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28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Are you looking for cute & clever ideas to reveal the gender of your baby? Here are some of the best gender reveal ideas for expecting moms.

Updated March 29, 2024

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Babies are the ultimate reason to celebrate as much as possible. While having a baby shower about a month or two before the baby is born is the norm, gender reveal parties can be planned anytime from about halfway through the pregnancy until the end of it. We have some great gender reveal ideas that you could even combine with a traditional baby shower to make a unique party to celebrate your little one.

Finding out if you are having a boy or a girl is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. While some families wait until their little one is born to find out the gender, many mamas-to-be anxiously wait for the 20-week ultrasound appointment. Friends and family always want to know so everyone can plan and get you the best stuff possible for your new baby. There are so many fun options to consider when you plan a gender reveal, and the ones below are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Themes

The fun you can have with themes for your gender reveal is limitless. Depending on what the parents-to-be are into, there are many things to choose from, and they usually speak to their interests, hobbies, favorite books, characters, movies, or TV shows. Choosing a theme is a great way to tie the entire party together. You can base everything from invitations and decorations to food and games on your gender reveal party theme.

Animal-Inspired Gender Reveal Themes

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

The “What Will It Bee?” theme can be super fun. The “bee” theme can include honey and bee-themed colors and treats. This theme lends itself well to cute decorations and is a fun play on words.

You could also consider a “Waddle it Be?” theme where you use ducks in your decorations. When placed in water, this duck will turn blue or pink to reveal the baby’s gender! This idea is so cute. You can also get this banner and invitations to complete your theme.

Mermaids and Pirates Gender Reveal Themes

This one is an excellent option for October or any time of year! This theme lends itself well to costumes. Encourage guests to dress up and give a prize for the best costume. There are even some cute invitations and photo backdrops that you can use for this one!

Mexican Fiesta Gender Reveal Themes

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

If you are into a Mexican theme, you can fill a piñata with either blue or pink confetti for the big reveal. You can also serve up tacos and margaritas for a fun fiesta. These señor or señorita invitations are a lot of fun.

Star Wars Gender Reveal Themes

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Star Wars is such a fun theme for those who are into it. You can reveal your baby’s gender with a lightsaber. For a boy, it will glow blue, and for a girl, it will glow pink. Instead, you could have a death star cake with either blue or pink in the middle for your reveal. The decorations for this theme can be a lot of fun, and you could even get more lightsabers to give to the guests.

Fantasy Gender Reveal Theme

If the parents-to-be are into fantasy, you can use a couple of different ideas. For those into dragons, consider a coloring-changing dragon egg for your reveal. This one is a unique and fun reveal idea that will have your guests talking. The egg begins with black scales, which change to pink or blue once heated to room temperature.

If Harry Potter is more your jam, use the sorting hat for a gender reveal. Place a piece of clothing under the hat to indicate the gender. Then, reveal it to the guests for the hat’s decision.

Sports Gender Reveal Theme

If the expecting couple is sports fans, you may want to consider a sports-themed gender reveal party. This gender reveal baseball explodes with blue or pink powder (with an option to add confetti) when struck with a bat! If you are more into football, check out this similar gender reveal football that expels blue or pink powder when kicked. You can also get a golf ball, a basketball, or a soccer ball.

Clothing Gender Reveal Theme

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

There are a few different options for this type of theme. You could have tutus or ties, mustaches or bows, or heels or wheels (even though mustaches and wheels aren’t clothing, you get the point). For tutus or ties, you can use this decoration, this poster, these cupcake toppers, and these fun cups. For the mustaches or bows theme, you could use this confetti, these cupcake toppers, and these decorations.

Nuts or No Nuts Funny Gender Reveal Theme?

If you’re looking funny gender reveal idea, the “Nuts or No Nuts?” theme is both silly and humorous! You could even use Mounds or Almond Joy or bake brownies (some with nuts, others without).

Yummy Gender Reveal Ideas

Candy-Filled Gender Reveal Cake Idea

A popular gender reveal cake idea is the pink or blue cake. The cake will be filled with blue or pink. There are a variety of ways to do this. You could color the frosting, the cake itself, or even fill it with M&Ms that will spill out when cut.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes Idea

Instead of cake and similar, a gender reveal cupcake is a great idea. Tie the cake or cupcakes into your theme and make it even more fun.

