Being Your Own Advocate During Pregnancy (Facebook Live)

Friday, May 26, 2017 By Brian


Our Gender Reveal + Baby Chick’s Two Year Anniversary

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 By Nina Spears
mother's day 2017 giveaway, ready to pop, champagne for moms

Happy hump day! Or should I say, bump day. 😉 Today is Baby Chick’s two year anniversary, guys! It’s nuts to think that two years ago today we launched this site. We worked so hard for our launch and website reveal, and now we have an even bigger announcement to reveal today. As you might have seen, we announced our pregnancy two months ago and we have been anxiously waiting to find out whether we are having a girl or a boy. This is our first baby and I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out the gender. Hats off to all of you parents…


How to Deal with Gender Disappointment

Thursday, May 4, 2017 By Quinn Kelly
how to handle gender disappointment

So you’re nearing the 20-week mark in your pregnancy, which means it’s time to find out your baby’s gender. And while you’ve told everyone including your hubby that you don’t care what the gender is as long as your baby is healthy, in your heart, you know you have a preference. You really want a boy. Or you’ve always wanted a girl. And now the moment of truth is here. Is it going to be a son or a daughter? An XX or XY? A princess or a prince? As you lay there, you prepare yourself for whatever news you…


Top 12 Second Trimester Checklist

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 By Nina Spears
second trimester checklist, 16 week baby bump, baby chick

We’re in our second trimester and it’s finally the time to start telling our friends and family the good news. Yay! I can’t tell you how relieved I was to finally talk about our pregnancy news with our loved ones and our readers. It was the hardest secret to keep. If you decided to wait to share your news till your second trimester like we did, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. I’m now 16 weeks along. It’s crazy to think that I have a baby the size of an avocado inside of me! Thankfully the nausea is gone (my…


How to Keep Pregnancy a Secret in the First Trimester (Facebook Live)

Sunday, April 2, 2017 By Nina Spears