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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Mamas

mother's dayUpdated June 30, 2023

by Nina Spears

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. If you have a lady in your life who is pregnant for the first time or expecting baby number two or three during Mother’s Day, you might want to get her a thing or two that she will love and be perfect for this time in her life. Yes, even first-time expecting mamas can celebrate Mother’s Day! A woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out she’s pregnant—that’s what I believe. You are taking care of yourself and growing this tiny baby, so you should be celebrated! So honor your special lady with one (or a few) of these Mother’s Day gifts on her day.

1. Maternity Robe, Nursing Dress & Baby Blanket Set

Having a good robe is exactly what a new mama needs. She will be living in this robe and nursing gown after she has her baby. I love that this robe is feminine, dark (to hide baby stains), and matches baby. The perfect thing to throw on and still look put together. It’s great to lounge in before and after baby. It’s one of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mothers.

Maternity robe, nursing gown, and baby blanket set

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2. Button Up Pajamas

I love a good matching pajama set. It’s a cute look for the tired mama. 😉 These sets are great options that she will enjoy since she will be wearing pajamas quite a bit after she has the baby. Also, button-up pajamas are perfect for the nursing mom.

Womens button down pajamas

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Women's button down pajamas

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3. A Planner

Life is getting busier as she is prepping for her new arrival. Staying organized will help her log and remember these special days and help her stay sane. Our motherhood planner+journal is made specifically for moms to help them live their best lives. She can manage her days, connect with her thoughts and emotions, and unlock the path to achieving her goals to live the life she truly and deeply desires.

Motherhood Planner by Baby Chick
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4. Warmies Slippers

Give her the gift of ultimate comfort and relaxation with these cozy Warmies Slippers. They are microwavable and lightly scented with real French Lavender to give a calming sensation. These are great for soothing tired, aching feet. They also have non-slip soles, which makes them great to throw in her hospital bag.

Warmies purple slippers
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5. Bath Bomb

What mom doesn’t want some R&R in her life? A warm bath is a great way for her to relax her body because it is doing so much to create life. Bath bombs are the best, and with their subtle hints of juniper berry, rose, tangy wild orange, vanilla bean, and bergamot undertones, she’s sure to experience a bath that is fit for royalty.

Floral bath bomb

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6. Sleep Mask

Sleep is a hot commodity when you are pregnant. Waking up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom or switch to a more comfortable position can cause some major sleep insomnia. I think it’s to prepare her for what life will be like with a newborn. 😉 One of these luxurious sleep masks will help her doze right back to sleep and enjoy her sleep while she still can.

Silk sleep mask

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7. Spa Day Kit

Going to the spa—and pretty much any spa treatment—is what every pregnant mama wants for Mother’s Day. So much is moving and changing in her body that it can cause some major discomfort. So a little TLC will really help her feel better and feel loved. This day spa kit is sure to do the trick!

Hatch Mama Must-Haves spa set

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8. Roe Wellness Stretch Mark Cream

As I said, her body is changing. Taking good care of her skin as her body grows with baby is very important. This extra-rich stretch mark cream is plant-based and great for sensitive skin. It is made with a blend of Jojoba Oil/Macadamia Seed Oil Esters, Linoleic Acid, and Squalene that will keep her belly feeling soft and smooth before and after her new arrival.

Roe Wellness stretch mark cream

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9. Supergoop Glowscreen Body Sunscreen

Like you nourish her skin with stretch mark cream, this Glowscreen Body Sunscreen is exactly what she needs to protect herself from the sun. She is probably glowing already with her little bun in the oven. Still, this brightening, hydrating formula will deliver a healthy glow without leaving behind an oily residue. It is infused with White Stargrass and Coconut Alkanes to lock in hydration for healthy, radiant skin while providing broad-spectrum UV protection. Getting Vitamin D is important during her pregnancy, but we also don’t want her to burn!

Supergoop Glowscreen sunscreen

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10. Pura Gift Set

This is a gift that will keep on giving! The Pura device allows you to customize the strength of your scent, and you can also set a schedule for it to turn on and off throughout the day. It also has a nightlight that can be customized to your aesthetic. The fragrances do not have any harsh chemicals and can be sent monthly through a subscription, so she will never run out.

Pura diffuser

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11. Stanley Tumbler

Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy, so why not get her a cute cup she can carry her water around in?! The Stanley Tumblers come in various cute colors, and the handle makes it convenient to take on the go. These also fit perfectly in cupholders. This will keep her hydrated all day long!

Stanley tumbler in green

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12. A Good Book

These books are great reads and are also perfect coffee table books. They will inspire her, comfort her, and can be a little escape. These are all great reads to add to her collection!


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13. Something to Wear

Women love getting a new outfit, and a dress, romper, or jumpsuit is a favorite for moms. It’s one item that will keep her comfortable and cool, especially with summer approaching. These are also great options for her to wear while pregnant and beyond! I know she will choose one of these as her quick and easy go-to in her closet.

Maternity dresses and romper

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Maternity dresses and jumpsuit

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14. New Purse

A new bag is always a good gift idea. I chose options for a crossbody bag, belt bag, and tote bag. Whether she is a mom on the go or likes to carry it all, these are great gifts whether she is pregnant or not.

Crossbody purse, belt bag, and tote

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15. Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love jewelry as a gift? Show her how much you love her and appreciate her growing this baby by getting her something extra special. This initial pendant necklace will make her swoon, and the cute name ring stack will warm her heart. For the initials—if she already knows the baby’s name, get her the initial of the baby’s name. She will love them both! These are perfect Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mothers.

Necklaces, a ring stack, and beaded bracelet

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16. Non-Alcoholic Champagne

This is a holiday that should be celebrated! And since she can’t have the real thing, this fabulous non-alcoholic champagne by Ready to Pop will make her giddy. So pop open that bubbly and says cheers! Use code BABYCHICK for 10% off!

Ready to Pop non-alcoholic champagne

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17. Wicked Good Cupcakes Delivered

There are many things she can’t enjoy when she’s pregnant, but cupcakes—thank God—are not one of them. These premium cupcakes-in-a-jar come in a variety of delicious flavors. They will be delivered straight to her door for her to enjoy. Now that is true love in a cup!

Wicked Good Cupcakes

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Those are my suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mamas. Usually, I would include a massage or facial, but I wanted to give you some different options. What are some other things that you would love for Mother’s Day?

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