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Sweet & Savory Yogurt Snack Recipes for Kids

Get some sweet and savory snack inspiration with recipes like banana yogurt bites, chocolate peanut butter dip, and green pea hummus.

Collage of different Halloween treats for kids

5 Easy Halloween Treats For Any Spooky Occasion

Discover some go-to Halloween treats for every October, like Pumpkin Rice Krispies treats and Halloween pretzel rods.

Frozen yogurt bites on a wood platter.
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4 Easy Yogurt Snacks for Kids Perfect for After School

Discover some ideal go-to yogurt snack recipes that make after-school snacking easy, fun, and healthy with Stonyfield yogurt.

Collage of different bento box school lunch ideas for kids

30 School Lunch Ideas That are Easy and Healthy

Get 30 school lunch ideas with essential nutrients to focus on to help power your kids through their school day.

Young girl sitting at a table eating a bowl of spaghetti.
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5 Ways to Add Yogurt Into Your Child’s Diet

Learn five ways you can add yogurt into your baby's diet beginning at six months old, from making a smoothie to using it as a topping.

Several plates of breakfast foods for kids

20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Discover healthy breakfast ideas for kids, from simple breakfast quesadillas and fruit smoothies to granola bars and waffle paninis.

A blue kid's plate filled with strips of french toast and yogurt with berries

Baby-Led Weaning Foods: Recipes and Helpful Tips

Learn what baby-led weaning is and tips on putting together some baby-led weaning foods, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Frozen food in the freezer. Frozen vegetables, soup, ready meals in the freezer

12 Postpartum Freezer Meals You’ll Love

Fuel postpartum recovery with freezer meals. Learn how postpartum freezer meals benefit mothers and babies.

Several dinner plates sitting on a white background.

Ten 30-Minute Dinner Ideas That are Tasty and Quick

Tired of uninspired meals? Try these tasty and healthy 30-minute dinner ideas! From chili to pasta, delight your family with these recipes.

Kids sitting outside enjoying homemade popsicles.

6 Easy Popsicle Recipes for Kids

Summer is here and it's time to cool off by the pool with fresh, homemade popsicle recipes! Here are six your kids will love.

Cheerful baby girl sitting on high chair while eating meal. Female toddler is being fed by mother. They are at home.

Simple Recipes to Make Your Baby in the First Year

Providing your baby with adequate nutrition is so important. Here are some recipes to make your baby during the first year of their life.

A young smiling woman having healthy breakfast in the morning at home

Foods to Help With Morning Sickness

The first trimester can be rough for women who suffer from morning sickness. Here are some foods to help with morning sickness.

Mama Mia Sangria Recipe Made 4 Different Ways

Have you been searching for the perfect sangria recipe? This is the fruitiest and most colorful and delicious Mama Mia Sangria. Ever!

Mom and son making ice cream sandwiches with Kabrita food products.

Healthier Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe with Kabrita

If you're looking for a healthier ice cream sandwich recipe to make with your kids, you'll love this one with Kabrita food products!

adorable toddler drinking a green smoothie

3 Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Slurp Right Up

Getting good nutrition into a toddler is hard. Hiding the nutrition in a smoothie will help! Here are 3 toddler-approved green smoothies!

A bowl of fresh tomato soup in white ceramic bowl, garnished with herbs, croutons, seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil, and served with crusty wholemeal bread.

3 Batch Recipes for Busy Moms in the Winter

Looking for easy ways to get dinner to the table this winter? Here are 3 delicious batch recipes for busy moms in winter hibernation mode.

Mother and son baking together in the kitchen.

3 Quick and Easy Holiday Appetizers for a Family Holiday Party

If you're having family over for the holidays, these three quick and easy holiday appetizers will be sure to impress!

Eggnog with Cinnamon and Nutmeg at Christmas Time

Holiday Mocktail Recipes You Will Love

Get ready to cheers your way through the holidays with these delicious, non-alcoholic mocktail recipes. Perfect for preggo mamas!

Smoky apple cider fall cocktail with cinnamon, rosemary and star anise.

Festive Fall Mocktail Recipes

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't imbibe this holiday season! Here are five fun and festive fall mocktail recipes to try!

Healthy and High Energy Third Trimester Recipes

You're in the home stretch! You'll need high-energy foods for your last trimester. Here are some delicious third trimester recipes to try.

Colorful cocktail being held by very pregnant woman sitting in swimming pool.

Refreshing Summer Mocktail Recipes

Being pregnant in the heat of the summer can be brutal! Here are some refreshing summer mocktail recipes that will help keep you cool!

Young pregnant woman eating green salad.

Healthy and Nutritious Second Trimester Recipes

Try these mouthwatering second trimester recipes will be sure to get you the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you and your baby need.

Asian woman at home making a healthy meal

Healthy and Delicious First Trimester Recipes

Eating right during pregnancy is important for you and baby. Here are some healthy and delicious pregnancy recipes for the first trimester.

Different yogurt snacks with Stonyfield yogurt and slices of fruit on a kitchen counter.

Easy Snack Recipes with Yogurt for Toddlers

If you're looking for a special snack to make your toddler, here are three easy and delicious yogurt snack recipes you all will love.

Young women cooking and testing the family friends soup recipe in the kitchen.

An Easy, Healthy, Family Friendly Soup Recipe

Follow these steps to make the easiest family friendly soup recipe! It's healthy and requires minimal effort--mom win!

Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

A Christmas sugar cookie recipe that the whole family can bake, decorate and enjoy this holiday season. Learn more.

Stonyfield Dinner Recipes with their YoBaby yogurt.

Yummy Toddler Dinner Ideas

Here are two delicious and easy to make toddler dinner ideas! Watch our video for the recipes and enjoy dinner time with the whole family.

Toddler boy standing by a chocolate cake with some chocolate on his face.

Healthier Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipe for Kids

If you're wanting to avoid sugar, here is a healthier chocolate birthday cake recipe for kids that the whole family will love!

Lactation Cookies and Baby

Easy No Bake Lactation Cookie Recipe with Protein

Looking for a lactation cookie recipe that's easy and good for you? We're sharing a no-bake solution with added protein.