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50 Halloween Crafts for Kids

Here are 50 Halloween crafts for kids to entertain them this season, ranging from spider web art to witch hats.

Updated March 30, 2024

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It’s Halloween! Bring on all the bats, spiderwebs, and witch hats! If you’re looking for fun Halloween crafts for kids, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many fun things to do with your family during Halloween. We love visiting the pumpkin patch, watching Halloween movies, and reading Halloween books. But one of our favorite things is making a new Halloween craft. They get the whole family in a spooky mood and make great décor to frighten up your house!

Whether you’ve got toddlers or older kids, you’ll find the perfect Halloween craft to do with your kids right here. Check out these 40 cute but creepy Halloween crafts we’ve found from around the web — including spiders, haunted houses, black cats, witches, mummies, and more!

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Spiders

1. Spider Slime

See Craft Here

This slime is so fun to make together, and it’s fun to play with, too! We love the textured, hands-on experience of slime, and this is an easy Halloween craft for kids to make. It makes a big bucket full, so there’s enough for three to four kids to play with. Pro Mom Tip: Have your kids play with it over a cookie sheet for mess-free fun!

2. Lollipop Spiders

See Craft Here

Even your littlest ones can help bend these pipe cleaners into spider legs. Add some googly eyes, and you’ve got cute spiders! You can use it as décor on a table or stick it in a lollipop for a sweet treat to share. This is an excellent craft your child can bring to their school friends for the holiday!

3. Paper Plate Spiders

See Craft Here

Here’s some more fun with googly eyes — one of my son’s favorite craft supplies! You can also hang these giant spiders from a door or shelf if you add an extra string on top.

4. Spider Web Art

See Craft Here

If you want to let the kids do some painting, try out this spider web craft. It uses watercolor paint and salt to make this cool effect. It’s fun for kids to watch the salt affect the paint, and you’ll all be entertained creating this pretty art piece.

5. Spider and Pumpkin Bookmarks

See Craft Here

We love getting new bookmarks, and you can make these cute spider and pumpkin bookmarks with just popsicle sticks and construction paper. And maybe add some googly eyes!

6. Playdough Spiders

See Craft Here

Press on googly eyes and pipe cleaners into playdough for this one. You can use homemade playdough or modeling clay and let it sit out to dry.

7. Spider Cupcake Toppers

See Craft Here

These adorable spider toppers will look adorable on your cupcakes! Your littles can help you make these toppers and the cupcakes. They would be great for a Halloween party.

8. Puffy Paint Spider Webs

See Craft Here

Did you know you can make puffy paint at home? Find the recipe here, and then have your kids practice their fine motor skills with this unique spider web craft.

9. Spider Web Model and Bone Bridge

Spider web model craft for kids
See Craft Here

Build your own spider web model and bone bridge with these hands-on Halloween activities that are perfect for preschoolers and up.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Haunted Houses

1. Handprint Haunted House

See Craft Here

This clever use of a handprint makes a fun haunted house craft that’s perfect for little ones or older kids. All you need is paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

2. Paper Plate Haunted House

See Craft Here

You can print pictures for kids to glue on this haunted house paper plate. I love the addition of the cotton “spider web” and candy spider to make it extra creepy!

3. Popsicle Stick Haunted House

See Craft Here

Color or paint some popsicle sticks and grab foam stickers for this cute haunted house. It’ll make a great Halloween decoration!

4. Haunted House Paper Rolls

See Craft Here

I’m a sucker for a craft you can use with recycled paper rolls, and this is a great one for older kids to do. These would look so cute on your living room mantle.

5. Shape Haunted House

See Craft Here

This is a sweet and easy first Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers. They can practice shapes with these foam cut-out haunted houses.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Ghosts

1. Ghost Lollipops

See Craft Here

Coffee filters make the cutest little ghosts, and there is a lollipop underneath too! These are great for class treats or to create and share with friends and family.

2. Puffy Cotton Ball Ghosts

See Craft Here

Use cotton balls to make these little ghosts, and add yarn or fishing wire so they can hang and float around. So fun! Even your littlest ones can help stick on the cotton balls.

3. Ghost Blow Straw Craft

See Craft Here

Get silly and use straws to make these fun, paint-splatter ghosts! You’ll end up with all shapes and sizes of ghosts. Instruct kids to blow out, not in, when making this craft.

4. Paper Plate Ghost

See Craft Here

Kids can use crayons, markers, and colored pencils to draw a ghost face on a paper plate. Then, use white paper streamers to make arms and strips for the bottom. Attach a string to the back, and you can hang it up for display!

5. Halloween Ghost Leaves

See Craft Here

You can go on a nature hunt and find the best leaves for this craft. Then, have the kids paint the leaves white and add ghost faces.

6. Pom Pom Ghost Painting

See Craft Here

This is another great craft for a toddler or preschooler. And it doubles as fine motor practice! You just need pom poms and a clothespin to serve as the paintbrush.

7. Handprint Ghoul Banner

See Craft Here

This handprint ghoul banner will look great on your front door! Trace your kids’ hands on construction paper and let them draw faces on the “ghouls.” Create a paper banner that says “Happy Halloween” and attach the handprints.

8. Footprint Ghosts

Footprint ghosts craft
via pinkieforpink.com

Kids can also use their feet to create these funny footprint ghosts. You’ll need some orange construction paper, white paint, and black paint.

