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154 Hipster Baby Names

Be different! Find hipster baby names that won't be too common - traditional, vintage, modern, and quirky names are all here.

Updated March 25, 2024

We’re sharing our favorite hipster boy names and hipster girl names! While there are many different names to choose from, hipster names may bring just the right amount of sweetness and coolness to your new baby.

Since hipsters have interests outside the mainstream, you’ll find that these hipster baby names are uncommon and not a name with too many repeats in your child’s graduating class.

Why We Love Hipster Names

This list has modern, traditional, vintage, and quirky names, making it varied while staying on theme. Hipster baby names often use less common letter combinations, as in Jagger, Dexter, and Nezzy. They can also be charming, vintage names like Felix, Trixie, and Mabel.

Edgy, modern names are also on the list, with Rocket and Wednesday being super hipster-sounding word names. We also love the nature-loving sounds in names like Bear, Meadow, and Clover. Another hipster name trademark uses a traditional nickname as a standalone name. For instance, names like Gus, Kip, and Honey are quirky and fun to use as first names.

Whichever kind of hipster name you are looking for, we know you’ll find one you love on our list.

154 Hipster Baby Names

64 Hipster Boys Names

We love these hipster boy names! If you want a sleek, classic name for your little boy, consider Auden or Ambrose. But you can also select a more edgy name, like Iggy, Osmond, or Rocco.

Cosmo and Duke are great if you want a more unexpected, playful sound for your little boy. Vintage names like Otis and Amos are uncommon but bring that old-fashioned flair into modern times.

Check out our favorite hipster boy names:

1. Ace

2. Arlo

3. Ambrose

4. Amos

5. Angus

6. Alfie

7. Atticus

8. Auden

9. Bear

10. Brax

11. Bruno

12. Calvin

13. Casper

14. Chester

15. Clifford

16. Clive

17. Cosmo

18. Danger

19. Dash

20. Dax

21. Dexter

22. Duke

23. Ezra

24. Felix

25. Flynn

26. Gable

27. Gus

28. Homer

29. Huck

30. Hugo

31. Iggy

32. Jasper

33. Jagger

34. Jett

35. Judd

36. Jules

37. Kip

38. Leopold

39. Lloyd

40. Luca

41. Mateo

42. Milo

43. Monty

44. Nico

45. Nigel

46. Nix

47. Oscar

48. Otis

49. Otto

50. Ozzy or Osmond

51. Phineas

52. Poe

53. Rocco

54. Roscoe

55. Rocket

56. Rudy

57. Sebastian

58. Van

59. Waldo

60. Walter

61. Wolf

62. Zane

63. Ziggy

64. Zion

67 Hipster Girl Names

There are also many fun and unique hipster girl names! You can opt for a longer, fancy one like Prudence or Clementine, which both come with the nicknames Prue and Clem.

Or pick a nickname as a standalone name, like Lulu or Betty, which also brings a vintage sound to a less common moniker. Other nicknames include whimsical ones like Birdie, Dolly, and Kitty – they are so sweet and perfect for a little girl!

If you like a nature-inspired name, we have some unique choices: Blossom, Lavender, and Willow all reference the outdoors in an unexpected way.

Here are our favorite hipster girl names:

1. Astrid

2. Beatrix

3. Betty

4. Billie

5. Blossom

6. Birdie

7. Bobbie

8. Bonnie

9. Clementine

10. Cleo

11. Clover

12. Cricket

13. Dixie

14. Dolly

15. Esther

16. Fern

17. Frankie

18. Gladys

19. Goldie

20. Greenley

21. Harriet

22. Honey

23. Imogen

24. Inez

25. Indigo

26. Indy

27. Iris

28. Irving

29. Juniper

30. Kitty

31. Lavender

32. Loretta

33. Lulu

34. Luna

35. Luxe

36. Mabel

37. Maple

38. Martha

39. Matilda

40. Meadow

41. Mildred

42. Millie

43. Nezzy

44. Nova

45. Opal

46. Pepper

47. Poppy

48. Posie

49. Prairie

50. Prudence

51. Prue

52. Saffron

53. Scout

54. Story

55. Ramona

56. Remy

57. Romy

58. Sage

59. Sparrow

60. Tallulah

61. Trixie

62. Wednesday

63. Willa

64. Willow

65. Winifred

66. Winnie

67. Zinnia

23 Gender-Neutral Hipster Names

Are you looking for a gender-neutral name? You might adjust the spelling depending on the gender you have (Blaise for a girl, Blaze for a boy), but we love that these names work well for boys or girls.

Here are our top picks for gender-neutral hipster baby names:

1. Adley

2. Bates

3. Berkley

4. Beck

5. Blaine

6. Blaise or Blaze

7. Bo

8. Briar

9. Collin or Collins

10. Fallon

11. Greer

12. Grey

13. Hartley

14. Kai

15. Lennon

16. Mars

17. Quince

18. Rain

19. Rhys, Reece, or Reese

20. River

21. Roman

22. Storm or Stormy

23. Sunny

We hope you found some name inspiration for your hipster baby name list! Be sure to share your favorites with an expecting friend, too!

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try cool girl names, cool boy names, rare girl names, rare boy names, and trendy baby names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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