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10 DIY Baby Gifts

Handmade gifts used to be the norm! We have a crafty mama chiming in with 10, go-to DIY baby gifts to help you bring a unique shower gift!

Updated December 8, 2023

Handmade gifts use to be the norm, but not many people these days have the time or skill to make a keepsake. Their rarity makes a handcrafted item all the more special.

The present doesn’t have to be perfect to be appreciated! There’s a lot of charm in stitches that are less than uniform or seams that are a little crooked. Both baby and parents will feel the care built into a thoughtful handmade gift.

You can find baby gift ideas all over the internet. Some handmade items require advanced skills, but many are easy. Some of our favorites come from bloggers who like to share their love of crafting. Take a look at these 10 fun DIY baby gifts.

1. Too Cute Tutu

The best crafts are the ones that look fancy but are easy. This nearly no-sew tutu fits the bill. You’ll find directions for several sizes of this fluffy concoction on thepinningmama.com. The little skirt requires some tulle and a few notions. The only thing you’ll need to sew is the ends of the elastic waistband. After a bit of cutting and tying, any little girl will be tutu proud to twirl in her new skirt. The pattern is for kids, but it would be easy to adapt for an adult size garment.

2. Sequin Heart Headband

Parents often don’t have a lot to work with when it comes to a baby’s hair. Maybe that’s why there are so many cute renditions of headbands. From big fluffy bows to petite minimalist ribbons, the headband never goes out of style. For something a bit different, check out the tutorial for a sparkly, heart-shaped headband on “Hellobee.” I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t feel special when wearing this headband together with the above mentioned tutu.

3. One for the Boys

Boys need bows, that’s a proven scientific fact, or at least it’s the consensus of anyone who matters. You can make a baby’s clip-on bow-tie with the tutorial here. Make an adult-size bow tie with this beautifully produced guide. Check out still another type of bow-tie of the snap-on variety here. To really impress, combine the bow tie and custom onesie idea using these intructions.

4. Chic Baby Turban

The Knotted Baby Turban is a cute variation on a little girl’s headband. It’s made from a wide length of stretchy knit fabric. It’s soft and comfortable, but oh-so-glamorous because of the twist in the middle. This quick-to-make gift can be made from a scrap of fabric or even an t-shirt.

5. Back in the Swaddle Again

Babies feel cozy and calm when they’re tightly wrapped in a swaddling blanket. You can make a custom blanket in about 10 minutes with this tutorial from “Coral & Co.” The pattern gives you a blanket that’s a little bigger than the average one. Even after baby grows a bit, this blanket will be plenty big.

6. Tassels Galore Wall Hanging

The decor in your baby’s room doesn’t have to follow the typical themes of nursery rhymes or alphabets (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For a sophisticated take on nursery art, check out this wall hanging on honestlywtf.com. You’ll likely want to scale down the hanging because the one shown is enormous.

7. Cream That’s the Balm

Everyone likes skincare products that are cheap and natural. Make a batch of all natural baby balm with the instructions on the “Premeditated Leftovers” blog. There’s a basic recipe and a second version for overachievers. Make the gift pretty by pouring it into a good-looking mason jar dressed up with a ribbon.

8. Easy Floor Pillow

A big, soft floor pillow is the perfect spot for an infant or toddler to kick back and relax. The only thing easier than sewing a pillow is assembling a no-sew version. Check out the directions for this comfy floor pillow on “The Kitchen and the Cave.” It’s made from two fleece blankets and some stuffing. Block out a couple hours for cutting and tying the fringe.

9. Personalized Onesie

Start with a plain, store-bought onesie or tee. Add ribbon, applique or stencils to customize it. For for a bold, graphic tee, paint a bear by following the tutorial on Oana Befort’s blog. The artist has more free DIY projects you can check out here.

10. Handmade Card

A handmade note or card is always well-appreciated! Nothing says we’re thinking of you more than a thoughtful note, and it’s a great addition to any of the sweet gifts above!

Happy crafting!

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