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152 Nature Names for Your Baby

Discover nature-inspired baby names: 152 of the best names inspired by plants, land, water, and rocks. Perfect for outdoorsy types!

Updated July 2, 2024

Do you love being outdoors? Do beautiful mountains and bright blue oceans inspire you? Whether you love hiking or traveling, these baby names help you connect with nature. There are many nature baby names, but we chose 152 of the best nature boy names and nature girl names for you to choose from.

You can easily find what you’re looking for among the categories we broke these names into. Nature names inspired by plants include flowers, shrubs, herbs, and trees. Nature names inspired by land and water include rivers, lakes, oceans, rocks, and precious gemstones. You can’t go wrong with any of these names if you’re an outdoorsy type!

25 Nature Boy Names Inspired by Plants

When we say plants, we don’t mean your typical shrubs. There are nature names for boys here that include trees and flowers. We also have nature names from various flowering plants, like Adonis, ferns, herbs like Bradley, a type of plant, or names from something about a flower or plant, like Bud.

1. Adonis

2. Alder

3. Arbor

4. Ash

5. Bradley

6. Bud

7. Cedar

8. Cosmo

9. Douglas

10. Elm

11. Elwood

12. Florian

13. Forest

14. Grover

15. Hawthorne

16. Heath

17. Herb

18. Jared

19. Keith

20. Oliver

21. Oren

22. Roosevelt

23. Rowan

24. Silas

25. Vernon

23 Nature Boy Names Inspired by Animals

Some of these nature boy names are animals like Fox, or it is in their meaning, like Arthur, which means “brave as a bear,” or Adler, which means eagle in German. There are many ways you can go with an animal-inspired name. In some cases, it may even be a symbol, like a ram for Aries, the Roman god of war. We also love names like Philip, which, while common, comes from the Greek meaning horse-loving.

1. Adler

2. Aries

3. Arthur

4. Brock

5. Buck

6. Callum

7. Colt

8. Corbin

9. Drake

10. Finch

11. Fox

12. Hawk

13. Hershel

14. Jonah

15. Lynx

16. Orson

17. Philip

18. Pike

19. Ralph

20. Robin

21. Ronan

22. Shepherd

23. Wolfgang

26 Nature Boy Names Inspired by Land and Water

These nature names for boys are all about land and water, including mountains and streams. Some unique options that we included are Ajax and Zealand.

1. Aaron

2. Ajax

3. Banks

4. Bay

5. Beck

6. Brandon

7. Cayman

8. Clay

9. Cliff

10. Everest

11. Flint

12. Geo

13. George

14. Harlan

15. Irving

16. Jasper

17. Knox

18. Lance

19. Lochlan

20. Maxwell

21. Montgomery

22. River

23. Rocky

24. Ryland

25. Timber

26. Zealand

27 Nature Girl Names Inspired by Plants

Like the boys’ list, there are nature names for girls inspired not just by shrubs and trees. There are flower names like Dahlia and Poppy. Plus, Ginger and Saffron are herbs.

1. Amaryllis

2. Aspen

3. Ayla

4. Azalea

5. Cicely

6. Dahlia

7. Daisy

8. Elowen

9. Flora

10. Ginger

11. Hazel

12. Holly

13. Hyacinth

14. Ilana

15. Iris

16. Ivy

17. Juniper

18. Lavender

19. Leilani

20. Lilac

21. Lily

22. Magnolia

23. Poppy

24. Rose

25. Saffron

26. Violet

27. Willow

28. Zinnia

23 Nature Girl Names Inspired by Animals

Many of these animal names are obvious, like Birdie. However, there are animal-inspired baby names for girls that you wouldn’t expect, like Tabitha, which means “gazelle.”

1. Ariella

2. Aviana

3. Bambi

4. Bernadette

5. Beverly

6. Birdie

7. Cat

8. Davina

9. Delphine

10. Dove

11. Fawn

12. Lark

13. Leona

14. Merle

15. Pippa

16. Rachel

17. Raven

18. Sable

19. Sparrow

20. Tabitha

21. Una

22. Wren

23. Yara

27 Nature Girl Names Inspired by Land and Water

These earthy nature names for girls include ones inspired by the sea and precious gemstones. Some of the options here that we love are Amber and Gaia.

1. Abilene

2. Adriana

3. Amber

4. Autumn

5. Brooke

6. Chantal

7. Coral

8. Cordelia

9. Darya

10. Gaia

11. Jade

12. Jenna

13. Kaya

14. Lake

15. Lindsey

16. Marina

17. Misty

18. Moana

19. Opal

20. Pearl

21. Ruby

22. Sandy

23. Sapphire

24. Savannah

25. Sierra

26. Talia

27. Terra

All of these names are stunning in their own way. If you are a nature lover and want to find a name that has a significant and beautiful meaning, we hope you found the perfect name for your baby on this list. Be sure to check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try rare girl namesrare boy namesbadass girl names, and hipster baby names. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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