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151 Cute Girl Names That Are the Most Adorable

Check out these adorable names for girls, including fun, trendy names and ones with beautiful meanings that will never go out of style.

Updated March 23, 2024

When I think of a little girl, I think of all things cute. So, what could be better for your new baby girl than a cute name? Some people may prefer a sophisticated, classic name for their baby girl, like Louise, but they may call her the cute nickname “Lulu.” However, more parents are starting to skip the longer moniker and use the nickname as their daughter’s given name. You’ll also find longer names like Henrietta and Juniper on our list of cute girl names below.

While everyone’s definition of “cute” varies, we think a cute name is one with a feminine, playful sound. We’ve rounded up our favorite cute girl names, and we hope you find some that will make it on your baby’s name list.

21 Cute Trendy Girl Names

Do you like names that are trending? We looked at some of the most popular girl’s names this year, and these stood out for being oh-so-cute. You’ll find traditional names, like Emily and Lucy, but you’ll also see popular and unique names, like Olive and Freya. Check out these trending, cute baby girl names:

1. Lucy

2. Isla

3. Elsie

4. Daisy

5. Lily

6. Sadie

7. Willa

8. Olive

9. Ella

10. Jane

11. Clover

12. Emily

13. Evie

14. Emma

15. Mila

16. Mira

17. Maeve

18. Freya

19. Rose

20. Luna

21. Maisie

50 Cute Short Girl Names

What’s more adorable than a short name? We rounded up our favorite cute names for girls that are short and sweet. Playful names like Minnie, Gigi, and Pippa will be noticed. We also love the classic Emmy and May if you want a traditional name.

1. Lulu

2. Coco

3. Paige

4. Molly

5. Polly

6. Holly

7. Tess/Tessa

8. Sophie

9. Rosie

10. Nellie

11. Minnie

12. Emmy

13. Pippa

14. Mae/May

15. Ellie

16. Lottie

17. Faye

18. Josie

19. Annie

20. Emme

21. Mimi

22. Romy

23. Hattie

24. Addie

25. Layla

26. Lola

27. Bea

28. Beth

29. Esme

30. Ruby

31. Lacy

32. Tilly

33. Bree/Brie

34. Betty

35. Drew/Drue

36. Gemma

37. Gigi

38. Junie

39. Ginny

40. Ada

41. Brynn

42. Hart

43. Layne

44. Janie

45. Milly

46. Roxy

47. Reese

48. Posy

49. Etta

50. Love

32 Cute Long Names for Girls

Cute girl names don’t just belong to the shorter names — there are longer girl names that we think are darling, too. Calliope and Clementine are long, modern names that sound fun and playful. Lillibet and Felicity have a vintage sound and pack a lot of cuteness. We’ve also added some nickname ideas with each one.

1. Maribelle (Mari, Belle)

2. Clementine (Clem, Tiny)

3. Amelia (Mia, Lia)

4. Felicity (Fee, Lissy)

5. Harriet (Hattie, Ettie)

6. Calliope (Calli)

7. Lilibet (Lili, Beth)

8. Matilda (Mattie, Tillie)

9. Serenity (Wren, Rennie)

10. Gwendolyn (Gwen)

11. Brooklyn (Brook, Lynnie)

12. Natalie (Nat)

13. Kinsley (Kin, Kinny)

14. Savannah (Sav)

15. Bellamy (Belle, Bella)

16. Annette (Annie, Ettie)

17. Bianca (Bee)

18. Cosette (Cosy, Coco)

19. Wrenley (Wren)

20. Cadence (Cady)

21. Delaney (Dee, Lane, Laney)

22. Marigold (Mari, Goldie)

23. Hartley (Hart)

24. Tensley (Ten, Tenny)

25. Evangeline (Ev, Angi)

26. Georgiana (G, Gigi, Georgie)

27. Henrietta (Henny, Etta)

28. Juniper (June, Junie)

29. Magnolia (Maggie, Meg, Nola)

30. Reverie (Rev, Eve, Revi)

31. Adelaide (Addy, Lady, Della)

32. Bernadette (Bernie, Ettie)

12 Cute Girl Names with Beautiful Meanings

Many cute names have beauty as their very definition! You can’t go wrong with anything in the Belle family: Belle means beautiful in French, and Bella and Bellamy have beautiful meanings, too. Check out these cute girl names that also mean beauty:

1. Belle: French, beauty

2. Bella: Italian, beautiful

3. Bonnie: English, pretty girl

4. Dolly: American, cute child

5. Bonita: Spanish for pretty, beautiful

6. Belinda: Spanish, beautiful

7. Jolie: French, pretty

8. Linda: Spanish, pretty one

9. Callie: Greek, beautiful

10. Zuri: Swahili, beautiful

11. Shayna: American, God is gracious, beautiful

12. Indira: Indian, beautiful

36 Cute Girl Names That Come from Words

Word names are quickly becoming popular and can make for a cute name for your little girl. Our favorite word names include the nature-inspired Snow, Birdie, and Sunny; we think they are adorable. Mercy and Liberty are word names that also have sweet meanings. We also love the unique and feminine Dream and Story. Both the sound and the meaning of these word names make us think “cute”:

1. Paisley

2. Birdie

3. Indigo

4. Snow

5. Dream

6. Pepper

7. Story

8. Melody

9. Ginger

10. Grace

11. Aria

12. Rue

13. Hope

14. Sky/Skye

15. Summer

16. Meadow

17. Honey

18. Blue

19. Lark

20. Sunday

21. Sunny/Sunnie

22. Reign

23. Mercy

24. Cricket

25. Haven

26. Pixie

27. Willow

28. Fawn

29. Prairie

30. Dawn

31. Lyric

32. Liberty

33. Cameo

34. Bay

35. Aurora

36. Candy

I hope you found a few cute girl names on this list! Whether you want a short, long, trendy, or unique name, these girl names will surely get noticed for being so cute!

If you are still on the baby name hunt, try beautiful girl namesrare girl names, cool girl names, and short girl names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby girl!

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