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Mother’s Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

mother's dayUpdated May 2, 2022


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Mother’s Day is coming up soon, which means it’s almost time for those sweet homemade gifts to cherish! Kids are always happy to craft, but when it’s meant as a gift for mom, that makes it all the more special.

Whether you are a father, caregiver, or a mom who knows you won’t get something handmade without encouraging it yourself (me!), we’re all looking for fun ideas. Mothers do so much for their families all year round, and coming up with a thoughtful reminder of how much they are appreciated is important.

Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

Since Mother’s Day is in the spring, and mothers typically love to receive flowers from their family, how about a personalized flower craft? This craft incorporates all the best things: loving affirmations, handprints for memories, and beautiful flowers to brighten up the room. Kiddos will love making these, and their mom will adore receiving them!

What You’ll Need:

To make this Mother’s Day craft, you only need a short list of supplies:

  • White paper
  • Different colors of paint
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue
  • 1 colored paper

Pretty simple list, right? You probably have this stuff kicking around already! Now onto making the craft.

1. Make Colorful Handprints

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

The first part of this Mother’s Day craft is simple: get the handprints! Let the kids choose what color flowers they want, and cover their hands in that color paint. Then they just leave handprints on white paper for each “flower” they want to make.

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

Once the handprints are dry, cut them out around the general shape of the hand. On the handprints, ask the kids to share some things they love about their mom to write on the flowers. If they are old enough to write it themselves– great! If not, just go ahead and write it for them; their sweet words will be enough even if they didn’t write it themselves.

2. Make the Flower Stems 

Once the flowers are all done, move onto the stems. For ours, we used two green pipe cleaners for each and wrapped them together. Using two helps to make them more sturdy, although the paper flowers are pretty light anyway.

Then hot glue the stems onto the back of the flowers, going about ⅓ of the way up the flower. This is to help the top of the flower not flop over. I used hot glue instead of regular glue because pipe cleaners don’t always stick well with regular glue, helping them stay together better.

3. Add Leaves to the Stems

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

All flowers have leaves on the stems, right? This step is super easy. Cut out a leaf shape on the folded edge of green paper, like you would when making a heart. Then fold it around the stems and glue the two sides together. Easy peasy leaves! I recommend putting them at different heights towards the top, so they don’t get covered in the next step.

4. Turn the Flowers into a Bouquet 

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

Once you have all your Mother’s Day craft flowers done, all that’s left is to put them in the perfect bouquet to give to mom! Take a full piece of paper the vertical way (hotdog way for those of us who talk in kid-speak) in whatever color the kiddos choose and cut 3 inches off the bottom. Wrap the two bottom edges over each other without folding the paper to make it round.

Wrap it until there is a small hole at the bottom and glue it in place. If you want the wrap to be smaller and/or all the flowers can’t fit through the hole, cut off an inch or so above the hole.

Mother's Day Craft: Handprint Flower Bouquet

Then take all of your flowers and place them into the paper, poking them through the hole a little bit to keep them in there. Put them in at different heights and tie a string around the part that’s poked through the hole once they’re all at the right height. That will keep them in place and also keeps the wrap from coming off.

This is such a sweet craft for kids to make this Mother’s Day. It’s easy to do, let’s mom know she’s appreciated, and what mom doesn’t love handprint crafts from their little ones? If you’re looking for a craft to do this Mother’s Day, this Handprint Flower Bouquet will be the perfect one to try!


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