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Hand-Me-Downs are the Best Gifts to Give a Mom Friend

Everyone loves opening a gift. Here are the top five reasons why hand-me-downs are the best gifts you can give a mom friend.

Updated November 4, 2022

If you have ever been the recipient of hand-me-downs, you know that it can make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You might not be sure what you will get as you open that bag or box, but the anticipation is high. More often than not, you’ll be the lucky recipient of gently used or sometimes brand new clothes, toys, or baby items! What mom would say no to that?!

Here are the top five reasons hand-me-downs are the best gifts you can give a mom friend.

Why Hand-Me-Downs Are Awesome

1. You end up with amazing things that you might not be able to find on the store shelves anymore.

They are usually the best items because someone else did all the picking through the store stock for you and has had the opportunity to test it all out first. Rest assured that if it has been passed along, there is a good reason. Sweet memories often come flooding back when you spot clothes and equipment you loved for your kids being enjoyed by new little rascals. Cute clothes and handy equipment for the win! Also, when you choose hand-me-downs, little Katie is less likely to show up at a birthday party in the same outfit as someone else.

2. Gifting hand-me-downs are great for the environment.

Kids grow out of clothes incredibly fast. Reusing clothes is a simple way to create less waste and participate in a sustainable act for mother earth. It is a feel-good act for moms and kids. Giving and receiving hand-me-downs can supply great teaching moments as well. It is an easy topic to combine with having a grateful heart, being wise with money, and stewardship of the planet.

3. Hand-me-downs do not shrink and are already broken in.

Much of the time, the clothing passed down is in like-new condition but is already snuggly soft and a perfect fit. Many clothes have an incredible amount of wear left in them when they are outgrown. It is nice to know the size will not change with the first wash. Kids love the feel of a perfectly broken-in piece of clothing.

4. Hand-me-downs save money.

Let’s face it. Clothes are expensive. Free is a price that every mom can afford! I don’t like spending money on new coats and jackets for my kids. Living in Texas, they’ll likely wear them for two months before we don’t need them anymore. What a waste of funds! I much prefer using a coat we received from a sweet mom friend. And then I can pass it along next season after my kid has grown out of it.

Wearing hand-me-downs also teaches kids that new does not necessarily mean better. Budgeting for a family is not easy. Finding ways to save is a great lesson for everyone.

5. Kindness wins.

Passing along hand-me-downs is the gift that can keep on giving. When you do not have to shell out the big bucks for clothing and equipment, re-gifting them to another mom friend is easy. It creates an amazing cycle of moms helping out other moms. Moms get to be blessed and then be a blessing to someone else.

I think we can all agree that hand-me-downs genuinely are the best gifts you can give a mom friend. It is time to go round up those gently used clothes and equipment taking up space in your closet or garage and pass them along! If you do not know someone personally who could benefit from your gift, check out local buy nothing/sell nothing groups. Or use the social media marketplaces to find a mom who’s waiting on a blessing for her own family. You never know how your gift can change someone’s reality and heart. Be the reason for a mom to feel relief, joy, and gratitude all from one simple gift.

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