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Self-Care Tips for Moms With Minimal Time

Self-care for moms isn't optional it's essential. We've listed 5 easy ways to incorporate "me time" daily with very minimal effort and time.

Published July 22, 2019

Let’s talk about self-care for moms. It’s something we all know is important, but many moms often let it go by the wayside. It’s easy to forget about self-care or feel like we don’t have the time with everything else we have to balance.

But here’s the thing. With self-care comes a better version of us! Taking care of our needs makes us a better mom and partner and makes us feel better about ourselves. So it should never be optional. And self-care for moms doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Especially during super busy seasons of life, we have to realize that even taking ten minutes per day can be enough to help us feel human again. It doesn’t always need to be a glamorous spa day. Something as simple as a cup of coffee or a ten-minute workout can help you show up as a better version of yourself.

So, here are ways you can fill your cup every day with minimal time:

1. Wake Up & Enjoy a Morning Cup of Coffee Alone

Getting up a few minutes before the rest of the house and drinking that morning cup of joe in peace and quiet can set the tone for a lower-stress day. Allowing yourself some “me time” before the craziness begins is an excellent form of self-care, and you can even take the time to get grounded and center yourself for the rest of the day.

2. Take Five (a few times per day)

When you start to feel yourself getting a bit frazzled, allow yourself time to take five! Even just a two-minute trip to the bathroom (alone) counts as a little self-care for moms. If your kids are old enough, set them up with toys in a safe area. Step away and breathe for a few. After a few cleansing breaths, you will feel much better and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

3. Meal Prep on the Weekends to Nourish Yourself

It’s easy to forget self-care for moms, especially when we have more than one child that needs to be fed. It may seem like there’s no chance we’ll have time to prep food for ourselves each day. But if you can dedicate a little time on the weekends to preparing some easy-to-reheat meals during the busy week when you are home with the kids, this will really help you later! Nourishing your body is such a wonderful act of self-care for moms. And you’ll be much less irritable with a full belly.

4. Invest in Some Essential Oils

Investing in high-quality essential oils is a great way to care for yourself! You can get essential oils in little roller bottles that you can roll on when you feel super tense, stressed, or overwhelmed. Rolling some essential oils on takes less than a minute. But it can really help calm your mind when things start to get a little crazy with all the activities in the house.

5. Download a Workout App

Gone are the days when working out regularly meant committing to lengthy hour-long workouts. You can now find dozens of workout apps and videos on your phone or tablet. Squeeze them in between naps, include your kids in your workout, or workout when your kids are content playing with their toys. Some workouts will only take you ten minutes. And you will feel much better getting even a little movement into your day.

Self-Care for Moms: The Bottom Line

Self-care for moms should never be optional. But being a mom and taking care of everyone else before ourselves can cause us to forget about daily self-care easily. If you are a busy mom and feel like you just don’t have the time to take care of yourself a little bit every day, think again! Try implementing these different self-care approaches each day. They only take a few minutes. Plus, you will be able to show up as a better version of yourself for those little humans who count on you daily.

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