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143 Country Girl Names

Are you having a baby girl and want to find a perfect girl name for her? We've got you covered! Check out our list of country girl names!

Updated March 25, 2024

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a name for your baby! If you’re expecting a daughter and looking for rustic or country girl names, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best country names for girls.

These country girl names are English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Native American, Scottish, and Spanish in origin. Both my mother-in-law’s name, Barbara, which means “foreign,” and my late mother’s name, Dixie, which means “tenth,” are on this list.

143 Country Girl Names

You might want to give your daughter a classic country girl name like Annie, which means “gracious or merciful;” Caroline or Charlene, which both mean “free man;” Ellie, which means “light;” Jane, which means “God is gracious;” Jolene, which means “pretty;” Nellie, which means “horn or sunray;” or Pearl, which means “precious.”

Rock and roll fan? You might like Presley, of Elvis Presley fame, which means “from the priest’s field,” or Priscilla, of Elvis’ wife’s fame, which means “ancient.” Or you might consider Prudence, of The Beatles’ Dear Prudence fame, which means “caution or discretion.”

Expecting a summer baby? You might consider June, which means “young,” Summer, which simply refers to the season, or Sunny, which means “sunshine; happy, cheerful temperament.”

Best Country Girl Names

These are some of the best country names for girls:

1. Abigail

2. Adabelle

3. Adelaide

4. Adeline

5. Anna

6. Annie

7. Arabella

8. Bailey

9. Barbara

10. Belle

11. Betsy

12. Betty

13. Blake

14. Bryndle

15. Cady

16. Candy

17. Carlin

18. Caroline

19. Cassidy

20. Chantilly

21. Charlene

22. Claire

23. Clarabelle

24. Clarice

25. Connie

26. Corliss

27. Dakota

28. Darla

29. Deana

30. Delaney

31. Dianne

32. Dorothy

33. Dottie

34. Eileen

35. Ella

36. Ella-Mae

37. Ellie

38. Ember

39. Emmeline

40. Emmy

41. Eva

42. Evangeline

43. Evie

44. Faith

45. Faye

46. Gertie

47. Genevieve

48. Hadley

49. Harlene

50. Harper

51. Harriot

52. Hattie

53. Hayley

54. Henley

55. Henrietta

56. Hope

57. Ida

58. Iona

59. Jane

60. Jewel

61. Jolene

62. Josette

63. Josie

64. June

65. Katie

66. Kaylee

67. Katherine

68. Kinsey

69. Kitty

70. Lacey

71. Laney

72. Leslie

73. Mabel

74. Mackenzie

75. Mae

76. Margaret

77. Maybelle

78. Maisie

79. Millie

80. Minnie

81. Molly

82. Nancy

83. Nellie

84. Oakley

85. Ophelia

86. Pearl

87. Penelope

88. Perry

89. Piper

90. Presley

91. Priscilla

92. Prudence

93. Ree

94. Rory

95. Scarlet

96. Shelby

97. Sienna

98. Summer

99. Sunny

100. Tabitha

101. Twyla

102. Victoria

103. Whitney

104. Willadeene

Country Girl Names Inspired by Cities or States

Are you looking for country girl names inspired by a city or state? Are you a Texan? Consider the Hebrew name Abilene, which means “grass,” the English name Austin, which means “great,” or the Scottish name Dallas, which means “from the dales, the valley meadows.”

Prefer Wyoming? Try the French-Canadian name originating from a Sioux Dakota word, Cheyenne, which means “red speakers.” Are you from Georgia? Try the Greek name Georgia, which means “farmer, earthworker,” or the Spanish name Savannah, which means “treeless plain.”

1. Abilene

2. Arizona

3. Austin

4. Cali

5. Cheyenne

6. Dallas

7. Dixie

8. Georgia

9. Indiana

10. Nevada

11. Savannah

12. Virginia

Country Girl Names Inspired by Plants

Searching for a country girl name inspired by a plant? Try Amaryllis, which means “fresh, sparkling,” Clementine, which means “mild or merciful,” or Daisy, which means “day’s eye.”

1. Amaryllis

2. Blossom

3. Clementine

4. Daisy

5. Ivy

6. Olivia

7. Roseanna

8. Rosie

9. Sage

10. Willow

Country Girl Names Inspired by Country Singers

Country music lover? You might like the Hebrew name Naomi, in memory of the late Naomi Judd, which means “pleasantness.” Or you might consider the Native American name of her daughter Wynonna, which means “first-born daughter.”

You might also try the English name, Dolly, in honor of Dolly Parton, which means “gift of God,” the Hebrew name Reba, in honor of Reba McEntire, which means “fourth born,” or the Native American name Shania, in honor of Shania Twain, which means “I’m on my way.”

1. Alison

2. Ashton

3. Carrie

4. Dolly

5. Emmylou

6. Kacey

7. Loretta

8. Miley

9. Miranda

10. Naomi

11. Natalie

12. Patsy

13. Reba

14. Shania

15. Tammy

16. Tanya

17. Wynonna

What’s your favorite country girl name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these country names for thier daughters?

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby names lists, like our southern girl names, Disney-inspired baby names, royal baby names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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