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Conceiving a Girl: Secret Gender Swaying Tips

Want to ensure you have a girl? Try these three tips.

Published March 11, 2016 Opinion

As a two-time “boy mom,” people often ask if we’ll ever try “getting our girl.” The question is often raised to me (followed by tidbits of advice), and how to conceive a girl and gender swaying is so mysterious that I felt compelled to share what “top secret” intel I’ve gathered.

Truthfully, we’d be thrilled to have another baby one day, regardless of gender. Would a girl be fun to switch things up? Certainly. But does the idea of a third sweet baby boy warm my heart to the point of bubbling over with joy? Absolutely! Our indifference to gender, however, hasn’t stopped seasoned mothers from giving us their tips, tools, and secrets for tipping the odds in favor of conceiving a girl. So, I decided to take their most solid-seeming theories for a test drive. At the very least, I think it will be intriguing to see if any of these secret tips sway us toward a girl.


Acidic vs. Alkaline Diet

Some say basing your diet on alkaline foods can help you accomplish health and weight-loss goals. But if you’re attempting to get pregnant with a girl, they might not be the direction your diet should go. According to a study, a calcium-rich, low-sodium diet, combined with our other two tips, may increase the chances of seeing pink.1

Calcium, Magnesium & Cranberry Supplements

The study also showed that calcium-heavy diets could tip the gender odds favoring a female. Taking calcium, magnesium, and cranberry supplements may also assist in just that.1 Many of us don’t get enough calcium and cranberry, which may improve uterine health naturally. So it’s easy to see why women conclude that these vitamins are the efficient and easy fix to those gaps in our daily diet.2

Sex 3-4 Days Before Ovulation

Circling back to the study, perhaps the most influential gender swaying technique is still the most elusive, especially for those not tracking ovulation. According to the study, with the diet changes above, timing intercourse days before ovulation is the key to swaying successfully.1

Happy baby-making! 😉

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