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308 Old-Fashioned Names For Your Timeless Baby

Explore the meanings and origins of over 300 old-fashioned names, including girl, boy, and gender-neutral options.

Updated July 2, 2024

Choosing a special and unique name for their baby is important to many parents, and some may lean toward old-fashioned names. Whether it’s something unique or less prevalent than it used to be, your little one deserves their identity — including their name. So why not look at old-fashioned boy names or old-fashioned girl names?

Old-fashioned names are classic but almost unheard of these days. One reason to choose one of these names might be to honor a grandparent and have it become a tradition across generations. These old-fashioned names have aged well, giving you options to find the perfect one for your baby. We have categories for old-fashioned boy names, old-fashioned girl names, and some unisex options. It’s a versatile list of more than 300 with some of our favorite old-fashioned names.

27 Short Old-Fashioned Boy Names

We love these short but adorable old-fashioned boy names with either one syllable or no more than four letters. These are also great options for middle names. Some simple yet classic ones are Otis and Pierce.

1. Bruce — This old-fashioned boy’s name means “thick brush” or “the willowlands.” It has origins in English, Scottish, and French.

2. Claude — This name is the French version of the Latin name “Claudius.” It means “lame,” but there have been plenty of famous people named Claude, like the painter Claude Monet.

3. Clive — Now used as a given name, Clive was first a British surname for someone who resided near a cliff.

4. Clyde — Inspired by the infamous outlaw, this name means “friendly” in Scottish.

5. Bert — This is an Old English and Old German name meaning “bright.”

6. Dean — If you are a fan of James Dean, this is a great old-fashioned boy name. It’s an English name meaning “from the valley.”

7. Earl — This is another name for an English nobleman adopted as a first name.

8. Floyd — In Welsh, Floyd means “gray-haired.”

9. Gus — A shortened version of “Augustus,” this English name means “exalted.”

10. Guy — This name has a couple of meanings, including “wood” in French.

11. Hank — This is a short form of “Henry,” meaning “home ruler” in German.

12. Hugh — This name is primarily of English origin but also has some Irish roots. It means “mind” or “intellect.”

13. Hugo — In German, Hugo means “mind” or “spirit.”

14. John — A Hebrew name for “God is gracious.”

15. Leo — This is the Latin word for lion.

16. Leon — This is the Greek word for lion.

17. Levi — This old-fashioned name is making a comeback. It means “joined” in Hebrew.

18. Lloyd — Once a surname, Lloyd is derived from the Welsh word “llwyd,” which means “gray-haired.”

19. Ned — An Old English name for “wealthy guardian.”

20. Neil — This is the anglicized version of the Old Celtic name “Niall,” which means “champion” or “passionate.”

21. Otis — In English, this old-fashioned boy name means “son of Ode” or “wealth.”

22. Otto — A German name for “wealthy.”

23. Owen — This name is of both Irish and Welsh origin. It can have a variety of meanings, including “noble born” and “youthful.”

24. Pierce — This is a variation of the English name “Peter,” meaning “rock.”

25. Ralph — This Scandinavian name means “wolf counsel.”

26. Saul — In Hebrew, Saul means “prayed for.”

27. Wayne — This was a common name in working-class households. It is an English name that means “wagon maker.”

106 More Old-Fashioned Boy Names

Here are even more choices for old-fashioned boys’ names. There are so many that we included as many adorable names as we could for you to choose from, like Elias, Marshall, and Winston.

