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40 Cute Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Cute family Halloween costumes we LOVED that will spark your interest or some ideas!

Published October 9, 2019

by Nina Spears "The Baby Chick"

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?! I sure can’t! It’s time to get serious about picking your costumes for you and your little ones since it’s only a few weeks away. If you haven’t picked them out yet, here are some cute family Halloween costumes I found and LOVED that might spark your interest or some ideas!

40 Family Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Peter Pan and Friends!

Well, isn’t this the most magical idea?! We love how the entire big family got involved in this Halloween costume dress-up. It really brings the whole thing to life!

2. 101 Dalmations

This mama nailed Cruella and made the look so cute! “Jasper” and her dalmatian pups are pretty cute, too.

3. The Greatest Showman

As moms, we often feel like we are organizing a circus. This Greatest Showman is a great idea to bring your little circus together for some Halloween fun!

4. Mary Poppins

I mean, how adorable is this?! We’re obsessed with these Mary Poppins Halloween-themed costumes!

5. Toy Story

To infinity and beyond! You can wrangle up all the candy in the neighborhood dressed as Woody and Buzz this Halloween. You for sure have a friend in these costumes.

6. The Sandlot

Such a great movie and such great Halloween costumes! Even your pup can join in the fun!

7. Wizard of Oz

A true classic. The Wizard of Oz has a perfect costume for everyone in the family.

8. Snow White

This would be such a great Halloween costume idea for parents of multiples! Your little ones could dress up as your little dwarves! Too cute.

9. UP!

Well, this mama is genius for dressing up as Kevin, the Snipe bird. And we can’t get over your little boy scout with all the patches.

10. Wreck-It Ralph

Fix it, Felix! Vanellope is another genius idea for your little sweetie. You’ll be wreckin’ it this Halloween with these costumes!

11. The Flinstones

This family killed it with their Flinstone costumes. All you need is another couple to bring Bam Bam!

12. Grease

Grease lightning! I always wanted to be Sandra Dee. And this is the perfect idea for a family if the dad is reluctant to dress up. He probably has everything he needs in his closet for this look. Just slick back the hair and he’s ready to go!

13. Winnie The Pooh + Friends

Well, can you say ADORABLE! This Pooh costume is genius for all the pregnant mamas out there!

14. Superheroes

Your family is already pretty super. Why not dress up as the superheroes you are?!

15. Harry Potter

As Harry Potter fans, we thought this was great! Your kiddos will love dressing up as wizards and casting spells all night.

16. Super Mario

Super Mario Brothers is another fun idea. We thought this Princess Peach was too precious.

17. Willy Wonka

NPH and his partner, David Burtka, always come up with the best Halloween costume ideas for themselves and their kids. Be sure to check them out in years past.

18. S’Mores

Get extra creative and dress up as the sweet treat you enjoy! We love how this family even turned their wagon into a fire pit to pull together this s’mores look. So clever!

19. Star Wars

Star Wars is always a favorite. This family nailed the whole look.

20. Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent! These are some pretty epic Halloween looks.

21. Frozen

Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years since Frozen was released? It has been super popular since. I’m sure your kids will love these Halloween costumes.

22. Tarzan

Jane, Tarzan, Jane’s father, and little monkeys! Hopefully, Halloween isn’t too cold outside when you wear these costumes.

23. Moana

40 Cute Family Halloween Costume Ideas
Via Etsy

I LOVE this idea. And Dad can dress up as Maui!

24. Bluey

Bluey has gotten really popular. If your kiddos love the show, get the costumes to match!

25. Where The Wild Things Are

“Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so!” We think this is a great Halloween costume idea if you have a little wild one. You can even reuse this theme for their first birthday!

26. Aladdin

It’s a whole new world experiencing Halloween as this royal crew. Aladdin is a kid favorite. We’re sure you’ll get lots of compliments with this theme.

27. Scooby-Doo

The Mystery Machine crew! I think they’ll score lots of Scooby snacks this Halloween.

28. Baby Shark Family

I’m pretty sure that every baby loves the song “Baby Shark.” They now have great Halloween costumes so that the whole family can dress up as the Baby Shark family.

29. Emojis

This is genius and super creative! Dress up as your favorite emoji this Halloween.

30. Top Gun

The Goose to your Maverick. This is a pretty easy costume to find since we see this theme readily available. And it’s so cute with your whole fleet dressed up the same way.

31. Trolls

Such a great Halloween idea! Don’t just dress up as the trolls, but the Bergens, too! King Gristle Jr. and Queen Bridget are clever and creative costumes.

32. Lion King

The circle of life! If you have a new baby, they could be your baby Simba! We thought this was too cute because even the pup was dressed up as Pumba.

33. Nightmare Before Christmas

Want to bring on the spooky? The Nightmare Before Christmas is a perfect theme for this Halloween.

34. Little Mermaid

Is your child loving the mermaid theme right now? Have the family dress up as Ariel! You could even have Sebastian and Flounder as costumes.

35. School Supplies

Get really creative with your own DIY family Halloween costumes. This look from Studio DIY was super clever!

36. Disney Treats

If your family is major Disney World/Land fans, dress up as the Disney treats! Too sweet for your sweet family.

37. Football Family

Football season is back! Have your family dress up as your favorite team. You may already have the gear if you are major fans.

38. The Nutcracker

If you already have a little ballerina in the family, think of dressing up as the Nutcracker. That is so adorable and also perfect for starting the holiday season.

39. Alice In Wonderland

There are so many great characters in Alice and Wonderland. Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and more!

40. Play-Doh

Another great and easy DIY Halloween costume your family can dress up as. We’re sure your toddler would love this theme. 🙂

Share with us the cute family Halloween costumes you have planned this year!

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