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Gift Ideas to Give a Friend Struggling With Infertility

Infertility is a reality for 15% of couples worldwide. Here are some gifts to show support to those struggling with infertility.

Published April 21, 2021

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The concept of infertility is a tough one. The “why” for people struggling with infertility remains a mystery for many women and men. The truth is it’s a reality for quite a large part of the population. Infertility affects about 15% of couples globally, totaling about 48.5 million couples.1 The percentage sounds small, but 15% of approximately 7 billion people is a big chunk.

Infertility is not something any of us want to think about when deciding to start our pregnancy journey. It’s not something many of us know or have learned much about. If 48.5 million couples experience infertility worldwide, there’s a good chance you may know someone close to you suffering. It could be a sister, a friend, or a brother. And I know you can’t help but think, what can I do?

Gifts to Give a Friend Struggling With Infertility

Gift-giving for a friend struggling with conceiving is never easy. There are lots of things you want to try and steer away from – things like “parents to be” gifts, potential baby items, and items that remind them about what could be but isn’t. I’ve put together a list of some gift ideas to think about next time you want to help but aren’t sure how to.

Self-Care Kit

You can throw so many things into one of these kits, and it’s the perfect gift to personalize based on the person you’re gifting it to. Some ideas that I love adding are coffee mugs (also something you can personalize if you want to, or purchase one with their favorite movie character/quote on it or just in their favorite color), bath bombs (who doesn’t love a hot bath!), a magazine/book (something to take their mind off things), one of their favorite snacks (maybe a packet of hot cocoa or their favorite chocolate bar) – the possibilities are endless.

Hopeful Mama Self Care Gift Box on Etsy

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Saint Gerard (Patron Saint of Fertility) Charm

If you’re Catholic, St. Gerard might be who you want by your side. Gerard is the patron saint of expectant mothers and babies. He is known for his help in obtaining the blessings of motherhood. His intercession is also sought for difficulties in parenthood.2 Wear his image and read his prayer daily for help with infertility.

St. Gerard, Patron Saint of Fertility, Charm Necklace, Keychain or Clip on Etsy
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Fertility St Gerard necklace
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Anything with Pineapples

Many people don’t know this, but an old wives’ tale says eating pineapple core can help with embryo implantation, and things took off from there.3

A pineapple-themed gift is fun but also shows that you’ve taken the time to learn about what your loved one is going through – something that means more than any tangible present ever could. Some creative pineapple-esque ideas include:

  • A candle
  • A coffee mug or tumbler
  • A canvas tote
Pineapple gifts for a friend who is experiencing infertility

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Meal Delivery/Takeout Services

This is a big one! Most couples struggling with infertility tend to have a lot on their mind and are under the constant stress of hoping and thinking about the future. One thing nobody wants to think about when their brains are already consumed with other thoughts is what to make for dinner, or any meal for that matter. Programs like Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, and DoorDash can be lifesavers like these. Gift cards will go a long way and be appreciated for those days when the last thing they feel like doing is cooking.


This is a meaningful gift and may depend on the person you’re purchasing for. Although some people may not want to talk or share their fertility concerns, it can be therapeutic to others. Writing brings me peace, and it helps me get it all out on a piece of paper. It’s a great idea to throw one in a gift package and for the receiver to use it as they see fit. Maybe they use it to write down their grocery list or what they need from the drugstore. Or perhaps it brings them solace as they write about their journey and feelings.

IVF Diary, IVF Journal, IVF Gift - Pineapple Design
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There can be a lot of appointments and steps for couples going through fertility treatments. If your friend loves a good planner, The IVF Planner is a perfect gift. This planner is a purposefully designed planner for women going through fertility treatments. It offers a place to keep everything together and organize their fertility process. It has everything she’ll need because an IVF patient professionally designed it.

The 2021 IVF Planner: Pineapple
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Spa Day

Purchasing a gift card for a massage or just a spa day for them to use later speaks volumes. Like reading a book, enjoying a day out with friends or family is great for taking their mind off their situation. Infertility and the processes and procedures surrounding it can be pretty stressful and anxiety-inducing, so spending an entire day relaxing would be something that some might find helpful.

Fertility Ritual Candle

A fertility ritual candle could be a great fit if your friend is spiritual. They can light this candle as they meditate and set their intentions to the universe about ovulating and getting pregnant with a healthy child.

Fertility Ritual Candle
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Fertility Care Package

And if you want a care package focusing on fertility rather than self-care, this package is a beautiful option. It’s a meaningful gift your friend will appreciate.

Fertility Affirmation Succulent Gift Box
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None of these gifts will take away the pain and the struggles that surround infertility. We hope it helps take their mind off things or helps them feel at ease, even for a second. It’s never easy to talk about, and many people feel the need to tiptoe around the idea. Besides physical gifts, the best gift you can give is to be present and be a shoulder for them to lean on. Infertility is common, and knowing that we’re not alone can help as well. We hope this list serves as a stepping stone to helping your friend throughout their fertility journey and that it brings you even closer together in the process.

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