1. Abraham — This old-fashioned name means “father of many” in Hebrew.

2. Albert — In German, Albert means “noble” or “bright.”

3. Alvin — Originating in the 18th century, this Old English boy’s name means “noble friend” or “wise friend.”

4. Ambrose — Common in European medieval times, Ambrose is of Greek and Latin origin. It means “immortal.”

5. Ansel — A German name for “with divine protection.”

6. Arthur — This name is seen in Celtic, Irish, and Latin. It means “bear.”

7. Atticus — A Latin name that means “belonging to Attica.” It was popular during the Roman imperial period.

8. Barron — This name means “warrior” in English.

9. Benedict — Inspired by St. Benedict, this name means “blessed” in Latin.

10. Benjamin — A Hebrew name that means “son of my right hand.”

11. Bennett — This is the English variation of “Benedict” and means “blessed.”

12. Bernard — With German and French origins, Bernard means “strong” and “brave bear.”

13. Brady — This Irish boy’s name means “spirited” or “broad meadow.”

14. Caleb — There are a couple of variations in the meaning of this Hebrew name. Some examples include “devotion to God,” “faithful,” or “wholehearted.”

15. Calvin — Meaning “little bald one,” this old-fashioned name has Latin and French origins.

16. Chester — This name means “camp” or “fortress” in Latin.

17. Clarence — If you’ve been near the River Clare in Western Ireland, you have likely heard of this name. It is also Latin for “bright.”

18. Clifford — This first name was most common as an English geographical surname if you lived near a ford by a cliff.

19. Conrad — An Old High German name that means “brave counsel.”

20. Cornelius — This name is derived from the Latin word for horn, “cornu.”

21. Dennis — A Greek boy’s name that means “follower of Dionysus.”

22. Desmond — This name was popular during the Middle Ages in Ireland. It means “from south Munster.”

23. Dexter — Before it was a first name, this old-fashioned name of English origin was an occupational surname for someone who dyes clothes.

