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Disney Baby Names for Boys and Girls

If you're a fan of Disney, why not add that special bit of magic to the life of your new favorite character with a Disney baby name?

Updated March 27, 2024

I know so many people for whom Disney is not just a passing interest but a lifestyle. These families go to the Magic Kingdom twice per year religiously, as though the house of the mouse were their own personal Mecca. I’ve known many to even turn to Disney movies and shows to name their future Disney-loving brood as well. I admire the dedication—and, honestly, I am a bit jealous of it because I have neither the budget nor the planning personality to be a full-fledged Mouseketeer, but many Disney-obsessed mamas make it happen. I love everything about Disney; the wholesome stuff made my childhood (and that of many a millennial) good and memorable. Why not add that special bit of magic to the life of your new favorite character in a Disney-inspired baby name?

Disney Baby Names

Disney Baby Names for Boys

Arthur – This majestic little man’s name is notably from The Sword in the Stone but will reign supreme for your new baby boy.

Felix – A fun name from a fun movie! This sweet baby boy’s name was found in Wreck-it Ralph and is sure to be an eclectic family favorite.

Flynn – This increasingly popular baby name can be heard in the movie Tangled, but it will be your heart he’s stealing when your new baby has this name.

Octavius – This little-known Disney baby name comes from beloved Gus in Cinderella. Not only is this dapper name perfectly uncommon for your little gentleman, but it also comes with the sweet nickname of Gus!

Oliver – This sweet and scrappy name is a classic and an ode to one of the most underrated Disney movies of all time: Oliver and Company. Consider your first Halloween with this baby name set as you all dress to accompany your little one!

Sebastian – This musically-inspired crustacean’s name is perfect for your talented boy! This fella from The Little Mermaid knew how to make waves.

Sullivan – Remember everyone’s favorite monster, Sully? This adorable name from Monsters Inc. is an excellent choice for your own lovable little monster.

Winston – Another handsome name from Oliver and Company that is a refined and sophisticated take on a Disney baby name for your son.

Disney Baby Names for Girls

Adelaide – This lovely name was rightfully worn by the character Madame Adelaide from Aristocats, who was as endearing as could be.

Briar – Remember the classic Disney movie Sleeping Beauty? Known most commonly as Aurora, the dozing darling was also known as Briar Rose! Here’s to hoping your little Briar takes a page out of Sleeping Beauty’s book!

Calliope – Harkening back to classic Greek civilizations, this dreamy baby name means “voice” and was worn both by the Greek muse of heroic poetry and one of the talented muses in Hercules as well.

Esmerelda – A stunning baby girl deserves a name of the same caliber: and you’ve certainly found that in Esmerelda. This leading lady from Hunchback of Notre Dame was kind, scrappy, and brave: all things your little girl is sure to be!

Evangeline – A name as magical as it is classic, Evangeline was the focus of Ray’s affections in The Princess and the Frog. This sweet-as-sugar Disney name is perfect for your curious and bright little girl.

Jane – Few names pack as powerful a punch in so few letters as Jane. This heroine’s name was found in Tarzan as the intelligent field researcher that your girl will surely emulate. Just hopefully not in the running-off-into-the-jungle-forever kind of way.

Marian – This Disney baby name is not only beautiful but relatively uncommon as well. Made popular by Maid Marian in Robin Hood, this is a lovely baby name option for your Disney-loving daughter.

Willow – For the little girl with an old soul, consider Willow from Pocahontas. This mighty name was the grandmother’s from this Disney classic, and such a strong baby name will surely give your girl the wisdom and guidance she needs her whole life through.

Did you find the perfect Disney-inspired baby name? Whatever name you decide for your newest cast member, know that it will come with its very own story to tell if selected from any of these wonderful characters.

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