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140+ Cute Nicknames for Girls

Are you looking for a name with a cute nickname for your baby girl? Here is a long list of some of the cutest nicknames for girls!

Updated March 25, 2024

If you’re expecting a sweet baby girl, this list is for you! When I’m working on my baby name list (one of the best parts of pregnancy, in my opinion!), something high on my list is a pretty name that comes with a cute shorter version. I’ve rounded up over 140 of our favorite cute nicknames for girls!

You may want to have your little girl use her nickname as a child, but give her the option to use the longer, more mature name as she grows older. And, there’s no denying that friends, classmates, and family members will naturally shorten the name at some point themselves—so why not make sure you’ve got a cute nickname that you love?

Classic Names with Cute Nicknames

If you’re a traditional name lover, you’ve got a lot of options for a beautiful, classic name that has cute nickname choices. With the name Margaret, you can’t go wrong with Maggie, and I also love the less common nicknames, Midge and Meg (Meg makes me think of Little Women!). Elizabeth has many nickname options, including Libby, Lissy, Eliza, Beth, or Betty, depending on your style.

Charlotte is a classic name and shortens so easily to Char, Charlie, or Lottie. Or you may start with a nickname you love, like Frankie, and choose Francine or Francesca as your daughter’s given name. Rosie or Ro can be the shortened version for Rosalind, Roselyn, or Rosemary.

Here are our favorite nicknames for girls that come from classic girl names:

1. Addy or Ada (Adelaide/Adeline/Addison)

2. Bella (Annabella/Mirabella/Isabella)

3. Flo, Flora, Florrie, or Flossie (Florence)

4. Libby, Lissy, Eliza, Liza, Lize, Beth, Betty, or Betsy (Elizabeth)

5. Meg, Midge, Maggie, or Peggy (Margaret)

6. Rosie, Rose, or Ro (Rosalind/Roselyn/Rosemary)

7. Lottie, Char, or Charlie (Charlotte)

8. Frankie (Francine/Frances/Francesca)

9. Kate, Kat, Katie, Kit, or Kitty (Katherine)

10. Ellie (Eleanor)

11. Josie, Jo, or Fifi (Josephine)

12. Tori, Toria, or Vicki (Victoria)

13. LivVia, or Livie (Olivia)

14. CeCe (Cecilia/Celia)

15. Lexie or Alex (Alexandra/Alexandria)

16. Maddy (Madeline/Madalyn/Madison)

17. Becca (Rebecca)

18. Dora, Dorie, or Thea (Theodora)

19. Issy, Izzy, Belle, Bella, or Ella (Isabelle/Isabella)

20. Abby (Abigail)

21. Lily (Lillian/Liliana)

22. Lulu (Lucille/Louise)

23. Millie (Amelia/Millicent/Camille)

24. Goldie or Mari (Marigold)

25. Dot or Dottie (Dorothy)

26. Ginny (Virginia)

27. Gabby (Gabrielle/Gabriella)

28. Emmy (Emily/Emilia)

29. Mia, Amy, Millie, or Lia (Amelia)

30. Vi (Violet)

31. Evie or Eve (Evelyn/Everly/Evangeline)

32. Cora (Coraline/Cordelia)

33. Maggie (Magnolia/Margaret)

34. Ana (Anastasia)

35. Henny (Henrietta)

36. Frannie (Francesca/Francene)

37. Sammy or Sam (Samantha)

38. Minnie (Minerva)

39. Gussie (Augusta)

40. Elle, Ellie, or Ella (Eloise)

41. Ouisie (Louise)

42. Allie (Alice/Alison)

43. Viv or Vivi (Vivienne, Viviana)

44. Barbie (Barbara)

45. Dolly or Lola (Delores)

46. Nellie (Helen/Ellen)

47. Birdie or Bea (Beatrice)

48. Connie (Constance)

49. Georgie (Georgiana/Georgette)

50. Max (Maxine)

51. Cilla or Prissy (Priscilla)

52. Winnie (Winifred)

53. Polly (Pollyanna)

54. Edie (Edith/Eden)

55. Thea (Dorothea)

56. Etta (Loretta/Henrietta)

57. Hettie or Henny (Henrietta)

58. Pippa (Philippa)

59. Bea or Trixie (Beatrix)

60. Tabbie or Taby (Tabitha)

61. Tib or Tibbie (Tabitha/Thelma)

62. Jules (Julia/Julie/Juliana/Juliette)

63. Mindy, Lindy, or Linda (Malinda)

64. Suzie, Susie, Sue, Suz, or Sanne (Susannah/Suzanne)

65. Penny or Poppy (Penelope)

66. Hattie (Harriet)

Modern Names with Cute Nicknames

Perhaps you want to select a more modern girl name, like Hartley, which shortens easily to Hart. Belle is a more traditional nickname, but it brings a modern feel when it comes from Bellamy. Cadence and Delaney are popular modern names, and how cute are the nicknames Cady and Laney?