9. Popper Ghosts

See Craft Here

Your kids will love making these spooky ghost poppers and then playing with them. They are perfect for a Halloween party!

10. Flying Ghosts Activity

See Craft Here

This is more of a “craftivity” because once you draw the ghost faces on the tissues, you’ve got a fun activity to make them “fly” with straws.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Black Cats

1. Paper Plate Black Cat

See Craft Here

This paper plate cut-out is a clever and simple way to make a black cat! This Halloween craft is also super cute and easy for younger kids to do.

2. Popsicle Stick Black Cat and Witch

See Craft Here

Get crafty with popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and colored paper, and you’ve got cute little black cats and witches for Halloween.

3. Moving Eyes Cat

See Craft Here

This is an interactive craft — when you pull on the paper strip, the eyes appear to move! Your kids will love decorating their cat and playing with it!

4. Spooky Black Sock Cat

See Craft Here

We love a classic sock craft, and this black sock cat is perfect for the season. Your kid will enjoy making their own stuffy for Halloween!

5. Fork-Painted Black Cats

See Craft Here

Use plastic forks for this interesting painting tool. It makes the perfect black cat face!

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Monsters

1. Tissue Box Monsters

See Craft Here

This monster craft is super easy to make! Just get some old tissue boxes, then have kids paint them and attach large googly eyes, pom poms, and “teeth” made out of white cardstock.

2. Monster Handprints

See Craft Here

Don’t forget to document your kids’ ages on the back of these monster handprints. These would be so cute if you strung them together to make a spooky monster garland!

3. Paper Plate Monsters

See Craft Here

Grab some different-sized googly eyes and paper plates — both can be found at the dollar store. We love these fun monster plates that kids of all ages can recreate!

4. Paper Bag Monster Puppets

See Craft Here

Another quick way to make monsters is to use paper bags and markers. Younger kids will have fun using them as monster puppets while reading or listening to a Halloween story.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Witches

1. Glow Stick Witch Broomsticks

See Craft Here

Have your kids get in some scissors practice with this witch’s broom craft. Add a tag, and these glow stick broomsticks can also make great party favors!

2. Paper Plate Witch’s Hat

See Craft Here

The witch’s hat is a classic Halloween craft, and we love the idea of adding stickers to help little ones decorate them.

3. Handprint Witch

See Craft Here

Add a few tweaks to handprint cut-outs for this cute craft! Simply add googly eyes and use construction paper to make the hair, broom, and witch’s hat — plus a pipe cleaner for the broomstick base.

4. Witch’s Broomstick Fine Motor Activity

See Craft Here

Here is another activity and craft in one. It gives kids fine motor practice as they use beads and paper strips to make this witch’s broomstick.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Mummies

1. Mummy Yarn Craft

See Craft Here

How cute are these mummy eyes peeking out?! Yarn wrapping is fun for all kids, and you can’t go wrong with the design.

2. Mummy Paper Bag Puppet

See Craft Here

Or you can make your mummy out of a paper bag and tape. This gives you a fun mummy puppet!

3. Paper Plate Mummy Lacing

See Craft Here

This lacing is tricky for preschoolers, but it would be an excellent Halloween craft challenge for older kids. They can help with the hole punching too!

4. Neon Mason Jar Mummies

See Craft Here

This craft uses mason jars at its base, making for a colorful Halloween craft for your kids that you can keep on display all season long.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Bats

1. Clothespin Bats

See Craft Here

These are smaller, more detailed crafts for older kids. You can make several of these for a great Halloween decoration!

2. Paper Plate Bat

See Craft Here

Here’s yet another use for a paper plate! This craft is great for toddlers and preschoolers, and the Halloween book that goes with it is an excellent idea for role-playing.

3. Spoon Bats

See Craft Here

This is another version of the bat craft for older kids that uses plastic spoons. We love how they are attached to the sticks for a playful look.

Other Halloween Crafts for Kids

1. Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls

See Craft Here

You can use this photo as inspiration, then see what other monster or Halloween faces your kids can come up with.

2. Halloween Wooden Spoons

See Craft Here

Kids can turn wooden spoons into their favorite Halloween characters, such as a vampire or Frankenstein’s monster. Decorate them using buttons, glitter sheets, ribbon, and any other craft supplies you have!

3. Pumpkin Stamps

See Craft Here

Surprisingly, you can use apples to make these pumpkin stamps! Cut an apple in half, add orange paint to one half, and press it onto a piece of paper. Once the pumpkins are dry, add eyes and use pipe cleaners as a stem and leaf.

4. Halloween Treat Cups

See Craft Here

You can make these Halloween treat cups out of styrofoam cups. Kids can paint them as desired and use pipe cleaners as handles. Then, fill them with small Halloween toys or candy to give out.

5. Halloween Lanterns

See Craft Here

These lanterns will look so good on Halloween night. Add a light amount of acrylic paint to the inside of a mason jar, then decorate the outside. Fill it with fairy lights, and it’ll glow!

6. Paper Halloween Luminaries

See Craft Here

Here’s another easy Halloween light-up craft for kids that’s sure to be a hit. They’ll have fun being creative and making Halloween drawings on paper. Then, let their artwork shine brightly with a tea light candle.

After seeing all these fun Halloween crafts for kids, we know you can’t help but be in the Halloween spirit now! And you may be able to do many of them with things you already have in your craft closet or junk drawer. Which craft are you going to do with your kids first? Let us know!

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