Gender Reveal Cookies Idea

Gender reveal cookies are great if you don’t want a cake. These awesome gender reveal cookies can do the announcing for you! They are so cutely decorated, and when you bite into them, everyone will learn whether you are having a boy or a girl by the color in the middle. You could also get these diaper cookie cutters and fill them with either pink or blue sprinkles.

Gender Reveal Ideas for Big Moments with Friends and Family

Gender Reveal Balloon Box

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

For the gender reveal balloon box method, you have a box prepared with pink or blue helium-filled balloons. When the lid is opened, the gender will be revealed.

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

The gender reveal balloon pop involves taking a black balloon filled with pink or blue confetti. When the big moment comes, you pop it for all to see.

Confetti Poppers or Cannons Gender Reveal

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Confetti is another excellent way to announce the gender of the baby. You can use cannons or poppers. Make sure to have a camera ready because this is a great photo op!

Silly String Gender Reveal

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Bring back some fun from your childhood by having silly string at your gender reveal party. You can cover them with this label, so no one knows what the color will be.

Glitter Drink Bombs Gender Reveal Idea

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

These cotton candy glitter bombs are so much fun to surprise your guests. Drop it into a drink and the gender will be revealed to them! They do not change the flavor or texture of the drink, and the glitter is 100 percent FDA-compliant.

Shooting Targets Gender Reveal Idea

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

This one is another fun option for a gender reveal idea. If you or your family is into shooting, use these skeet shooting targets with powder and confetti to reveal the gender!

Gender Reveal Party Games

Pop the Belly

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

This one is a fun option for a gender reveal that is also a game. Set up a “pop the belly” game with black balloons. Make sure one has pink or blue paint or confetti while the rest have white, and secure them to a board. Have party guests play to see who can pop the gender-revealing belly first. This game is best for the outdoors since it can get super messy.

Scratch-Off Cards

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Get your guests in on the gender reveal with scratch-off cards. These cards are already made for you and are a great option.

Old Wives’ Tales Game

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Have your guests try their luck with an old wives’ tales gender game. This printable and this sign are fun options to help you play this game. It will be fun for guests to guess what your baby will be by which of these hold true!

Jeopardy Competition

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

This baby Jeopardy template is customizable, so you can change things to whatever you want the questions to be. You could also include one that will reveal the sex of the baby as the Final Jeopardy question.

Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

If you are going to announce your baby’s gender through photos or social media, there are some really fun gender reveal photoshoot ideas.

Showcasing your Favorite Treats

Pick your favorite treat and make it either pink or blue. You could do this with so many things like cotton candy, gender reveal cupcakes, ice cream, bubble gum, or M&Ms. Snap a photo of you chowing down on one of these or blowing a certain colored bubble. Not only will you get a great gender reveal photo, but you’ll also get to enjoy your favorite treat!

Embellished Sonogram Picture

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Sonogram gender announcements are classic and so fun. There are a few ways to announce gender through this method. You could attach a pink bow or blue bow tie to the photo itself. Another thing you could do is put the sonogram picture in this frame. You can pick either the boy or girl option.


28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

You can go ahead and get your onesie wardrobe started with one of these fun onesies. This idea is a cute way to announce. Hold up the onesie and snap a cute photo!

Gender Reveal Ideas for Long Distance Friends and Family

Gender Reveal Candle

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

If you can’t be with relatives or friends to share the news, you could send them something special for them to find out your baby’s gender. This gender reveal candle will melt down a bit and reveal the gender color around the wick. You also get to enjoy some delicious scents such as snickerdoodle, banana split, apple cinnamon, pumpkin souffle, rosemary and sage, white birch, and juniper breeze.

Bootie Box

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Send your loved ones a “booties in a box” care package to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl. This cute package features booties of your color choice and a sweet message. This one is great to send grandparents-to-be.

Gender Reveal Puzzle

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

Another great gender reveal idea is to reveal the sex of your baby by sending out puzzles. You can choose either the boy puzzle or the girl puzzle. This option can be a lot of fun for other children to learn whether they’re having a brother or sister.

Little Pumpkin Gender Reveal

28 Gender Reveal Ideas for Expecting Moms

This cute pumpkin contains the answer to the all-important question. A little pumpkin gender reveal is easy to send to friends and family. Under layers of orange and then black or brown crepe paper, you will find confetti and a tag with the announcement.

We hope these gender reveal ideas help you pick and build your theme around something you love. Gender reveal parties can be whatever you want them to be. The options are limitless. The most important thing is having fun celebrating your new baby with friends and family.

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