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140+ Most Popular Greek Names

Are you pregnant and want to honor your Greek roots? Check out this list of 150+ most popular Greek names for boys and girls!

Updated April 14, 2024

One of the best parts of pregnancy is choosing your baby’s name! If you are expecting and considering a Greek name, you’ve come to the right place! Many parents choose to honor their family heritage with their baby’s name. Many beautiful, classic Greek boy names and Greek girl names have powerful meanings.

Greek Names for Your Baby

Greek Girl Names

Are you a Greek mythology enthusiast? You might like Aphrodite, which means “love and beauty;” Athena, which means “goddess of war and wisdom;” Cynthia, which means “goddess of the moon;” Hera, which means “heroine;” Olympia, which means “heavenly or a goddess from Mount Olympus;” or Rhea, which means “a flowing stream of water or mother of gods and goddesses.”

Disney fan? You might consider Anastasia of Cinderella’s stepsister fame, which means “resurrection,” or Ursula, of The Little Mermaid villain fame, which means “little bear.” Wizard of Oz fan? You might like Dorothy, which means “gift of God.”

Literary enthusiast? You might like Penelope, the name of Odysseus’ wife in The Odyssey, which means “weaver,” or Ophelia, of Shakespeare’s Hamlet fame, which means “helpful and wise.” Harry Potter fan? You might like Hermione, which means “messenger of the gods.”

Music enthusiast? You might choose Aretha, like famous singer Aretha Franklin, or Selena, of Tejano singer-songwriter fame, which means “the moon.” Or you might like Calliope, which means “beautiful voice.”

Do you love nature and the outdoors? You might like Amethyst, which means “precious purple jewel;” Chloe or Khloe, which mean “green shoot;” Daphne, which means “laurel tree;” Eleanor, Eleanora, Elena, Elina, Ellen, Elliana, Helen, Helena, or Lenora, which all mean “sunray or shining light;” Iris, which means “rainbow;” or Maggie, Margaret, Margot, or Marjorie, which all mean “pearl.” Or you might choose Georgia, which means “farmer.”

Maybe you want to choose a biblical girl name? You might like Lydia, which means “from Lydia, a region of Asia Minor,” or Phoebe, which means “bright or radiant.”

Want to give your daughter a strong name befitting a female warrior? You might consider Alessandra, Alexandra, Alexa, Alexis, or Lexi, meaning “defender of mankind.” Or you might like Berenice, which means “victorious;” Nicole, which means “victorious and triumphant;” or Stephanie, which means “victorious or wearer of the crown.”

Want something a little more elegant for your little girl? Try Alayna, which means “precious,” or Calista, which means “the most beautiful.”

80 Popular Greek Names for Girls

Here are a few of the most popular Greek girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Agnes

2. Alayna

3. Alessandra, Alexandra, Alexa, Alexia, Alexis, or Lexi

4. Alyssa

5. Amethyst

6. Anastasia

7. Andrea

8. Andi or Andie

9. Andromeda

10. Angelina

11. Aphrodite

12. Aretha

13. Ariana

14. Athena

15. Azalea

16. Berenice

17. Calista

18. Calliope

19. Catherine or Katherine

20. Caitlyn

21. Callie

22. Cassandra

23. Catalina or Katalina

24. Cora or Kora

25. Chloe or Khloe

26. Crystal

27. Cynthia

28. Danae

29. Daphne

30. Demi

31. Dorothy

32. Elaina or Elaine

33. Ella

34. Eleanor, Eleanora, Elena, Elina, Ellen, Elliana, Helen, Helena, or Lenora

35. Ellie

36. Euphemie

37. Evangeline

38. Georgia

39. Harmony

40. Hera

41. Hermione

42. Ida

43. Irene

44. Iris

45. Jacinta

46. Karla

47. Kira

48. Kori

49. Lois

50. Lydia

51. Magdalena

52. Maggie, Margaret, Margot, or Marjorie

53. Melani, Melania, or Melanie

54. Melissa

55. Melody

56. Mya

57. Nicole

58. Olympia

59. Ophelia

60.Penelope or Penny

61. Petra

62. Phoebe

63. Phoenix

64. Rhea

65. Selena or Selina

66. Sofia, Sophia, or Sophie

67. Stacy

68. Stephanie

69. Teresa or Theresa

70. Tessa

71. Thalia

72. Thea or Theadora

73. Thelma

74. Tiffany

75. Ursula

76. Vanessa

77. Xena or Xenia

78. Xiomara

79. Yolanda

80. Zoe or Zoey

Greek Boy Names

Beatles fan? You might consider Jude, which means “praised.” Disney fan? You might like Sebastian of The Little Mermaid fame, which means “revered.”

Marvel Comics fan? You might choose Thanos, which means “noble and immortal.”

Greek mythology enthusiast? You might like Achilles, which means “hero of the Trojan war;” Adonis, which means “handsome and Lord;” Apollo, which means “manly and handsome;” Ares, which means “god of war;” Atlas, which means “to carry;” Dion, which means “joyful follower of Dionysus and Zeus;” Eros, which means “love and affection;” Hermes, which means “a pile of stones;” Orion, which means “great hunter;” or Zeus, which means “God.”

Literary enthusiast? You might choose Atticus, like Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, which means “from Attica, an area in Greece that includes Athens.” Or you might like Homer, the author of The Odyssey, which means “a pledge.”

Do you love nature? You might like George or Jorge, which both mean “farmer;” Leander, which means “like a lion;” Leandro, which means “lion man;” or Leon, which means “lion.”

Maybe you want to choose a biblical boy’s name? You might consider Andrew, which means “warrior;” Luke, which means “light and bright;” Peter, which means “rock;” Philip or Phillip, which means “horse lover;” Stephen, which means “crown or garland;” or Timothy, which means “God’s honor.”

Want to give your son a name worthy of a warrior? Consider Alessandro, Alex, Alexander, or Xander, which means “defender of mankind,” or Cole, which means “victory of the people.”

61 Popular Greek Names for Boys

Here are a few of the most popular Greek boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Achilles

2. Adonis

3. Alessandro, Alex, Alexander, or Xander

4. Alistair

5. Ambrose

6. Andrew

7. Apollo

8. Ares

9. Arsenio

10. Atlas

11. Atticus

12. Basil

13. Chris or Christopher

14. Cletus

15. Cole

16. Constantine

17. Cyril

18. Damian or Damien

19. Damon

20. Darius

21. Deacon

22. Demetrius or Dimitri

23. Dennis

24. Dion

25. Eros

26. Esteban

27. Eugene

28. Eustace

29. Evander

30. George or Jorge

31. Gregory

32. Hector

33. Hermes

34. Homer

35. Ion

36. Jason

37. Jasper

38. Jerome

39. Jude

40. Judson

41. Julian, Julien, Julio, or Julius

42. Leander

43. Leandro

44. Leon

45. Lukas or Luke

46. Myron

47. Nicholas, Nickolas, Nicolas, Nico, Niko, Nikolai, or Nikolas

48. Orion

49. Peter

50. Philip or Phillip

51. Phoenix

52. Pierce

53. Sebastian

54. Socrates

55. Stavros

56. Stephen

57. Thanos

58. Theo or Theodore

59. Timothy

60. Ulysses

61. Zeus

With so many beautiful Greek names, I hope you found a few Greek names for girls or Greek names for boys to add to your list! What were your favorites?

Want more baby names? Check out Greek goddess names, rare boy names, rare girl names, coolest boy names, and coolest girl names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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