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124 Ukrainian Names For Your Baby

From common choices to unique ones, find name inspiration with over 100 Ukrainian names for boys and girls that reflect Ukrainian culture.

Updated April 15, 2024

Choosing a name for their child is one of the biggest moments of a parent’s life. Will you choose something new and modern? How about a classic, timeless name — perhaps your grandmother’s? Or you might choose a name that reflects your heritage so your child always remembers where they came from. With grandparents from Czech and Ukrainian lineage, I can appreciate the beauty and meaning behind traditional Ukrainian boy and girl names like the ones on this list.

From common choices like Aleksander or Anastasia to unique choices like Javelin and Feya, here are more than 100 Ukrainian names for boys and girls that reflect the rich history of Ukrainian culture and start your child off right away with a strong connection to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Name History

Like cultures around the world, the history of Ukraine has influenced baby names over time. For example, as Ukrainian American Media explains, in the pre-Christian era, a child’s name often reflected the family’s life circumstances. A long-desired child got the name Zhdan (from the word “zhdat'” — “to wait”), and a surprise baby would be named Nezhdan (“ne-” — negative prefix + “zhdat'” — “to wait”). Also, the first son in the family was named Odynets’ (“odyn” — “one”), and the third — Tretyak (“tretiy” — “the third”).

Christian influence brought more modern names like Kateryna and Ivan, but old Russian names like Volodymyr and Polina have also stayed the course. And, of course, Slavic names are still trendy throughout Ukrainian culture, which is why we see popular names like Vira and Rostyslav. But whether you prefer a whimsical choice like Feliks, which means happy, or a traditional one like Mariya, which means beloved, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Ukrainian name for your little one on our list of Ukrainian names.

6 Ukrainian Girl Names Derived From Boy Names

Ukrainian girl names most commonly end in “a” and are often derived from a male version of a name with the same meaning. Here are a few common examples.

1. Aleksandra — Defender of mankind (derived from Aleksander)

2. Bohdana — God’s gift (derived from Bohdan)

3. Daniela — God is my judge (derived from Danilo)

4. Oleksandra — Defender of mankind (derived from Oleksander)

5. Viktoria — Victory (derived from Viktor)

6. Javelina — Spear (derived from Javelin)

3 Ukrainian Girl Names With Christian Influence

Also, due to the strong Christian influence that infiltrated this part of the world in the late 10th century, many Ukrainian girl names, like the following, mean “God is gracious.”

1. Yana

2. Zhanna

3. Ivanna

2 Ukrainian Girl Names Connected to Nature

Other Ukrainian girls’ names are more organic and nature-based. These are great choices if you want your baby to grow up with a strong connection to the earth.

1. Inna — Fast-flowing stream

2. Liliya — Lily

2 Ukrainian Boy Names Linked to Bravery

Ukrainian boy names most commonly reflect a cultural appreciation for strength and courage.

1. Borys — Warrior

2. Faddei — Brave and valiant

2 Ukrainian Boy Names Related to Royalty

Many Ukrainian boys’ names are also related to royalty, showing how vital Ukraine’s rulers have been throughout the nation’s history.

1. Alikhan — Prince

2. Vasyl — King

4 Ukrainian Boy Names With Christian Influence

And, just like Ukrainian girls’ names, Christian influence has strongly changed Ukrainian boys’ names throughout history.

1. Bohdan — God’s gift

2. Danylo — God is my judge

3. Fedir — God’s gift

4. Matviy — Given by God

Common Ukrainian Names

If you’re looking for common names from Ukraine, here are some options for boys throughout Ukrainian culture.

18 Common Boy Names

1. Aleksander — Defender of mankind

2. Andriy — Manly and strong

3. Antin — Worthy of praise

4. Artem — Derived from the Greek goddess Artemis, related to the moon or hunting

5. Borysko — Warrior

6. David — Beloved

7. Dmytro — Derived from the Greek goddess Demeter, related to agriculture and fertility

8. Fadeyushka — Brave and courageous

9. Kostyantyn — Derived from Constantine, meaning constant

10. Mark — Dedicated to Mars

11. Maxim — The greatest

12. Mykhailo — Like God

13. Mykyta — Winner

14. Oleksandr — Defender of mankind

15. Oleksiy — Guard, protect, defend

16. Petro — Stone, rock

17. Slava — Person of fame and glory, “Glory to Ukraine!”

18. Vladislav — Possessor of glory, fame

14 Common Girl Names

And for girls, here’s a list of common girl names from Ukraine that we think you’ll love.