Some other modern girl names include gender-neutral names, like Remington with the nickname Remi, or a girl Blakeley who goes by Blake. Hollis and Holland are modern options that come with the feminine nickname Holly.

Here are some of our favorite modern girl names, along with their shortened versions:

1. Cammy or Cam (Cameo/Campbell/Camille/Cameron)

2. Holly (Hollis/Holland/Hollyn)

3. Bella or Belle (Bellamy, Arabella, Mirabel)

4. Mac (MacLain/MacKenzie/Makayla)

5. Vi, Gigi, Genny, or Evie (Genevieve)

6. Anne or Annie (Anniston)

7. Emmie (Emerson/Embry/Ember)

8. Blake (Blakeley)

9. Hart (Hartley)

10. Vero, Vera, or Ronnie (Veronica)

11. Skye (Skylar)

12. Jojo (Jordan)

13. Val (Valerie)

14. MelMellie, or Lanie (Melanie)

15. Ari (Ariana/Ariella)

16. Brooke or Brookie (Brooklyn)

17. Wren (Wrenley)

18. Rory (Aurora/Lorelai)

19. Elli (Elliana)

20. Bri (Brianna/Brielle)

21. Leigh (Leighton)

22. Roxy (Roxanne)

23. Tilly (Matilda)

24. Angel (Angelina/Angelica)

25. Chris or Chrissy (Christine/Christina)

26. Gwen (Gwendolyn)

27. Green (Greenlee)

28. Tay (Taylor)

29. Mimi (Naomi/Miriam/Emily)

30. Tate (Tatum)

31. Merry (Merritt)

32. Ava (Avalon)

33. Ash (Ashton)

34. Fin (Finley)

35. Lenny (Lennon)

36. Cady or Cade (Cadence)

37. Laney, Lane, Dell, or Dellie (Delaney)

38. Jill (Jillian)

39. Ari (Ariel/Arianna)

40. Lottie or Ettie (Scarlett)

41. Ro-Ro or Ro (Roman/Rosen)

42. Mo or Reenie (Maureen)

43. Nessa (Vanessa/Agnes)

44. Jude (Judith)

45. Anna (Annalise/Annabeth/Annalie)

46. Bobbie (Roberta)

47. Sher (Sheridan)

48. Quinn (Quincey)

49. Cassie (Cassandra/Cassidy)

Unique Names with Cute Nicknames

If you want your girl to be the only one with a certain name or nickname in her class, then a unique girl name is for you! It could be something you haven’t heard of before, like the name Avonlea (pronounced short A-vuhn-lee) with the nickname Avi. Or, it could be a known name but not used as often. If you like a unique girl name, like Clementine, it shortens so well to Clem or Clemmi. Cosette can go by Coco, Co, or Cosy (my daughter has this name, and we love to call her all versions!).

1. Lulu, Lula, or Tallie (Tallulah)

2. Coco, Cosy, Co, or Settey (Cosette)

3. ClemClemmi, or Tiny (Clementine)

4. Nova (Novalee)

5. Cherry (Cheris)

6. Gem (Gemma)

7. Effie (Euphemia)

8. Avon or Avi (Avonlea)

9. Tavi (Octavia)

10. Prue (Prudence)

11. Marly (Marlowe)

12. Brynn (Brynlee)

13. Bron, Winn, or Winnie (Bronwen)

14. Bex (Bexley)

15. Junie or June (Juniper)

16. Wave (Waverly)

17. Willa, Mina, or Billy (Wilhelmina)

18. Sera, Fifi, or Phina (Seraphina)

19. Indy (Indigo)

20. Queenie (Regina)

21. Romy or Mona (Ramona)

22. Saffy or Ronni (Saffron)

23. Gilly or Lady (Galadriel)

24. Jovie (Jovita/Jovana)

25. Posie (Mariposa)

26. Fifi (Ophelia)

27. Tempe (Temperance)

Do you love our list of cute nicknames for girls? I hope you got some inspiration for your baby girl’s name. We’d love to know your favorite one!

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our short girl namesbeautiful flower names for girls, elegant baby names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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