24. Donald – This name has Celtic and Scottish roots. It means “world leader.”

25. Elias — This is a variant of the Hebrew name “Elijah.” It also has Greek origins, meaning “the Lord is my God.”

26. Elmer — Once popular centuries ago, this old-fashioned boy’s name means “noble” in English.

27. Ephraim — A Hebrew name for “fruitful.”

28. Ernest — Made popular thanks to the author Ernest Hemingway, this English name means “serious.”

29. Erwin — An Old High German name that means “respected friend.”

30. Ezekiel — This was once a popular biblical name that is Hebrew for “God will strengthen.”

31. Felix — This name of Latin origin means “happy” or “fortunate.”

32. Fletcher — An English occupational name for an arrow maker.

33. Frederick — The English form of an Old German name for “peaceful ruler.”

34. Gerald — This Germanic name means “spear ruler.”

35. Gideon — A Hebrew name for a woodsman.

36. Gordon — This name means “fort” or “great hill” in Scottish.

37. Graham — This old-fashioned name has both Scottish and English roots. It means “gravelly homestead.”

38. Griffin — A Welsh name for “strong lord” or “prince.”

39. Gunther — Meaning “battle warrior,” this old-fashioned boy’s name is of German origin.

40. Harold — This name means “army ruler” in Scandinavian.

41. Harry — This is a German name for “home ruler.”

42. Harvey — A Celtic name that means “battle worthy.”

43. Herbert — This boy’s name is of Germanic origin, meaning “bright army.”

44. Holden — The meaning of this old-fashioned name is “from the hollow of the valley” in English.

45. Homer — A Greek name for “pledge.”

46. Horace — This is a Latin name that means “timekeeper.”

47. Howard — Meaning “high guardian,” this old-fashioned name is of Middle English and German origin.

48. Irving — This name was a popular Scottish surname, meaning “green river.”

49. Jedidiah — A Hebrew name that means “beloved of the Lord.”

50. Jeffrey — This name is derived from a Germanic word that means “divine peace.”

51. Jerry — This name means “spear” in English.

52. Jethro — A biblical boy name of Hebrew origin that means “abundance.”

53. Jonas — This name means “dove” or “gift of God” in Hebrew.

54. Julian — The meaning of this old-fashioned name is “youthful” in Latin and English.

55. Kenneth — An Irish name for “fair.”

56. Langston — A name of English origin that means “from the tall man’s town.”

57. Lawrence — This Latin name has two meanings; “laurel crown” and “from Laurentium.”

58. Leonard — The meaning of this boy’s name is “lion’s strength” in German.

59. Linus — This name is from Greek mythology. It is the name of Apollo’s son, meaning “flax colored.”

60. Lionel — A Latin name for “little lion.”

61. Louis— French for “renowned warrior.”

62. Luther — This old-fashioned name is of German origin and means “soldier of the people.”

63. Malcolm — The meaning of this name is “devotee of Saint Columba” in Scottish.

64. Marshall — This is an Old Scottish surname with French roots. It is commonly used as a boy’s first name, meaning “caretaker of horses.”

65. Martin — This Latin name means “dedicated to Mars.” Mars is the Roman god of war.

66. Milton — This name used to be a British noble surname. It means “from the mill town.”

67. Nathaniel — A name that means “gift of God” in Hebrew.

68. Nelson — This name means either “son of Nell” or “champion.” It is of English origin.

69. Norman — Dating back to the Vikings, this English name means “man from the north.”

70. Orson — This adorable old-fashioned name means “bear cub” in Latin.

71. Oscar — An Irish name that means “God spear.”

72. Oswald — The meaning of this English name is “divine power” and is commonly shortened to a nickname such as “Ozzy.”

73. Percy — French for “one who pierces the valley.”

74. Philip — Meaning “lover of horses,” this boy’s name is of Greek origin.

75. Preston — This is a common English name for boys that means “priest’s town.”

76. Randall — English for “shield wolf.”

77. Raphael — A Hebrew name that is mainly popular in Western Europe. It means “God has healed.”

78. Reginald — This old-fashioned name is still popular today. It means “ruler’s advisor” in Latin.

79. Richard — German for “brave ruler.”

80. Rodney — An Old English name that means “island in the clearing.”

81. Roger — This strong old-fashioned German name means “famous warrior.”

82. Roman — This name means “strong” and “powerful” in Hebrew.

83. Ruben — This is the Spanish variant of the Hebrew name “Reuben,” meaning “behold, a son.”

84. Rupert — A German name for “bright fame.”

85. Russell — Once a popular surname, this old-fashioned name is French for “little red.”

86. Samson — This biblical name is Hebrew for “sun child.”

87. Sebastian — This name has Greek and Latin origins. It means “venerable.”

88. Sherman — A Middle English occupational name for a sheep shearer.

89. Simon — This name of Greek and Hebrew origins means “to hear.”

90. Solomon — Hebrew for “peace.”

91. Stanley — An English topographic surname for someone who lived near a stony field.

92. Sylvester — This name is Latin for “wooded.”

93. Thaddeus — This Aramaic name has several meanings, including “heart” and “gift of God.”

94. Theodore — Greek for “gift of God.”

95. Timothy — An old-fashioned name that means “God’s honor” in Greek.

96. Tobias — This Greek and Hebrew name means “God is good.”

97. Tristan — This is a Celtic name that can also be used as a girl’s name. It means “sadness.”

98. Vernon — A French name meaning “alder tree grove.”

99. Victor — This is one of the oldest Christian names. It means “conqueror” in Latin.

100. Vincent — Latin for “victorious.”

101. Walter — This old-fashioned name means “army ruler” in German.

102. Warren — This name of English and French origins means “park keeper.”

103. Wesley — An Old English name for “western meadow.”

104. Wilbur — Middle English for “wild boar” and German for “bright will.”

105. Winston — This Old English name means “joyful stone.”

106. Xavier — This boy’s old-fashioned name means “new house” in Arabic.

45 Cute Old-Fashioned Girl Names

These are some of the prettiest old-fashioned girl names. Names like Cora or Opal are super cute. At the same time, some of the longer names, like Clarabelle or Josephine, have an elegance to them.

