PopYum 13 oz Kids Cups: Perfect For Toddlers and Older Children
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PopYum’s 13 oz Kids Cups are Perfect for Toddlers & Older Children!

Here's a full review of PopYum’s new 13 oz Kids’ Cups. They are thoughtfully designed and great cups for toddlers & big kids.

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Published October 30, 2023

Finding the perfect cup for your kiddo can be more challenging than you might expect. But we’re confident we’ve found it. PopYum’s new 13 oz Insulated Kids’ Cups are thoughtfully designed with specs we know you’ll love. If you’re unfamiliar with PopYum, it’s a family-owned company that makes high-quality baby products and is now expanding to serve older kids, which we are very excited about! After testing and reviewing, here’s what makes PopYum’s new kid cups a must.

What Comes With PopYum 13 oz Kids’ Cups?

PopYum 13 oz kid cups in packaging stacked up

PopYum’s new larger kids’ cups are available in packs of two. They come in a variety of fun, vibrant color combinations:

These cups are durable, leak-proof, and can keep any drink hot or cold for hours. When you purchase PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups, you’ll receive:

  • Two machine-washable, 13 oz stainless steel cups with lids in your color selection of choice
  • Two 100% silicone straws

Why We Recommend PopYum Kids’ Cups

PopYum 13oz Kids Cups lined up with a white background

For starters, let’s talk size. PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are significantly larger than many other insulated kids’ cups on the market. That alone is a standout feature — and so practical. From school to sports and activities and everything in between, it’s essential for older kids to have hydration at their fingertips. This kids’ cup is perfect for everyday use — at home or on the go. Plus, it’s beautifully designed with colors that pop. Several key features make PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups our top recommendation for parents.

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They’re Bigger Than Previous Models

Young boy drinking from his blue PopYum 13oz kid cup outside

We’ve previously tested and reviewed PopYum’s 9 oz Kids’ Cups. While we love the smaller cups, having a larger option has made the bigger kids extra happy. The 13 oz means more hydration for your kiddo and more bang for your buck. Who wouldn’t want to have the choice to upgrade to the taller option? Kids agree.

They Have a Kid-Friendly Design

Look at the top of the new PopYum 13 oz kids cup

PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are truly made for children to use. Kids can easily drink from either the straw or the spout, as both have unique vents to allow air into the cup. In addition, the cup’s Flip-N-Lock lid closure locks open for easier drinking from the lid. We love the added simplicity this gives the cup.

They’re Built To Keep Drinks Contained — And Maintain Temperature

A close up look at the twist lock top of the PopYum 13 oz kid cup

The cup’s twist-lock lid is designed to minimize spills. It won’t pop off when the cup is dropped — and we all know it’s inevitable for kids’ cups to be dropped. This is especially helpful for younger users. PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are among the sturdiest. Furthermore, they feature a vacuum-insulated seal to keep drinks cold or hot for hours without sweating or surface marks. Parents and kids alike can appreciate how convenient this is.

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They’re Fully Dishwasher-safe

Hand placing the popyum 13 oz kid cup in the dishwasher

Every parent knows how tedious washing cup parts can be. Every aspect of PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups can be tossed right into the dishwasher for simple upkeep. The cups are made of premium stainless steel and PopYum’s signature triple-wall technology, yielding a durable and suitable product for long-lasting use. The cup’s lid can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher, and the cup and straw can be safely washed anywhere. This is one of our favorite features.

They’re Easy To Store

PopYum 13 oz kid cups stacked up on top of each other

PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are stackable and, thus, easy to set aside when not in use. There’s no need to sacrifice storage space for cup size, making the cup an excellent choice in our book. The cups can be stacked with or without lids on — so you’re sure to find a fit that works for your family’s cupboard.

They’re Made From Safe Materials

The bottom of the PopYum 13oz kids cup

These cups offer complete peace of mind when it comes to what our children are drinking from, as PopYum only sources ultra-premium, safety-tested materials. The 13 oz Kids’ Cups are free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC, and TPA.

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They’re Beautiful . . . And Won’t Chip!

Mother holding her toddler daughter while they both hold their PopYum 13oz kid cups. They're outside.

The color pairings for PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are bold and aesthetically appealing. The kids love the colors. Plus, because each set includes two different colored cups, they’re great for families with multiple children who might otherwise mix up their cups. And — if the color choices weren’t already eye-catching enough on their own — the cups feature a durable TOUGHcoat finish. They won’t chip or peel, dishwasher-cleaned or not. Quality is key here. We’re extremely impressed with PopYum’s Kids’ Cups design, and we think you will be, too.

Why Choose PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups?

Mother and her two young kids outside putting their popyum cups together to cheers

There are many benefits to PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups. With their new larger cup, your child’s drink will last longer throughout the day. Since the cup features vacuum-sealed insulation, you won’t have to pour a refresher until the cup is fully empty.

Another perk of opting for a larger kids’ cup is less time washing your kiddo’s cup. We all know how quickly our dishwashers can fill up with growing humans at home. The fact that this cup is large enough to hold 13 oz of fluid — versus the standard 8-9 oz — makes it an excellent choice for keeping your children hydrated and slowing down the turnover of used cups going in and out of your kitchen.

Little girl drinking out of her pink PopYum 13 oz kid cup through the straw

Finally, this cup is perfect for busy families. With the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life, keeping up with the simple yet ever-so-important tasks, like replenishing a water cup, can be challenging. PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are a game changer when you’re on the go and know you’ll have little time between one activity and the next to return to your family’s refilling station.

These details might seem small, but trust us . . . you’ll be glad that you got these new, larger-size kids’ cups. They’re durable, smartly designed, kid-friendly, and beautifully made. We think PopYum’s 13 oz Kids’ Cups are the best kids’ cups on the market. Go ahead and grab a set for your crew today!

PopYum is offering a special discount code 20BABYCHICK on Amazon for 20% off your purchase! Thank you, PopYum!

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