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23 Signs You’re Having a Girl (Supposedly)

Learn about nearly two dozen supposed signs that you’re having a girl, like carrying high or having a faster heart rate when pregnant.

Updated April 22, 2024 Opinion

The minute you discover you’re expecting, everyone has at least a few reasons why they think you are having a boy or a girl. People tend to base their gender predictions on everything from how you carry the fetus to your different pregnancy symptoms. Some of them are pretty wild myths and inaccurate old wives’ tales. Whether you believe in their accuracy or not, we’ve rounded up 23 supposed signs you’re having a girl.

23 Signs You’re Having a Girl (Supposedly)

While there are about a zillion signs people say indicate the gender of your baby, none are tried and true. Not to mention, every mother’s body is different in size, shape, age, and other factors that cause these changes.

Your hormones are constantly in flux, so you’ll likely notice these signs and changes regardless. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with these wild gender predictions.

1. How You Carry

healthy pregnancy. Side view pregnant woman with big belly advanced pregnancy in hands. Banner copyspace for text. Elegant mother waiting baby

According to this tale, carrying high vs. low can make all the difference. This myth says you’ll deliver a little princess if you carry high. In reality, if it’s your first pregnancy, you may carry higher because your abdominal wall isn’t stretched out yet. Subsequent pregnancies may appear to be carried lower each time.1

2. Quick Fetal Heart Rate

Close-up of obstetrician gynecologist performing Doppler auscultation checking blood flow in placenta and uterus in the clinic.

Another myth says a faster heart rate is a sign you’re having a girl. But your baby’s heart rate will increase daily as it grows, beginning at about 90 to 110 beats per minute and peaking in your ninth week between 140 and 170 beats per minute.2

3. Craving Sweets

Cheat meal. Happy satisfied pregnant woman sitting in her bed with a plate full of different sweets.

You know what they say: Little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Maybe this is why one of the supposed signs you’re having a girl is craving sweets. However, most pregnancy cravings are often related to deficiencies in specific vitamins or minerals.3

4. Skin Troubles

A woman touching her pimples on her cheeks with a worried expression.

If you’re wondering if acne or oily skin in pregnancy is a sign of a girl, it’s a definite possibility, according to this myth. Acne, as well as other skin issues, are said to be a gender predictor. However, your hormones are the real culprit here.4

5. Excessive Morning Sickness

Young pregnant woman covering her mouth while food in the kitchen is making her sick.

Yes. According to this sign, if you pray to the porcelain throne more often than other pregnancies, you might have a girl. But again, fluctuating hormones and low blood sugar often cause excessive morning sickness.4

6. Dramatic Mood Swings

A uncomfortable pregnant mother trying to rest at home, lying on her couch holding her head.

Of course, the influx of pregnancy hormones affects your mood. But it’s said if you’re feeling particularly up or down, it’s mother nature’s way of preparing you for your little girl’s tweenage years before she even arrives.

7. Intense Heartburn

Pretty pregnant woman suffering from acid reflux because of her pregnancy. Caucasian expectant mother touching her chest with a pained expression

One of the less pleasant signs you’re having a girl supposedly has to do with constant and uncomfortable heartburn. The truth is heartburn can be more of a nuisance during pregnancy because of the hormone that relaxes the muscle that protects your esophagus from stomach acid.5

8. Hair and Nail Weakness

Lady feeling like a mess with tangled unbrushed hairstyle. She is looking at herself in the mirror with an unhappy look.

While the urge to visit the bathroom every 12 seconds is strong, the same can’t be said for your hair and nails if you’re having a girl. Truthfully, increases in estrogen are responsible for healthier hair, which has nothing to do with the gender of your little one.6

9. Weight Gain

Close-up of young pregnant woman touching her abdomen while sitting on the couch

If you don’t gain a lot of extra weight during your pregnancy, you might have a girl. However, in truth, every pregnancy is different, and the amount of weight you do or don’t gain is related to your appetite, experience with morning sickness, and diet.

10. Ring/String Swing Theory

Pregnant woman laying down and there is a ring hanging on a string over her belly.

According to this sign, if you hold a string over your bump with your wedding ring on the end of it and it circles rather than going straight up or down or side to side, it’s said that you’re having a girl. This myth is just that – nothing backs up this claim.

