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Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

A look inside this 3-year-old's "Frozen" birthday party and all the things and ideas that made this magical theme come to life!

Updated April 9, 2024

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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If you were to meet my daughter, within a matter of minutes, you’d probably learn about her love for the color pink and everything princesses — particularly Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen.” On her first day of school, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said, “Elsa.” Shoot for the stars, baby girl. And when I asked her what theme she wanted for her 3rd birthday party, without hesitation, she said, “Elsa.” There was no question we had to turn her “Frozen” dreams into a reality for her birthday party. If you’re hoping to create a “Frozen” wonderland for your little one’s birthday party, too, you’re in luck!

“Frozen” Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some ideas that we did to make her “Frozen” birthday party extra magical:


Frozen invitation for a three year old's birthday party

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I found this customizable invitation on Etsy that I thought was too cute. The illustration of Elsa is beautifully done, and I really liked the simplicity of the design. It was easy to download the file, edit the information, and save it. You could have them printed out and then mail or hand deliver them to your guests. I chose to keep the party small and texted it to her closest girlfriends’ moms.

Make an Entrance

Collage of outdoor decor for a Frozen birthday party

Every princess needs a grand entrance! And we wanted all our friends to experience the magic as soon as they drove up. So, we decided to start the decor outside of our house.

Large number 3 in balloons outside house.
Learn More Here

We started with a large number “3” from Ballooms in our front yard. We used Ballooms for our son’s first birthday party and had such a great experience with them. You just let them know your party date, what you want (it could be letters or numbers), and what color or design you prefer. I feel like this could be a fun tradition to do for the kids each year for their birthday! They also delivered and installed it for us. It was easy and made a big impact!

Snowflake decals on the floor
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Then, as you walk up the sidewalk, we added these outdoor floor snowflake decals. You just peel and stick them. It’s the perfect thing to add outside to let guests know where the entrance is for your “Frozen” birthday party.

Olaf drawing on door with a sign that says Love is an open door

As they followed the snowflakes and walked up to our door, I drew Olaf on a big poster board with a sign that read, “Love is an open door! Come on in!” This let our guests know they could walk right in. No need to ring the doorbell. Come join our party!


Lily in her Elsa dress at her third Frozen birthday party
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One of the first things my daughter does when she gets home from school is put on one of her princess dress-up dresses. It’s usually her Elsa costume that she wore for Halloween, so we knew she’d want to wear it during her party. We paired it with this cute sash (because she was totally in her element) and a matching tiara and bow.

Man and woman wearing custom Frozen mom and dad t-shirts
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As her mom and dad, we decided to go with the theme and wore these custom “Frozen” mom and dad shirts. I love how the “MOM” designs incorporate Anna, Olaf, and Elsa details, and the “DAD” shirt uses Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven for its design. They’re great quality shirts, and our daughter loved us wearing them.

Collage of Frozen party attire at a 3 year old's birthday party


I believe it’s the little details that can make the biggest impact. Some of the details aren’t very little, but all these decor items made a great impact. Our guests (and the birthday girl) loved them!

Hanging paper snowflakes for Frozen birthday party
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Above the food table, we hung these beautiful paper snowflakes with some of these iridescent stars from the ceiling to make the “Frozen” theme come to life! It wasn’t cold outside, but these snowflakes made it feel more like the Arendelle “Frozen” theme indoors. Each snowflake came with a hanging string. I decided to add more string to hang them lower from the ceiling and give the illusion of falling snowflakes. It came out so cute!

Sequin wall for backdrop
Sequin Walls Here

I’m also all about a good photo opportunity. A photo station is a great thing to add to your party so your friends and family can snap a shot of themselves and the birthday girl or boy. We thought an iridescent sequin wall with a balloon garland would be perfect for our “Frozen” birthday party theme. We partnered with Giggle Events Houston Sequin Walls and chose the blue/purple chameleon color. It perfectly matched the vibe! We also had a local balloon artist, Party & Co, assemble these balloon garlands for the backdrop. We had to incorporate pink (our daughter’s favorite color) into the “Frozen” birthday party.


Some other pieces of decor that we loved were the signs. Little touches like these can go a long way!

frozen themed Birthday banner
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This birthday banner is beautifully made. The layers of the snowflakes and the characters on top of the letters are very well-done. We hung this on the mantle to have the party theme flow throughout the house.

Custom birthday poster with Frozen theme
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At every birthday party (up to 5 years old), I’ve gotten a poster made with all their favorite things written on it. I found this one, which was perfect for our “Frozen” theme birthday party, and customized it with our daughter’s favorite things and the milestones she’s reached. It’s a fun way to celebrate where the birthday girl is today! You can find more cute posters from this shop here. She has other cute Frozen options here and here.

