sea warrior;” Orin or Orrin, which mean “green or otter;” or Rónán, which means “little seal.”

Religious? You might like Evan, which means “God is gracious; youth or young warrior;” Killian, which means “little church or bright-headed,” or Sean, Shaun, Shane, Shawn, or Shayne, which all mean “God is gracious.”

Are you a Texan? You might like Houston, of Sam Houston fame, which means “Hugh’s town; settlement on the hill.”

Want to give your son a strong boy name worthy of a warrior? Consider Barry, which means “a sharp spear; fair-headed;” Caden, which means “battle or warrior; companion;” Colin, which means “young, victorious;” Donovan, which means “dark warrior or princeling;” Fergus, which means “strong or manly; virility;” Garrett, which means “rules by the spear; brave or strong;” Liam, which means “the strong protector; guardian;” Treacy, which means “warlike;” or Troy, which means “foot soldier.”

Or you might like Cullen, which means “good-looking lad; handsome,” or Declán, which means “full of goodness.”

Here are a few of the most popular Irish boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Aidan

2. Alan

3. Amon

4. Bard

5. Barry

6. Braden, Brady, Braiden, or Brayden

7. Brain, Brian, or Brion

8. Branna

9. Brendan, Brendin, or Brennan

10. Broden, Brodie, or Brody

11. Broderic

12. Brogan

13. Caden

14. Carrick

15. Cavanaugh

16. Cillian or Kilian

17. Clark

18. Codi, Codie, or Cody

19. Colin

20. Conan

21. Conner, Connor, or Conor

22. Cormac

23. Cori, Correy, or Cory

24. Craig

25. Cullen

26. Dargan

27. Darren

28. Declán

29. Deegan

30. Delavan or Delvin

31. Dempsy

32. Dermot

33. Desmond or Desmund

34. Devlon

35. Devon

36. Dewayne

37. Dillon

38. Donovan

39. Dorrance

40. Eanna

41. Egan

42. Elroy

43. Emmett

44. Emmons

45. Eóghan

46. Evan

47. Fabio

48. Fayette

49. Fergus

50. Ferrell or Ferrill

51. Finian, Finn, or Finnian

52. Flynn

53. Garrett

54. Geron

55. Gilman

56. Glenn

57. Gradon, Grady, or Graidy

58. Houston

59. Irish

60. Kaine, Kane, or Kayne

61. Keegan

62. Keelan or Keilan

63. Keon

64. Kennan or Kennon

65. Kern

66. Kevin or Kevinn

67. Kevron

68. Kian

69. Kieran

70. Kiernan

71. Killian

72. Lennon

73. Liam

74. MacGuire

75. Melvin

76. Murphey or Murphy

77. Neal, Neil, or Neils

78. Nevan

79. Nile or Niles

80. Nolan, Noland, Nolen, or Nolyn

81. Orin or Orrin

82. O’Shea

83. Pádraig

84. Rónán

85. Rooney

86. Rory

87. Rowan or Rowen

88. Roy

89. Ryan or Ryann

90. Ruy

91. Séamus or Seumas

92. Sean, Shaun, Shane, Shawn, or Shayne

93. Shay

94. Teige

95. Torrence

96. Treacy

97. Troy

98. Tullie or Tullis

99. Quinlan

There are so many great Irish baby names to choose from. Which Irish baby names are your favorites? We hope a few of these made it on your list!

Do you want to see more baby names? Also, try Flower names for girlselegant baby namesclassic baby names, and powerful boy names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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