4 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your Nursery
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4 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your Nursery

Before you start designing your nursery be sure you have taken into consideration these four expert pieces of advice.

Published May 22, 2018

Whether you are currently a mom-to-be or a future mom-to-be. I bet you’ve “liked” all those social media-worthy nurseries and have “pinned” dozens of fabulous product must-haves. As a designer, I love it when clients come to us with their visual inspiration. But before you start designing your nursery and purchasing that high-end crib, take in a hand-me down glider, or brush on that vibrant wall color. Be sure you have taken into consideration these four expert pieces of advice.

4 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your Nursery

1. Know Your Budget

When having a baby the subject of how much “it” all costs may already be an overwhelming point of contention between you and your partner. Don’t let the topic of money detract from creating a special space for bonding and caring for your baby. Whether you are doing-it-yourself or getting help from a designer to complete your nursery, knowing your budget is crucial. No matter how small or big it truly doesn’t matter. There are wonderful options at every price point, for every style, and in every trend. Having a budget nailed down will help you focus on where to spend and where to save. Making all the decisions easier in comparison to shopping without one. Whether that budget you just nailed down is modest or generous. We recommend deciding which items to splurge on and which will be budget friendly.

2. Know Where to Save

Save on the crib. Yes, I said it! This is probably the #1 must-have nursery item on everyone’s shopping list, but don’t get caught up making it just an aesthetic centerpiece. It is the mattress and crib sheets that make the difference in your baby’s sleep. Especially for those with smaller budgets, the money you save on the crib will allow you to invest more in quality options that directly support healthy sleep, like organic bedding.

Key considerations for the crib:

  • Safety: check for durability, design and built with non-toxic material
  • Size: you may not need a full size, maybe a mini-crib is all you need
  • Longevity: check for the option to buy a converter kit for a toddler or larger bed type

3. Know Where to Splurge

Splurge on that glider. You probably caught yourself daydreaming about future moments bonding with your baby during feedings or cuddling. But be forewarned that these aren’t “moments,” rather, they tend to be events that can last for an hour or more. It is also inevitable that you, your baby, or both of you will fall asleep sitting in this glider on the daily. So invest in a comfortable and functional nursery glider for you and your other main caregivers.

Key considerations for the glider:

  • Measurements: check dimensions that work for your body size and room size
  • Material: go with ones for easy clean up of spills
  • Mobility: be sure you can swivel to reach things nearby and recline with one hand

4. Know It’s About You

If I could, I would rename the baby room the “mother room.” Back in the days of Queen Victoria, the nursery was a place where the governess cared for the children. In today’s society it is likely that parents, and even more likely that the mother will spend the most time in this room caring for her own child. This is why my design philosophy is for mom-to-be to choose the style, color palette, and decor that makes her feel calm, comfortable, and confident.

It’s also important to note that newborn babies sleep best in rooms that are not over stimulating. So while you LOVE color, we recommend starting out with a neutral palette and peppering in pops of bright, cheerful hues. As your little one grows they will develop a personality of their own with favorite colors and objects, making the transition to the big kid bedroom is an excellent opportunity to bring on those bold colors.

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