DIY pennant flags for Frozen party
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I found these printable pennant flags and decided to DIY them and put them around the house for the party. I printed them on hard cardstock paper and got the other ribbons, yarn, and sticks from Hobby Lobby. Just use some hot glue to put it together, and you have some cute party decor!


Now that you have all your decor ready, you need entertainment!

Little girl meeting Elsa and Anna
Collage of pictures showing Elsa and Anna from Frozen at a birthday party

We thought that a “Frozen” birthday party wouldn’t be complete without Elsa and Anna at the party. So, we contacted a local princess party company and hired Elsa and Anna to join us. When my daughter saw them walk through the door, she was captivated and the happiest little girl on the planet. What’s great about hiring princesses to your party is they’ll sing songs, play games, tell stories, and more with the kids! Parents can sit back, watch, and enjoy the party, too.

inflatable bounce house

Outside, we blew up our inflatable bounce house and taped on some snowflake balloons. We also had a bubble machine going (because what 3-year-old doesn’t love bubbles?) and some sidewalk chalk for the kids to draw outside.

Custom coloring pages for Frozen birthday party
Table setting at Frozen birthday party
Colorig Pages Here

Inside, we also had customized coloring pages and crayons for the kids to sit and color for when they got too hot outside.


Another “must” at any party is food and beverages. We decided to roll with the theme and created a menu of bites that went perfectly for the party.

Sandwiches for Frozen birthday party
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My friend makes the most delicious food, and I asked if she could make us some sandwiches for the party. If you remember, in the movie, while Anna and Hans are singing, they say, “I mean, it’s crazy how we finish each other’s . . . sandwiches. That’s what I was gonna say!” So, sandwiches had to be on the menu. And they were soooo good! Several people asked her for the recipe. Here it is if you want to recreate them:

Turkey Croissant Recipe

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. On one-half of each slice of croissant, spread a teaspoon of Boar’s Head Honey Mustard.
  3. On the remaining half, spread a teaspoon of caramelized onion jam or pepper jam (any jam can work).
  4. Top one of the halves with two slices of Havarti cheese, and top the other half with four slices of oven-roasted turkey.
  5. Add fresh black pepper on top of the turkey.
  6. Divide the microgreens over each of the croissant halves.
  7. Close the sandwich and brush the tops with melted garlic butter (butter with garlic powder). Sprinkle the top with Everything Bagel spice, and then drizzle with honey. (Heavy drizzle.)
  8. Place the croissants on a baking sheet and put them into the oven for 6-8 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
Sven snacks in cups
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For sides, we made “Sven Snacks,” which were little charcuterie cups. They had salami, pepperoni, cheese, grapes, and carrots.

Frozen birthday party food
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I also made some “Frozen Hearts,” which were white chocolate-covered strawberries, and “Olaf’s Arms,” which are white chocolate-covered pretzels with light blue, purple, and pink sprinkles. I made these myself, and they were simple to make!

Kristoff's Ice

We even made some jello to be “Kristoff’s Ice.” Everything came out so cute and tasty!

Dessert table with cake, cookies, and cupcakes.

For dessert, we obviously had to have cake. It’s a birthday party, after all!

Frozen birthday party birthday cake
Cake Topper Here

We incorporated the colors onto the cake, had them write the birthday girl’s name on it, and added this cake topper, which was the perfect thing. And, of course, we put three candles on top. 🙂

Frozen birthday party cupcakes and custom cupcake toppers
Cupcake Toppers Here

Since there were a couple of kids (including my daughter) who had an egg allergy at the party, the cupcakes were egg-free. Not gonna lie; my favorite items at the party were these custom cupcake toppers with my daughter’s face as Elsa. They were too good! Everyone loved them. (Highly recommend!) We also had some cookies with cute “Frozen” designs that our daughter loved!

Frozen themed food labels
Food Labels Here

I also received these food label signs, which are perfect for a “Frozen”-themed birthday party. They asked what each food item was and if I wanted a description of each. These signs were beautifully made!


Now that you’ve played, eaten, sang with Elsa, and nibbled on some cake, it’s time to wish your guests farewell. We want to give them a nice parting gift, so we’ve gathered some of the cutest “Frozen” items.

Frozen party favors

These custom party favor boxes are too precious. I love the 3D effect on the details and how they’re incredibly easy to assemble. Inside the box, I included a “Frozen” lip balm with a birthday lip balm holder, a “Frozen” bubble wand, and a personalized name bracelet (not pictured) that had each guest’s name on it.

Frozen sensory play kits
Favor Kits Here

We also had these “Frozen”-inspired Play-Doh sensory kits for party favors. My kids love a sensory kit, and these came with little items inside for each child to create their own winter wonderland. It was a big hit!

Overall, it was a successful and beautiful birthday party that our daughter loved. She couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks! I hope this gives you plenty of inspiration and ideas for how to create your child’s “Frozen” birthday party of their dreams. 🙂


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