1. Abigail — A biblical name that means “father’s joy” in Hebrew.

2. Adeline — This old-fashioned girl’s name is Old High German for “noble.”

3. Annabelle — A combination of Latin and French that means “favored grace” and “beautiful.”

4. Aurelia — The meaning of this old-fashioned girl’s name is “the golden one” in Latin.

5. Betty — This is an old-fashioned nickname for “Elizabeth,” which is English for “oath of God.”

6. Beverly — An English name that used to be a popular surname. It means “from the beaver stream” in English.

7. Bonnie — Scottish for “pretty.”

8. Bridget — This Old Irish name means “exalted one.”

9. Candace — Latin for “pure.”

10. Carrie — This name means “free man” and is of German origin.

11. Clarabelle — A Latin name meaning “bright” and “beautiful.”

12. Clementine — This old-fashioned girl’s name has started coming back. It has Latin and French origins, and it means “merciful.”

13. Cleo — An old-fashioned English name that means “glory” or “praise” in Greek.

14. Cora — This Greek name means “maiden.”

15. Daisy — This name comes from an Old English word that means “day’s eye.” It is also a pretty flower.

16. Daphne — The meaning of this old-fashioned girl’s name is “laurel tree” in Greek.

17. Delilah — Hebrew for “delicate.”

18. Dottie — A Greek name meaning “gift from God.”

19. Eloise — This French name has two meanings; “famous warrior” and “healthy.”

20. Eugenie — Greek for “wellborn.”

21. Fannie — This Latin name means “from France” or “free man.”

22. Hazel — This English name means “hazel tree.”

23. Henrietta — French for “home-ruler.”

24. Hyacinth — This is the Greek name for the blue larkspur flower of the same name.

25. Josephine — This classic name is Hebrew for “He shall increase.”

26. Katherine — Greek for “pure.”

27. Lillian — This is a Latin name derived from the lily flower, meaning “pure.”

28. Maeve — Irish for “she who intoxicates.”

29. Marjorie — This is a popular variant of “Margaret.” It means “pearl” in Scottish.

30. Mary — Old fashioned but timeless, this Hebrew name means “bitter” or “beloved.”

31. Minnie — An English name that means “of the mind.”

32. Molly — This name is primarily of Irish origin and means “sea of bitterness.”

33. Nell — English for “shining light.”

34. Olive— This old-fashioned girl’s name originates in English, French, and Latin. It means “olive tree.”

35. Opal — Sanskrit for “precious stone.”

36. Pearl — An old-fashioned English name that means “precious gemstone.”

37. Posey — This girl’s flower name means “bunch of flowers” in English.

38. Rosemary — A Latin name that combines two classic names that mean “dew of the sea.”

39. Scarlett — This old-fashioned name means “red” in English.

40. Sheila — Irish for “heavenly.”

41. Stella — This name is of Latin and Italian origin. It means “star.”

42. Sylvia — Latin for “from the forest.”

43. Tilly — A variation of “Matilda,” this name means “mighty in battle” in German.

44. Trudy — German for “spear of strength.”

45. Viola — A Latin name for “purple” and Italian for “violet.”

99 More Old Fashioned Girl Names

Want even more old-fashioned girl names for your little princess? Here are more choices for an old soul. Names like Odette or Vivian are unique but still timeless.