11. Breast Changes

Woman in yellow top bra with big natural breasts on blue background, body care concept

Wait, when did one of my breasts become larger than the other? If this happens, you might be having a girl. This sign has been studied, but having asymmetrical breasts during pregnancy isn’t conclusively linked to your baby’s gender.7

12. Partner’s Weight Gain

Young adult couple in love joking together. She's pregnant and and he too pretends to be pregnant.

Has your partner noticed a little extra gain during your pregnancy? If so, this myth means a little girl is on the way. But, just like weight gain during pregnancy, this can be attributed to changes in diet or appetite. After all, your partner supports you in all things – including those late-night cravings.

13. Pale Urine

Pregnant woman at toilet

It’s said that peeing pale is a sign of a girl, but you probably are just properly hydrated. Way to go!8

14. Especially Bad Baby Brain

Shot of a pregnant businesswoman in discomfort in her office

Even before a little girl arrives, it’s said she’s already making you lose your mind. But really, why did I walk into this room again? However, this “sign” is more about physiological changes than your little one’s gender.

15. Super Stressed Out

Maternity Portrait in front of window in UK.

Pregnancy can be a lot. But with a little girl on the way – need we say more? This can be true for parents of little boys and girls, especially first-time parents with many new experiences.

16. Wanting Fruit

Shot of a young pregnant woman standing alone in her kitchen and snacking on strawberries

If you can’t get enough sweet stuff, including all those delicious fruits, this sign says you’ll be having a little girl. However, more than likely, your pregnancy craving is more related to something lacking in your diet.3

17. Baby Stole My Beauty

Pregnant woman at home, she is worried

This sign apparently proves that she got her looks from her momma – literally. While your new baby will undoubtedly be just as adorable as her mom, complexion changes have less to do with the baby’s gender and more with the physiological changes you experience.9

18. Sleeping on Your Right Side

Close up of a Young pregnant woman waking up in the morning in a bedroom

Even before she arrives, this sign you’re having a girl lets you know that your little one will always be right. Truthfully, sleeping on either side is more of a comfort preference than anything else.10

19. Linea Nigra

A close up of a mother holding her pregnant belly.

If this pregnancy mark on your belly is short, you might be having a girl, says the myth. But in reality, the length and color of the linea nigra has to do with hormones.11

20. Shape of Your Face

Women and pregnancy concept. Beautiful happy pregnant woman in white dress with curly hair sitting on comfortable armchair at home near window and pointing at her future baby in her belly

If you’re having a girl, they say your face will be more round throughout your pregnancy. However, changes to your face are more likely to result from weight gain or increased blood flow.12

21. High Blood Pressure

Shot of a pregnant young woman getting her blood pressure checked by a doctor at a clinic

Even before they arrive, it’s said that having higher blood pressure during pregnancy is another sign of a little lady. Of course, high blood pressure during pregnancy isn’t unique to the mothers of girls. Pre-existing conditions, previously high blood pressure, and maternal age are a few factors that contribute to higher blood pressure during pregnancy.13

22. Dreaming About Having a Boy

Beautiful Caucasian pregnant woman lying down in bed in bedroom and sleeping.

Ironically enough, one of the supposed signs you’re having a girl is said to be when you dream about having a boy. Maybe your subconscious is trying to pull some reverse psychology on you.

23. How Your Other Child Reacts

Young son putting hand on pregnant mother's stomach at home

They say if your child is excited by your bump, the baby you’re carrying will be the opposite sex. While there’s no support for this belief, chances are your first child will be super excited to be a big brother or sister to their new sibling!

Gender Predictions: How To Know for Sure

All these signs make guessing your baby’s sex fun, even though none are scientifically proven to be an accurate gender prediction. If you’re looking for ways to know if you’re having a girl ahead of time, there are tried and true ways to determine your baby’s gender.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

A close-up of a pregnant African American woman having bloods taken.

The blood test is used for possible chromosomal disorders but also accurately predicts your little one’s gender.14


A pregnant female of Asian decent, lays out on an exam table as a technician conducts her ultrasound. She is dressed casually and has her belly exposed as she looks to the screen to see her baby.

The ultrasound performed when you’re about five months pregnant is typically when most people learn the gender of their baby. On average, the results are correct 99% of the time.15

While some of these supposed signs you’re having a girl are related to changes in hormones and everything that comes with pregnancy, they aren’t rooted in science. Truthfully, the only way to know if you’re having a boy or a girl is to wait until birth. Still, it’s interesting to see which (if any) of these symptoms of having a girl ring true. So before you run out and decorate the nursery for a little princess, make sure you have something concrete to rely on – or try something neutral, just in case.

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