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Most Popular Baby Shower Themes

baby showersUpdated July 29, 2022


A rite of passage for all pregnant moms is having a baby shower! I will never forget the baby shower that my mom threw for me when I was pregnant with our first son. Such a precious memory that I will cherish forever. Are you having a hard time deciding between baby shower themes? Look no further, as you’ll find some popular ideas right here!!

There are so many themes to choose from: from themes that reflect the theme of your baby’s nursery, to seasonal themes, to themes more commonly used for a couple’s shower. Here are a few of our favorites for each category!

Popular Baby Shower Themes

Nursery Baby Shower Themes

Many moms enjoy carrying the theme from their little one’s nursery (which may still be under construction) into their baby shower. It is a natural transition, and perhaps even some of the décor from the shower will make its way into the nursery!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This classic nursery rhyme makes for a precious nursery and baby shower theme. Your little star will be born soon, and a twinkle, twinkle little star shower is the best way to celebrate their arrival. A tablescape with a moonlit sky-colored tablecloth, silver star confetti, and some tealight candles will make a beautiful setting for this shower theme.

Love You to the Moon and Back

‘Moon and stars’ is such a cute nursery theme that translates well into a baby shower theme. This party banner is a great inspiration piece around which you can center your décor and potentially add a balloon garland. There is also a board book with the same title from which you can also draw some inspiration. Have you thought about asking for books from each guest instead of a card?! Every time you read a book to your baby, you will be reminded of your family member or friend’s love for your child.

Pretty in Pink

Are you a girly girl expecting the next generation?? This is an adorable shower and nursery theme. The décor lends itself to some beautiful pink balloon garlands and even a hot pink step and repeat for a glamorous photo op for your guests. If you have access to a projector or TV, you can even show the movie Pretty in Pink (or play the soundtrack) in the background for some entertainment. Take it one step further, and ask your guests to wear something pink to the celebration!

Woodland Baby

Woodland themed baby shower collage

Whether you are having a girl or a boy or if you are waiting to find out the gender, a woodland-themed baby shower is a precious choice! You can give it a rustic feel or play up the sweet woodland animals. We hosted a woodland baby shower and it turned out adorable. (You can read all about it here.) The mom-to-be loved it! She could even use plenty of the décor items in her baby’s nursery.

Seasonal Baby Shower Themes

A fun way to choose your baby shower theme is to tie in the season in which your baby is due. No matter in what season you have your baby, there is a seasonal theme for you to choose from!

Baby in Bloom

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing shower themes – a spring, floral theme!! One fun activity to do at this shower that is also a great party favor for the guests is to create your own floral arrangement. You can provide eclectic mason jars and a variety of flowers and greenery. Each guest will be able to bring home something custom-made by which to remember your baby for the days and weeks to come.

Little Snowflake Is On The Way

If you are having a winter babe, a snowflake theme is perfect. Each individual snowflake is unique in every way, just like your little one. You can create a hot chocolate bar or have individual hot chocolate kits as a party favor to send home with your guests so they can keep warm on those chilly winter nights.

Little Pumpkin

Your sweet fall baby can be celebrated at a little pumpkin baby shower. Serving fall-themed desserts like pumpkin and pecan pie would be so fun. You could even do a pie bar for dessert, with different pies for your guests! Painting a mini pumpkin is a cute idea for an activity and a party favor for this theme. Read more fall baby shower theme ideas here.

Beach Baby

Summertime babies are one of a kind! A beach or pool-themed shower is a great way to keep cool and celebrate the new bundle of joy headed your way. This is such a relaxed theme for a shower, especially if it is a pool party! For décor, you can set up a kiddie pool and float rubber ducks in the pool if you are celebrating outdoors.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Themes

Some parents choose to open up their baby shower to couples, which is a fun, more modern twist on the traditional baby shower. Co-ed baby showers tend to be more laid back, with less conventional shower activities (think opening gifts and cute shower games) but more focus on socializing amongst your guests with good food and drink!

Fiesta, Baby!

I may be partial, but this was my baby shower theme. Fiesta was the theme, and it was definitely a party. We had a nacho bar where all attendees could DIY their own nacho creation. While there was no specific color theme, we decorated with all of the colors to match our colorful invites with balloons and streamers all around the venue. There are lots of cute options for tabletop décor for a fiesta shower!

We’re Having a Baby-Q!

This is a cute play on a summer barbeque theme and a great co-ed shower idea. This backyard party is simple to put together. The host can serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixin’s for a delicious feast! You can also serve individual cups of pasta, potato salad, and bags of chips. Use red-checkered tablecloths and other picnic décor to create a cute setting for your shower.

Something’s Brewing . . . A Baby!

A cute couple’s shower idea is to have a coffee and beer theme. Both are brewed to celebrate the baby that is brewing too. Who doesn’t love coffee or beer? There’s something for everyone to enjoy – a coffee bar accompanied by a sampling of local craft beers is the perfect setup for this shower theme. Serving brunch food to your guests will go great with the beverages that will be served.

Have you gotten some new baby shower themes ideas for your upcoming shower? Whether you are hosting the baby shower or being hosted for, hopefully, you can draw some inspiration for your upcoming shower. If you’ve had a baby shower thrown in your honor, what was the theme? Have you been to any showers with creative baby shower themes lately?

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