10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs

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10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs

Have you ever seen those memes that list all the things mamas love, then dare you to pick only 3 from the list? They often name things like yoga pants, coffee, Netflix and more. But you’ll notice that Amazon is never on those memes. No way are any mamas ruling that one out–and it’s because SO many of us rely heavily on the courier giant that delivers anything your heart desires (or needs!) in a speedy 48-hour timeframe. While you’re putting go-tos in your cart the next time you’re online, consider adding these: 10 products on Amazon every mom needs!

1. A Great Umbrella Stroller

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

We love this stroller for how lightweight and durable it is–not to mention that it is seriously a game-changer for travel or anywhere a lot of walking (read: melting down and being generally over it) with a toddler is involved.

2. Diaper Pail Refills

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

We don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but you might be almost out of diaper pail refills: get them in two days flat.

3. A Device That Actually Follows Directions

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

Alexa might be the only thing or person in your house who ACTUALLY listens, so make her keep working for you: buy this (insanely cool) voice-activated microwave to help warm your coffee for the 29th time.

4. Buttery Soft, Affordable Leggings

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

Amazon might not be known for fashion per se, but their steals on great basics should not be overlooked. These have over 175 positive reviews and are total dupes for more expensive brands ;). Mama’s got style (for $25)!

5. Snacks on Snacks . . . on Snacks

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

Who doesn’t love and need plenty of snacks?! Moms know to stay armed with the best, and you have your favorites delivered in bulk right to your door!

6. Something Cool for Wine-Down Time

Yeti rambler cups

If you aren’t spending some time filling your own proverbial–and literal–cup, you can’t be the best mom for your kids. Buy yourself a set of these amazing stemless, to-go wine glasses. The lid will keep your red from sloshing all over you when the kiddos are pulling you in every which direction, and the double-walled insulation will keep your white nice and cold!

7. Organic Bath Bombs

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

We were serious about that whole “take care of yourself” thing: and we know that self-care for moms is more than a luxurious hot bath, but it’s not a bad place to start, is it? Frequent indulgences are good for your soul–and, in this case, for your body and the environment, too!

8. A Ridiculous, but Practical Piece of Exercise Equipment

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

It’s like an elliptical, but compact. And pink! What’s not to love? Hop on during an episode of Paw Patrol or, better yet, The Bachelor and get your daily steps in! Don’t believe us? Read the hundreds of 5-star reviews.

9. A Reminder to SLOW. IT. DOWN.

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

Being busy is really glorified in our culture, but it can seriously leave mamas feeling overwhelmed and ragged if it becomes the norm. This sweet little book encourages 5 minutes of daily mindfulness: this is also another gentle reminder to take time where you can for you.

10. Amazon is for Purchasing Books!

10 Products on Amazon Every Mom Needs | Baby Chick

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids is as candid as it is hilarious, and is the perfect option for anyone looking for a fun-but-useful leisure read–summertime and longer days are perfect for finding a great read.

There are millions of products on Amazon for moms that could make the list, but this jumping-off point should remind you of a few things: buy yourself something when you can, take the time to appreciate things small and large, and the necessities are almost always about to run out–so buy the diaper pail refills.

To see more of our recommended Amazon products check out our Amazon Shop Here. It’s our carefully curated shop of products we love and recommend! ❤️

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