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180 Persian Names for Your Baby

Enrich your baby's life with the culture and history of Persian names. Explore the unique choices of Muslim, Arab, and Christian origin.

Published February 6, 2023

You might be interested in Persian baby names for several reasons, like having Persian roots or being fascinated with the culture. Either way, we have helped to narrow your options to the top Persian names, with plenty of options for a boy or a girl.

What Makes a Persian Name?

If you weren’t already aware, Persia is the modern-day country of Iran. Centuries ago, the Muslim or Arab conquest of Persia resulted in the fall of an empire and religion. Many names in Iran are of Persian origin, but some are also Arabic. When choosing a baby name in Iran, there are two primary ways to find one. The first is using the Arabic derivative of a Christian saint’s name. The second is from the epic poem Shahnameh, considered an important piece of Persian literature.

10 Popular Persian Boy Names

These are common boy names in Iran that have ancient Persian roots. Names like Ahmad, Hossein, and Mohammad are often used to name boys.

1. Ahmad

2. Ali

3. Ebrahim

4. Hassan

5. Hossein

6. Javad

7. Mahdi

8. Mohammad

9. Reza

10. Vahid

14 Rare Persian Boy Names

When it comes to unique Persian names, here are some great options. Aziz and Habib were more common once, but we think they could make a comeback.

1. Anoush

2. Aziz

3. Babak

4. Bahman

5. Bijan

6. Darius

7. Davud

8. Eskander

9. Habib

10. Hormoz

11. Jahan

12. Kaveh

13. Payam

14. Rahman

22 Cute Persian Boy Names

These are our favorites if you are looking for adorable-sounding names of Persian origin. Some are common, and others are less so but still cute. We recommend Cyrus, Farhad, or Kamran.

1. Arman

2. Azar

3. Behnam

4. Caspar

5. Cyrus

6. Darab

7. Emad

8. Farhad

9. Hushang

10. Jalil

11. Jasper

12. Kamran

13. Kareem

14. Kiyan

15. Mehdi

16. Navid

17. Omid

18. Rashan

19. Ramin

20. Soroush

21. Tamaz

22. Zerin

38 More Persian Boy Names

Didn’t find a name that you love? Here are 38 more Persian names for boys that we just had to include, even though they don’t exactly fit under a specific category. Check out Mahmoud, Saeed, and Taher and see what you think.

1. Abdallah

2. Amir

3. Baaz

4. Behzad

5. Charlesh

6. Dawar

7. Erfan

8. Farid

9. Farzaan

10. Gasparo

11. Ghasem

12. Hoshyar

13. Iraj

14. Jihan

15. Kava

16. Khashar

17. Khosrow

18. Ladarius

19. Mahmoud

20. Melchor

21. Milad

22. Mirza

23. Nariman

24. Nasser

25. Niaz

26. Nirvaan

27. Parvaiz

28. Pedram

29. Pouyan

30. Rustam

31. Sabghta

32. Saeed

33. Shayan

34. Solayman

35. Syrio

36. Taher

37. Teymour

38. Vafa

10 Popular Persian Girl Names

If you are interested in some of the most popular Persian girl names, here are 10 common ones. We especially like Farah and Laleh, and we think you will, too.

1. Anahita

2. Elnaz

3. Farah

4. Khina

5. Laleh

6. Masoumeh

7. Mehri

8. Neda

9. Tahereh

10. Zeynab

18 Rare Persian Girl Names

Are you leaning toward unique? These names are much rarer, but it’s not too late to bring them back! Names like Parisa, Rana, and Samira are simple but timeless.

1. Aliyeh

2. Ariana

3. Azadeh

4. Bahar

5. Donya

6. Elaheh

7. Fariba

8. Fatemeh

9. Golnar

10. Hana

11. Katayoun

12. Mahnaz

13. Malisa

14. Maryam

15. Parisa

16. Rana

17. Samira

18. Shirin

20 Pretty Persian Girl Names

You are in the right place if you want a beautiful Persian name for your little girl. We couldn’t include every pretty name out there, but these are 20 of the best. Leila and Zoya are adorable!

1. Almira

2. Azita

3. Cyra

4. Esme

5. Esther

6. Friya

7. Hester

8. Leila

9. Makali

10. Mehlika

11. Minu

12. Nasreen

13. Rexelle

14. Roksana

15. Roya

16. Shadi

17. Vashti

18. Yasmin

19. Zahra

20. Zoya

36 More Persian Girl Names

Even though these Persian girl names are not technically in a specific category, don’t count them out. Names like Cyrene and Damsa make wonderful options for a little girl.

1. Avalie

2. Bakhita

3. Banu

4. Barinda

5. Cyrene

6. Damsa

7. Darya

8. Dilara

9. Ettie

10. Fareena

11. Farva

12. Giti

13. Gul

14. Hamideh

15. Huma

16. Kaameh

17. Kiya

18. Lyanna

19. Meghdad

20. Naheeda

21. Nareen

22. Nasrine

23. Negina

24. Nousha

25. Padme

26. Parvaneh

27. Pouran

28. Roshana

29. Rukhsana

30. Sanaz

31. Seriyah

32. Tahmina

33. Tawnya

34. Yesfir

35. Zareena

36. Zhaleh

12 Unisex Names

Whether you are keeping the gender of your baby a secret or if you have a love for gender-neutral names, we have got you covered. Maybe a name like Armani or Shiva speaks to you.

1. Adh

2. Armani

3. Baran

4. Dara

5. Ehsan

6. Hayat

7. Jazmine

8. Jeyran

9. Mahsa

10. Moroccan

11. Niva

12. Shiva

Are you looking for more baby names? If you are interested in other cultures, look at these lists for the Most Popular Hebrew Names, popular and meaningful African names, and beautiful girl names.

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