1. Adelaide — This is a German name that means “nobility.”

2. Agatha — Derivative of the Greek word that means “good.”

3. Agnes— This name means “pure” or “holy” in Greek.

4. Anita — This old-fashioned name has Hebrew and Spanish origins. It means “gracious” and “merciful.”

5. Arlene — An Irish Gaelic name for “promise.”

6. Barbara — Greek for “foreign.”

7. Beatrice — This name means “blessed” in Latin.

8. Bernadette — German for “brave as a bear” and French for “strong.”

9. Blanche — This girl’s name means “white” or “pure” in French.

10. Blythe — Old English for “cheerful.”

11. Caroline — A French name that means “strong” or “free man.”

12. Celeste — This once popular old-fashioned name means “heavenly” in Latin.

13. Celia — This is sometimes used as a nickname for Celeste or as a given name. It also is Latin for “heavenly.”

14. Colette — French for “the people of victory.”

15. Connie — This Latin name means “steadfast.”

16. Dolores — A Spanish old-fashioned name that means “lady of sorrows.”

17. Donna — This name means “lady” in Italian.

18. Doris — The meaning of Doris is “gift of the ocean” in Greek.

19. Dorothy— This name used to be very popular in Britain. It is of Greek origin and means “gift of God.”

20. Edith — English for “prosperous in war.”

21. Eileen — A Scottish name for “desired.”

22. Elaine — This name means “shining light” in French.

23. Eleanor — This is a name of Greek origin that means “shining light.”

24. Ellen — Meaning “torch,” this is the English version of Helen.

25. EstherPersian for “star.”

26. Ethel — This is an Old English name for “noble.”

27. Faye — This girl’s name means “fairy” in French and Middle English.

28. Fern — An Old English topographic name for someone who lives among ferns.

29. Florence— Latin for “blossoming.”

30. Genevieve — This name means “white wave” in French.

31. Gertrude — This Old German name means “spear strength.”

32. Gladys — Welsh for “royalty.”

33. Gloria — This is an old-fashioned name that means “glory” in Latin.

34. Greta — The meaning of this girl’s name is “pearl” in German.

35. Harriet — German for “home-ruler.”

36. Helen — A Greek name meaning “torch.”

37. Hilda — This name means “battle woman” in Danish.

38. Imogen — Celtic for “maiden” and Greek for “beloved child.”

39. Inez — This old-fashioned girl’s name means “pure” in Portuguese.

40. Irene — This Greek name was derived from the Goddess of peace in Greek mythology.

41. Iris — This Greek name means “rainbow.”

42. Joan — The meaning of Joan is “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

43. Joyce — Latin for “joyous” or “lord.”

44. Lois — A Greek name meaning “most desirable.”

45. Lorraine — An Old French name for someone from Lorraine, a province in France.

46. Lottie — This old English name means “free man.”

47. Lucille — Meaning “light,” Lucille is of French origin.

48. Lydia — Greek for “noble one.” It is also a city in Greece.

49. Magdalene — A Hebrew name meaning “woman from Magdala.”

50. Margaret — Greek for “pearl.”

51. Margot — This is a French name meaning “pearl.”

52. Martha — This name means “lady” in Hebrew.

53. Matilda — Meaning “mighty in battle,” Matilda is of German origin.

54. Maude — Like Matilda, this German name means “strength in battle.”

55. Miriam — A Hebrew name meaning “sea of bitterness.”

56. Myrtle — This is a Latin name for an evergreen shrub.

57. Nancy — English for “grace.”

58. Naomi — This old-fashioned name means “pleasant” in Hebrew.

59. Nettie — This name has a few meanings, including “gracious.” It is of Hebrew origin.

60. Noreen — Meaning “honor,” this name is of Irish and Celtic origin.

61. Norma — Old German for “from the north” and Latin for “rule.”

62. Odessa — Derived from the word odyssey, this Greek name means “long journey.”

63. Odette — French for “wealthy.”

64. Patience — A Latin name for “enduring.”

65. Patricia — This girl’s name means “noble” in Latin.

66. Pauline — This name is of French origin and means “small.”

67. Penelope — An old-fashioned Greek name for “weaver.”

68. Phyllis — This name from Greek mythology means “foliage.”

69. Pollyanna — This old-fashioned literary name means “grace” in Hebrew and Latin.

70. Prudence — A Latin name meaning “caution.”

