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10 Friends Every Mom Needs

Thank you, mom friends, for being one of the best things a woman can have in her life! Here are the 10 types of friends a mom needs.

Updated April 30, 2024

Mom friends are some of the most vital people a mom can have in her life. Husbands and partners are great, but mom friends really take the cake when helping you through some of motherhood’s more challenging moments. Not every mom will have all of these types of friends, but having at least a few in your tribe will make a world of difference.1 These are the friends that will get you through this crazy ride!

The Friends Every Mom Needs in Her Tribe

1. The Fun Friend

This friend is the life of the party! She’s the first to suggest a mom’s night out and encourages you to attend playdates and gatherings. She has energy to spare and wants to ensure everyone is having a good time.

2. The Confidante Friend

You can go to this friend when you feel you can’t talk to anyone else. She listens without judgment and offers sound advice. She assures you that you are not alone and that you are not crazy. This friend keeps your secrets and tells you hers.

3. The Older Mom Friend

Older mom friends are a wealth of knowledge and information. You turn to them when you’re panicking but don’t want to call the doctor just yet. This friend helps you keep a grip on your sanity. She assures you that this, too, shall pass.

4. Younger Mom Friend

Younger mom friends remind you of how far you’ve come. They give you a chance to share your hard-earned wisdom and experience. This friend makes you feel like maybe, just maybe, you do know a thing or two about raising kids. Younger mom friends also allow you to squish their sweet new baby . . . and then give them back to Mama.

5. The Childless Friend

This friend helps you remember that there are other important things in life that have nothing to do with your children. She reminds you to do things that you love to do. This friend gives you a break from endless talk of diapers, feedings, and nap times. She lets you stay in touch with who you were before you had kids.

6. The Family Friend

This friend may be your mom or your sister. Maybe your aunt or a cousin. She’s the friend that has a key to your house. This friend helps you finish the laundry or decorate your new baby’s room. She’s the friend you don’t have to wear real clothes for and doesn’t bat an eye at the dirty dishes in your sink.

7. The Neighbor Friend

This is the friend with kids your kids’ same age. She lives a few houses down, and your kids play in each other’s yards. She’s the one you call when you run out of milk or need someone to grab a pack of diapers on a Target run. She waves when you drive by and gives your kids popsicles without asking (but it’s okay).

8. The Childhood Friend

This friend has known you for the longest amount of time. She knew you before you were a wife and mother. She probably saw you make poor choices and learn some valuable life lessons. Your childhood friend was the one who caught the bouquet at your wedding and one of the first to hold your new baby. She loves you like a sister.

9. The Stylish Friend

Every mom needs a stylish friend! This is the mom friend who always looks put together. She knows how to accessorize like a boss. She’s the one you go to when you need a date night outfit. And she’s the one you text when you can’t decide if you should spend money on the expensive (but cute!) booties.

10. The Funny Friend

The funny friend is the mom who always posts inappropriate motherhood memes on her Facebook page. She cracks you up every time you talk to her. She knows how to make motherhood feel like an adventure. This friend can make you laugh even when you’re having a terrible day.

These friends are so special in their own unique ways. They each bring something so important to the table. We, moms, wouldn’t be the same without them! Thank you, mom friends, for being exactly who you are!

Which friend are you? Which friend do you need to find?

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