1. Anastasia — Resurrection, coming again

2. Anna — Grace or favor

3. Diana — Divine, goddess-like

4. Emiliya — Rival

5. Ionna — God’s gift

6. Kateryna — Pure

7. Khrystyna — Follower of Christ

8. Klara — Bright and famous

9. Maria — Star of the sea

10. Mariya — Beloved

11. Sofia — Wisdom

12. Solomiya — Peaceful woman

13. Svoboda — Freedom

14. Volya — Freedom

Ancient Ukrainian Names

Many parents opt for older, classic names when choosing a moniker for their baby. Here’s a list of ancient Ukrainian names for boys to choose from. These might be antique names, but they’ll never go out of style!

14 Ancient Boy Names

1. Arkady — Saintly name meaning someone from Arcadia

2. Bohuslav — God’s glory

3. Denys — This refers to Dionysus, the Greek god of fertility and wine.

4. Dobromir — World, peace

5. Georgiy — Farmer

6. Igor — Warrior of peace

7. Ilay — Rising, supreme

8. Ivan — God is gracious

9. Izyaslav — One who gets his glory

10. Lubomir — Peace, world

11. Oleg — Sacred or blessed

12. Rostyslav — To increase glory

13. Volodymyr — Great ruler, ruler of the world, ruler of peace

14. Vsevolod — Ruler

18 Ancient Girl Names

And, of course, the girls! Ancient Ukrainian girls’ names are beautiful and reflect the centuries-long history that has helped form the country of Ukraine.

1. Bogdana — Given by God

2. Bożana — Derived from God

3. Daryna — Gift of God

4. Galyna — Calmness

5. Lada — After the goddess of beauty and love from Slavic mythology

6. Lyubov — Love

7. Mila — Gracious or dear

8. Milana — Gracious or dear

9. Miroslava — Peaceful glory

10. Nadiya — Hope

11. Nevena — Everlasting

12. Olga — Sacred or blessed

13. Oresta — One who lives in or conquers the mountains

14. Roksolana — After the beloved Ukrainian-born wife of the emperor of the Ottoman, Suleiman the Magnificent

15. Svitlana — Light, shining, blessed

16. Velena — Imperious mistress

17. Vira — Faith or belief

18. Vlasta — Homeland

13 Beautiful Ukrainian Names

Even though we think all Ukrainian names are beautiful, this list includes a few standouts that show a love for nature, have a celestial meaning behind them or have a meaning that’s beautiful in a different way, like “kindness” or “grace.”

1. Anatoliy — Sunrise (boy)

2. Halya — Moon’s halo or bright one

3. Iya — Violet

4. Kalyna — Rose plant

5. Kvitoslava — Glorious flower

6. Lidiya — Beautiful

7. Lyudmyla — Nice to people

8. Nina — Dreamer

9. Nyura — A girl who is graceful

10. Ruzhena — Red-haired, golden, like a rose

11. Tetyana — Queen of the fairies

12. Umut — Hope (boy or gender neutral)

13. Yeva — Life

Cool Ukrainian Names

Sometimes, you’re just looking for a unique or edgy name that exudes a sense of “coolness.” If that sounds like you, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are some “cool” Ukrainian names for you to choose from.

7 Cool Ukrainian Boy Names

Here are some awesomely cool Ukrainian boy names to try out.

1. Artur — Bear

2. Hadeon — Destroyer

3. Orest — He who stands on the mountain

4. Pavlo — Small but mighty, also rare

5. Spartak — Derived from Spartacus

6. Stepan — Crown

7. Taras — Rebel, son of God Poseidon

10 Cool Ukrainian Girl Names

And then there’s this list of cool Ukrainian girls’ names, which we love. Giving your daughter a name that means “lioness” or “divine” — is there anything cooler?

1. Larysa — Seagull

2. Myroslava — One who is destined for glory

3. Nataliya — Christmas Day

4. Olena — Sunlight

5. Olesea — Girl from the forest

6. Tamara — Palm tree

7. Teona — Divine

8. Ruslana — Lioness

9. Vasylyna — Queenly

10. Zlata — Gold or golden

11 Cute Ukrainian Names

We know your baby is the cutest baby on earth, which is why you’re looking for a Ukrainian name that carries the beautiful culture and history of Ukraine but is also as cute as your new little one. We got you.

1. Feliks — Happy

2. Glib — Hair of God

3. Hryhoriy — Watchful or alert

4. Kuzma — The universe

5. Pylyp — Fond of horses

6. Anichka — Variation of Anna, meaning grace

7. Feya — Fairy

8. Herda — Meaning “thump,” also clumsy

9. Missy — Bee

10. Polina — Little

11. Zolushka — Cinderella

There are a lot of Ukrainian names to choose from, but we know you’ll find the perfect one. If you want to go the princess route, Zolushka is a beautiful choice. For a nature lover, how about Olesea? Whatever your new baby is called, it will be the perfect fit, and they’ll start their life already feeling a sense of pride in carrying a name that’s from the beautiful and powerful nation of Ukraine.

Check out our other baby name lists for more ideas. Try strong boy names, powerful boy names, beautiful girl names, cute girl names, nature names, biblical boy names, and biblical girl names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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