71. Raffaela — Hebrew for “God heals.”

72. Ramona — This Spanish girl’s name means “wise protector.”

73. Reba — This biblical term means “fourth born” in Hebrew.

74. Rhonda — Welsh for “noisy one” or “good spear.”

75. Roberta — A German name for “famous” and “bright.”

76. Rosalind — The meaning of this girl’s name is “gentle horse” in Old German.

77. Ruth — This is an old-fashioned name of Hebrew origin that means “compassionate friend.”

78. Sabrina — This name has many origins and meanings, including Celtic for a siren that lived in the River Severn.

79. Sally — Hebrew for “princess.”

80. Sandra — A Greek name for “defender of the people.”

81. Sharon — The meaning of this name in Hebrew is “of the fertile plain.”

82. Shirley — Meaning “bright meadow,” This name is of Old English origin.

83. Susannah — An old-fashioned Hebrew classic for “lily.”

84. Sybil — Greek for “prophetess.”

85. Tabitha — Aramaic for “gazelle” and Hebrew for “beauty and grace.”

86. Thelma — This name means “will” in Greek.

87. Thomasina — This Hebrew name means “twin.”

88. Thora — An Old Norse name meaning “thunder.”

89. Trudy — A short form of Gertrude, Trudy means “spear strength” in German.

90. Vera — Slavic for “faith.”

91. Viola — This name means “purple” in both Italian and Latin.

92. Virginia — This is a Latin old-fashioned name that means “pure.”

93. Vivian — A Latin name meaning “lively.”

94. Wanda — Slavic for “shepherdess.”

95. Wilhelmina — Meaning “resolute protection,” Wilhelmina is of Old German origin.

96. Wilma — This is a short form of Wilhelmina.

97. Winifred — Welsh for “blessed.”

98. Yvette — This French name means “yew tree.”

99. Yvonne — This name is Old High German for “yew.”

31 Old-Fashioned Gender-Neutral Names

Want an old-fashioned name suitable for any gender? Here are some excellent name choices for boys and girls. You can go with a more common one like Alice or a little differently with Wren.

1. Addison — This old English unisex name means “son of Adam.”

2. Alice — German for “noble.”

3. Beau — This French name means “beautiful” or “handsome.”

4. Billy or Billie — An English name that means “resolute protector” and “strength.”

5. Carol — This gender-neutral name means “joyful song” in English.

6. Cassidy — Irish for “curly-haired.”

7. Cecil — A Latin unisex name for “blind.”

8. Constance — This old-fashioned name means “steadfastness” in Latin.

9. Darcy — Meaning “dark,” Darcy is of Irish origin.

10. Elliott — Hebrew for “the Lord is my God.”

11. Evan — A Welsh gender-neutral name meaning “God is gracious.”

12. Ezra — This Hebrew name means “help.”

13. Francis or Frances — A Latin old-fashioned name for “free man.”

14. Gael— This is an Irish name for someone who is Gaelic.

15. Glenn — This name means “valley” in both Irish and Scottish.

16. Jude — Hebrew and Latin for “praised.”

17. Max — This name means “the greatest” in Latin.

18. Mickey — The meaning of the name Mickey is “Who is like God?” in Hebrew.

19. Moses — A Hebrew unisex name for “deliver.”

20. Noel or Noelle — Old French for “born on Christmas.”

21. Peyton — This gender-neutral old-fashioned name means “fighting man’s estate” in English.

22. Presley — This is a topographic English name for someone who lives near the priest’s meadow.

23. Quentin — Latin for “fifth.”

24. Quinn or Quin — Meaning “wise,” this old-fashioned name is of Irish origin.

25. Robin — This name means “bright” or “famous” in English.

26. Spencer — The meaning of Spencer is “administrator” and is of Old French origin.

27. Sydney — French for “Saint Denis” and Old English for “wide meadow.”

28. Terry — An English and German name for “power of the tribe.”

29. Willie — The meaning of this old-fashioned name is “resolute” in English.

30. Wren — English for “small bird.”

31. Wyatt — An Old English gender-neutral name that means “brave in battle.”

Old-fashioned baby names are set to make a comeback. We hope you found some naming inspiration on this list.

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try elegant baby namesclassic baby names, and Greek goddess names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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