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When To Announce Pregnancy: What To Consider

Learn what you should consider before you decide not only how to tell people you're pregnant, but when to tell them.

Published November 8, 2023

From the moment your at-home pregnancy test is positive, you can’t wait to share the good news with everyone you know and love. How will you tell your partner? Can you imagine how excited your folks will be when you announce your pregnancy? While there are many adorable ways to celebrate this new addition to your life, it’s worth considering when is the best time to announce a pregnancy. And after you weigh the pros and cons of announcing, it’s time for the fun part — choosing how you share the good news. Finding the right timing for when to tell people you are pregnant doesn’t have to be a bother. You can make it one of the most enjoyable parts!

When Is It Safe To Announce Your Pregnancy?

Most people wait until after their first trimester to share their pregnancy announcement. But how does this timeline factor into when to tell people you are pregnant? Unfortunately, 80% of miscarriages occur within the first trimester.1 But after this point, the chances of miscarriage drop to 2-4%, so while it still can happen, it’s less likely.2 Of course, when you announce your pregnancy is up to you and should be based on when you’re comfortable doing so.

Pros and Cons of Waiting to Announce Your Pregnancy

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Some benefits and challenges come with when you tell people you are pregnant, no matter when you decide to announce. Some pros and cons of waiting to announce your pregnancy include:

Pro: Delaying the Well-Intentioned but Nerve-Grating Comments

Remember that excitement you couldn’t wait another moment to share? Unfortunately, with all that celebration of an announcement also comes criticisms and well-meaning advice. Everyone has an opinion and a million questions regarding your pregnancy, and waiting to tell people means you don’t have to listen to it right away.

Con: Not Having Support Early On

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, you’re excited! However, that excitement doesn’t stop your first trimester from feeling overwhelming. So, having support during these trying moments makes all the difference — the sooner, the better.

Pro: Creating a Pregnancy Announcement with a Sonogram

Waiting to tell everyone after your first trimester means being able to include a sonogram picture of your future bundle of joy in your pregnancy announcement. If you wait until after your 18-20 week ultrasound, it’ll be easier to make out your baby’s image — and possibly gender.4

Con: Having To Skirt Around the Truth

If you’re known to have a drink when you’re out with friends, and suddenly you stop drinking, you might feel compelled to come up with a reason to keep questions at bay until you’re ready. Choosing to delay your announcement means coming up with a few good excuses now. Here are some good ways to keep your pregnancy a secret.

Pro: Waiting to Tell Work Delays the Extra Cautious Behavior

Pregnancy should be celebrated, and pregnant people should be well taken care of. But your coworkers, boss, and even HR might be overly cautious with the “light duty” suggestions and taking it easy. There are laws in place to protect pregnant employees, but they don’t change the unspoken treatment and potential pressures. You know your limits; waiting to tell people at work can keep things normal for a little longer.

Con: Waiting to Tell Your Boss Means Hiding Reasons for Sick Days

If you’re experiencing morning sickness in your first trimester, you may have to be late to work or call out altogether for the day. There’s a good chance management will understand your change in circumstance. So, telling your boss could mean no longer having to pass morning sickness off as the flu or food poisoning.

Sharing your good news is so joyful — so go ahead and shout it from the rooftops once you’re comfortable enough to do so. Celebrating your expanding family is an incredibly exciting time! Whether you can hardly wait to share or prefer to keep everything under wraps for a bit longer, the timing will be right to announce this momentous occasion.

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