How to Show Appreciation to the Aunts and Uncles in Your Kid's Life

How to Show Appreciation to the Aunts and Uncles in Your Kid’s Life

ParentingUpdated July 21, 2021


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Did you know that July 26 is National Aunt and Uncle Day? Now you do!

Aunts and Uncles can play a very special role in a child’s life. My children have been blessed with several sets of loving aunts and uncles who have lavished attention on them since the day they were born. More than that, after my husband passed, a few of my kids’ uncles have been doing their best to step into his shoes for special events like Daddy/Daughter dances and “Donuts with Dad” school events. It has been such a blessing to watch my kids build special bonds with their aunts and uncles.

The relationship of an aunt and an uncle and their niece and nephew is unique and beneficial for the child. An aunt or uncle is not a parent, which makes a huge difference in how the child sees them. They can be a confidante, a friend, or a buddy, making it easier for a child to talk to them. A child may also see their aunt or uncle as someone they can vent to when they’re having trouble with a “mean” mommy or daddy. Having that good influence of an aunt or uncle (as opposed to a peer) to listen and advise your kiddo is a blessing for the whole family.

And just like mothers and fathers and grandparents, aunts and uncles should absolutely be celebrated by their nieces and nephews. So this National Aunt and Uncle Day, try one of these ways to show appreciation for the aunts and uncles in your kiddo’s life:

7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Aunts and Uncles

1. Spend Quality Time Together

There’s no better way to show someone how much you love them than by spending quality time with them. Maybe your kiddo can “invite” their loved one for a “park date” or to the movies. Make sure your kiddo tells their aunt and uncle how much they love spending time together!

2. Make Handmade Cards

Break out the craft supplies and have your kiddos make handmade “I Love You” cards for their special aunt or uncle. There is nothing sweeter than receiving a colorful card made by little hands.

3. Bring or Send a Small Gift

Help your child pick out a small but thoughtful gift that they can wrap and send or bring to their aunt and uncle. Kids love to help find the perfect gift, and they especially love to help wrap things!

4. Drop Off a Meal

If your child is older, help them to come up with and prepare a nice dish that you all can later drop off to their loved ones. They will appreciate a delicious home-cooked meal!

5. Call to Say Thank You

There is something very special about receiving a phone call from a sweet little one. A simple “I love and appreciate you” from your niece or nephew would warm the heart of any aunt or uncle.

6. Make Them a Special Treat

Cupcakes, cookies, brownies . . . whatever the treat, your kid’s aunt and uncle would love to receive a yummy treat made especially for them.

7. Create a “Family Portrait”

If your kiddo is artsy, have them draw a portrait of themselves with their loved ones. Frame it and present it to their loved ones to show how much they appreciate them!

Of course, not every parent has a sibling. And some families, unfortunately, don’t have the best relationships with their brothers and sisters. In some cases, a child may not have a true aunt or uncle. But that doesn’t mean they can’t choose one! I am a firm believer that your family is who you choose them to be. So if you have a best friend or a neighbor whom your children are fond of, what’s stopping you from “choosing” them to be your children’s aunt or uncle? They can play that role in your child’s life just as well as any biological aunt or uncle.

For all you aunties and uncles out there, thank you for all that you do. You are truly special, especially in the eyes of our children, and we appreciate you more than you know. Happy National Aunt and Uncle Day!


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