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116 Hawaiian Names for Tropical Inspiration

Learn how Hawaiian baby names for boys and girls blend tradition and individuality and get tropical name inspiration.

Updated November 30, 2023

Transport yourself to the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii and immerse yourself in the state’s rich culture. The Hawaiian people have deep traditions and love to share their culture with the rest of the world. This is why Hawaiian names are unique choices that shouldn’t be overlooked for your new little one. We have several categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for, including popular Hawaiian names for boys and Hawaiian names for girls, and middle names. There is even some surname information; you may recognize some if you have Polynesian roots. Either way, we hope you become inspired by these Hawaiian baby names and are interested in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.

14 Popular Hawaiian Boy Names

These are some of the most common Hawaiian names for boys. Many parents opt for strong male names.

1. Alapai — “counselor” or “advisor”

2. Ekewaka — “wealthy protector”

3. Hake — “fish”

4. Ioane — “god is gracious”

5. Iokepa — “god will increase”

6. Kai — “the sea”

7. Kana’i — “strong warrior” or “conqueror”

8. Keanu — “Cool breeze”

9. Lono — the god of agriculture

10. Makoa — “brave man”

11. Maleko — “warlike” or “dedicated to the god of war; Mars”

12. Nainoa — “protector of children”

13. Oliwa — “olive tree”

14. Peni — “son of my right hand”

12 Traditional Hawaiian Boy Names

We have you covered if you are looking for a more traditional name. These Hawaiian names for boys have a special place in Hawaiian culture.

1. Aikane — “friend”

2. Ailani — “high chief”

3. Haloa — “eternal breath”

4. Haulani — “royal ruler”

5. Ikaika — “strong”

6. Kaeo — “full of knowledge”

7. Lakalo — “god is my helper”

8. Lokela — “famous warrior”

9. Makaha — “fierce” or “savage”

10. Maui — the trickster god in Polynesian mythology

11. Palani — “free man”

12. Wakea — “heaven” or “sky”

13 Unique Hawaiian Boy Names

Although these Hawaiian boy names are rare, we still love them. They make delightful choices for your little one.

1. Aheahe — “gentle breeze”

2. Akahi — “first”

3. Hailama — “famous brother”

4. Hanin — “yearning”

5. Hau’oli — “happiness”

6. Kahale — “home”

7. Kapua — “flower” or “child”

8. Koukakala — “dark river”

9. Lanakila — “victory”

10. Liko — “leaf bud”

11. Mele — “song”

12. Nahele — “forest”

13. Uluwehi — “flourishing plants” or “lush garden”

14 Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

As far as common Hawaiian names for girls are concerned, you will likely hear these used most often around the islands of Hawaii.

1. A’ala — “royal”

2. Alana — “awakening” or “beautiful offering”

3. Kaia — “the sea”

4. Kailani — “sea and sky”

5. Kaulana — “popular” or “famous”

6. Leiko — “little flower”

7. Leilani — “heavenly flowers” or “royal child”

8. Lilo — “generous one”

9. Maile — “vine”

10. Malia — “peaceful”

11. Moana — “ocean”

12. Noelani — “heavenly mist”

13. Okalani — “of the heavens”

14. Ulani — “cheerful”

15 Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names

These Hawaiian baby names have deep cultural significance and have been used for generations. If you want a traditional Hawaiian name for your girl, this category is the best place to seek inspiration.

1. Anuhea — “cool fragrance”

2. Hanalei — “crescent bay” or “garden valley”

3. Hina — goddess of the moon in Polynesian mythology

4. Iune — Hawaiian name for June

5. Kakalina — “pure”

6. Ke’ala — “the path”

7. Lanakila — “victory”

8. Luana — “enjoyment” or “happiness”

9. Makanui — “eyes of greatness”

10. Mileka — “queen”

11. Momilani — “pearl from heaven”

12. Nani — “beautiful”

13. Nohealani — “beauty from heaven”

14. Ona — “gracefulness” or “sweetness”

15. Pelekila — “ancient” or “venerable”

13 Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

These Hawaiian names may not be as popular amongst girls as the rest, but they still hold strong roots in Hawaiian culture. They are beautiful and make great choices for little girls.

1. Akela — “noble”

2. Apikalia — “my father’s joy”

3. Elikapeka — “god is my oath”

4. Hokulani — “heavenly star”

5. Iolana — “to soar like a hawk”

6. Kamaya — “precious one”

7. Kealoha — “loved one”

8. Keone — “the sand”

9. Oke — “deer lover”

10. Puanani — “beautiful flower”

11. Talei — “precious”

12. Uraim — “fruit of the earth”

13. Waiola — “violet flower”

9 Hawaiian Nicknames

You will often see Hawaiian nicknames reflect nature. Hawaiians greatly respect the elements, which translates into the nicknames they use for each other.

1. Hoku — “star”

2. Kaiwi — “bones”

3. Kala — “lady”

4. Keiki — “child”

5. Lani — “heaven”

6. Mana — “spiritual power”

7. Manu — “bird”

8. Pono — “righteous”

9. Pua — “flower”

11 Hawaiian Middle Names

Just like given names, middle names preserve Hawaiian customs and beliefs. Often to connect with their roots, these Hawaiian names may be passed on through many generations.

1. Ali’ikai — “queen of the sea’

2. Anela — “angel”

3. Hali’a — “sudden remembrance”

4. Hiapo — “firstborn”

5. Inoa — “namesake”

6. Kahikina — “the arrival”

7. Keli’i — “chief”

8. Koa — “warrior”

9. Mahoe — “twin”

10. Maka — “beloved”

11. Punahele — “favorite”

15 Hawaiian Last Names

As in any culture, last names are essential to one’s ancestry. You will notice there are names from different languages. This shows the multicultural side of Hawaii. It has become a home to people of several unique ethnic backgrounds. That’s what makes the islands even more special.

1. Akamu — “of the earth”

2. Hekekea — “Yahweh strengthens”

3. Iosua — “the lord is my salvation”

4. Kahananui — “great work”

5. Kamealoha — “the beloved one”

6. Kamehameha — “lonely”

7. Lee — English for “meadow”

8. Medeiros — Portuguese for where shocks of maize are gathered

9. Mahi’ai — “farmer”

10. Mahelona — “harp” or “pardon”

11. Opunui — “big-bellied”

12. Palakiko — “from France” or “free one”

13. Pauole — “never-ending”

14. Santos — Spanish for “saint”

15. Wong — Chinese for “yellow”

Did you find a few Hawaiian baby names for boys and girls to add to your list? They are the perfect blend of tradition and individuality. This makes them excellent choices for parents.

Be sure also look at some of our other baby names lists, like nature baby names, flower names for girls, powerful boy names, and summer baby names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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