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20 Ideas for Nursery Themes

Explore the best nursery themes and color combinations for your baby's room, from gender-neutral options to bold statements.

Published February 2, 2023

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One of the sweetest parts of being pregnant is putting together a nursery. It is fun to imagine what it will look like, and there are so many great color schemes and nursery themes to choose from. You can make your baby’s nursery theme as simple or extravagant as you like. It’s also easy to incorporate items you already have into the nursery or purchase new items.

When choosing a nursery theme, you might consider if you will already know the gender or are waiting until birth to find out the gender. If you know the gender, that can help you narrow down your theme, or you can choose a gender-neutral theme. Also, consider whether your child will spend many years in this room or move to a different room once they are out of the baby stage.

20 Nursery Themes

1. Woodland

Woodland theme baby nursery
via Instagram @bri.willi_

Sweet animal friends and elements of nature make up this woodland-themed nursery. This is an excellent option for either gender. You can even add furry friends as part of the decor. Use neutral colors and add pops of earthy colors like green to tie everything together. Don’t forget to incorporate natural elements, like wood and fur. If you decide to have a woodland-themed baby shower, you can also incorporate some of those items into your little one’s room.

2. Space

Space theme nursery
via Crate & Kids

This theme helps teach your baby to always reach for the stars. Space is such a fun and unique theme to decorate the nursery in. This can be a very colorful and lively decorated space. Incorporate elements like stars and planets plus astronauts to make the theme pop. I love the idea of star-patterned walls or bedding with a mobile of planets.

3. Nautical

A nautical nursery is a classic theme that can easily grow with your child. Using pops of timeless navy and white throughout looks crisp. Solids and stripes are perfect for this theme, but don’t be afraid to throw in prints to break it up. Decorate with sea life, boats, rope, and anchors. Shiplap would also be a perfect element to add to this theme.

4. Jungle

I love this tropical, over-the-top jungle theme. The palm-leaf wallpaper statement wall makes the room. Use pops of green throughout to make you feel like you are deep in the jungle, and add decor like animals (tigers, zebras, and monkeys) and greenery to bring the theme to life. I believe all the small details will make this room grand.

5. Preppy

This is a timeless theme idea that will never go out of style. The preppy theme design is great because you could easily change it from one gender to another if you had another baby using the nursery. Classic gingham or florals are always perfect for this theme. Add light and airy elements like white furniture and scalloped bedding to tie the look together.

6. Sports

Sports theme nursery
via Randi Lynn Blog

With a sports theme, you could pick a specific sport to design the room around or do a combination. This would be a great way to incorporate a favorite family team if you have one. To improve this theme, use dark wood, pennants with team mascots, and bedding with a sports motif.

7. Safari

A safari is such a fun theme for any baby! Use colors like black, brown, and green as the main focal points for this look. Add decor like baby animals that you would find on a safari. Also, add elements like wood, rattan, and others found in nature. Include greenery throughout the nursery to tie it together.

8. Transportation

I love a fun wallpaper statement wall like this since it adds interest. You could choose one type of vehicle for your theme or incorporate cars, machines, boats, and airplanes. Add vehicle-related signs, decor, and details throughout to make the space come alive. I also like the idea of choosing a color palette and sticking to it throughout the room for extra cohesiveness.

9. Ocean

Ocean theme nursery
via Instagram @krista_lynn_jones

This has been a trendy theme for nurseries for the last few years, and I think it is beautiful. The ocean nursery theme uses lots of blues, creams, and light browns. A statement piece like wallpaper or a surfboard would look fabulous in this space. Add a jute rug and rattan material furniture for neutral color elements. Pampas grass would also look great sprinkled into this themed space.

10. Leopard

Leopard is neutral, right? This sassy theme is a modern take on a girlie pattern. I love the large-scale design with browns, whites, and blacks. Take elements from your leopard print inspiration and use those colors to decorate the space. I think a black crib and other furniture would contrast the boldness of the leopard well.

11. Vintage Disney

This is one of the coolest nursery themes I’ve ever seen. It is so unique and would work well for a boy or girl. Fun, retro colors are used throughout this nursery. Incorporate theme decors like framed prints and Mickey memorabilia. These elements will lend themselves to subtle yet unmistakable ties to the theme.

12. Floral

Floral theme nursery
via Instagram @brunoandlibby

A floral theme is such a lovely idea for a nursery. You can choose any combination of flower colors to decorate the room. If you don’t select a statement wall, I would add floral elements using the bedding and other decorative items. Add neutral-colored features with some greenery throughout the space to tie the theme together.

13. Cactus

You can do a cactus theme for a girl or boy in so many ways. Add Southwestern elements throughout the room, like cowhide, antlers, and black or white furniture. The room’s focal point can be a statement wall or bring the theme together using cactus details.

14. Farmhouse

Elements like shiplap, cowhide, and galvanized metal are great to add throughout a farmhouse-themed room. You can use any set of color combinations to make this type of nursery theme a success. I love the name sign made of galvanized metal in this room as the statement piece, and you can add prints like cow or gingham as accents.

15. Boho

Boho nursery theme
via Instagram @__thenguyens

A literal dream for any sweet baby! The color palette includes lots of neutrals like cream and light brown. Add other color accents like blush and gold throughout the room to make up the Boho theme. Details to add to this type of nursery include pampas grass, unfinished wood furniture, and tassels.

16. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock-'n-Roll nursery theme
via Amber Thrane for Beachy Boheme

This is one of the coolest nurseries I have ever seen, and it could easily work for either gender. A record player and vintage vinyl would look so neat decorating this space. I love the idea of a moody black wall paired with the white chair molding. Add an old amp and neon sign for an extra cool factor to make this theme super rad.

17. Black and White

A black-and-white-themed nursery has a cool, clean, and universal vibe, giving it a modern appeal. You can enhance this simple look using different patterns and incorporating a few touches of bright colors. Or add textures to the wall to complement the look.

18. Gingham

We chose this theme for my son’s nursery, but gingham is also perfect for a girl. We have a statement wall using wallpaper in ours. It can also be done using gingham bedding or pillows. Whichever color combination of gingham you use can help you find inspiration for the details. We chose light blue and white but went with black furniture to give it a bold punch.

19. French Country

This is such a gorgeous feminine nursery theme. I love the glamorous elements of it, like a stunning chandelier. Add details like frilly bedding and pillows, a crown, and floral patterns throughout. The furniture for this room should be light-colored, like white or cream, to keep it airy.

20. Fruit

I think this is a “sweet” theme for a nursery. You could easily go with lemon, but strawberries, oranges, or watermelons would also be adorable. The fruit you choose determines your color palette. If using a statement wall isn’t your thing, you can add plenty of precious bedding and decor details to make your theme come together.

Be sure to consider the functions of this room when looking at nursery themes. Each nursery needs a crib, a place to change the baby and store clothes, and a chair for the mom to hold and feed the baby. Often, a nursery isn’t used full-time for a few months since they room with their parents at first. But that means you have plenty of time to finish it the way you want. Also, remember, less is more when it comes to a nursery since, before you know it, you will be babyproofing it for a toddler.

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