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PopYum’s NEW Insulated Kids’ Cups: Versatile and Convenient!

Find out how PopYum Kids' Cups are perfect for toddlers learning to drink from a straw or spout cup or a child needing an awesome cup.

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Published July 31, 2023

As a parent-owned and operated company, PopYum’s innovative approach to baby and child drinkware is easy to get behind. In addition to their unique press-to-mix baby bottle and handy silicone training cup that we love, PopYum now offers thoughtfully built 9 oz. insulated kids’ cups, and you’ll want to get your hands on a set!

Toddler girl holding a pink PopYum Kids Cup

PopYum’s Kids’ Cups are available in packs of two. Color options are orange and sky blue, sky blue and mint green, mint green and pastel pink, orchid pink and sky blue, and orchid pink and electric purple. You can also purchase replacement straws, cleaning brushes, and lids from PopYum’s website, though we’re convinced these cups, straws, and brushes are durable enough to hold for the long run. But we know that little ones can easily lose things.

What’s Included When You Buy PopYum Kids’ Cups

Two packs of the insulated PopYum Kids Cups

When you order PopYum’s 9 oz Kids’ Cups, you’ll receive:

  • Two 9 oz stainless steel cups with lids in your color selection
  • Two 100% silicone straws

Why PopYum Kids’ Cups?

Young boy on the playground holding the blue PopYum Kids Cup

Finding a kid-friendly, kid-approved cup is vital in keeping youngsters hydrated, and we believe PopYum’s cups are perfect for the job. Although there are plenty of kids’ cups in stores and online, we’ve tested PopYum’s Kids’ Cups, and they are a step above the rest with their high-quality construction and thoughtful features. Not only is it slightly larger than most other kids’ cups (at 9 oz. versus 8 oz.), but it also boasts a noticeably better design than others.

Features We Love About the PopYum Kids’ Cups

PopYum Kids’ Cups have exceeded our expectations and are all-around excellent cups. Here are the features we love and why we recommend them to parents.

They Have a Vacuum-Insulated Seal

Two insulated kid cups filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows

Whether you want to ensure your child’s beverage stays hot or cold for their day’s adventures, PopYum’s Kids’ Cups have you covered with a vacuum-insulated seal. This is a must for kids who are extra particular about their drink temperature. Furthermore, the cup stays relatively free from residue and surface marks. It’s appealing enough, but we won’t complain about this bonus.

The Kids’ Cups Have a Unique Vent System

A top look at the PopYum Insulated Kids' Cup spout

Air vents allow air into the cup as it’s being used, ensuring easy drinking without any hassle. We appreciate that each PopYum cup has two vents: One for spout drinking and one for straw drinking. Not all kids’ cups have this feature, and we greatly appreciate it on these PopYum Kids’ Cups. This guarantees easy drinking with every sip, making the cup an excellent choice for all children – even beginners.

They’re Convenient and Versatile

PopYum Kids' Cups 9oz

We love that kiddos can drink from the straw or the spout as desired. In addition, the cup’s spout opening is wider in size than other cups we’ve tried, which is another notable feature regarding ease of use and enjoyment. Whether your child is drinking water or a smoothie from their cup, they’ll easily be able to enjoy their beverage.

The Cups are Dishwasher Safe

PopYum Kids Cups are in a dishwasher

This is our favorite feature! PopYum Kids’ Cups are dishwasher-safe (with lids being top-rack safe) due to their protective triple-wall technology. This is HUGE because most insulated cups are not dishwasher-safe.

Looking at the bottom of the PopYum Kids Cup

We don’t know about other parents, but being able to throw these cups in the dishwasher saves us time and energy. It’s one less thing to handwash! And these cups won’t peel or chip in the dishwasher. They’re durable and have much to offer regarding longevity, which we parents know is always a win.

They Have a Twist-Lock Lid and Straw Stopper (Less Mess!)

Twisting the top on the PopYum Kids cup

We appreciate the attention to detail PopYum took when designing its twist-lock lid. Most insulated kid cups are pressure sealed and can pop off quite easily. The lids on PopYum’s Kids’ Cups stay securely and without issue (even when dropped), leaving no reason to worry about spills or leaks. In addition, the Flip-N-Lock lid on the spout closure locks into place and stays out of the way while drinking. This is a huge help in keeping little ones focused on the task at hand, like drinking up!

Toddler girl drinking from her pink PopYum Kids Cup

Another simple detail that makes a big difference is the straw stopper ring, which keeps the straw securely in the cup and free from leaks. This is a helpful feature for tiny, fidgety fingers.

The Cups are Fully Stackable

Stacked PopYum Kids Cups

After testing, these PopYum Kids’ Cups have become a favorite of our kids, so we definitely needed more! We like tossing the cups quickly and neatly into the cupboard without adding clutter to the chaos and appreciate how these cups are built to be stacked seamlessly and sturdily with or without their lids.

They’re Made From Ultra-Premium, Safe Materials

Kids sitting on the couch with a blanket and drinking from their PopYum kids cups

We all want the best for our kids in whatever products we use, and PopYum’s safety-tested materials give us plenty of peace of mind in this area. Their Kids’ Cups are BPA-free and free from BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC, and TPE.

PopYum Offers Fun Color Options

As mentioned before, PopYum Kids’ Cups come in various vibrant, visually attractive colors, which can help significantly by designating colors for each child in your home. This might not sound important, but anything that aids in keeping the peace when it comes to what belongs to who is a win in our book.

Two young kids cheers-ing with their PopYum kids cups

Whether you’ve got a young toddler still getting the hang of drinking from a straw or spout cup or a school-aged child in search of an awesome cup, you’ll love PopYum Kids’ Cups. These insulated 9 oz. cups are sturdy, high-quality, and truly made with kids (and parents) in mind. Go check them out on Amazon to get yours for the kids! And now get 20% off your order using code 20BABYCHICK 🤩

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