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9 Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids They’ll Love

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday to get crafty with the kids! Here are some Valentine's Day crafts for kids they will love to do this year!

Updated April 29, 2024

by Katie Sproul

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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Are we feeling the LOVE yet? As we begin a new calendar year, we start by celebrating Valentine’s Day. Today I’m sharing some ideas for some fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. The best part is that your kids can do most of these activities using things you may already have around the house!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

1. Heart Letter Matching

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

This one is super easy to make and doesn’t require many materials! Your kids will love it and come back to it again and again! Grab several pieces of colored construction paper (I chose to stick with red, white, and pink for the Valentine’s Day theme) and cut out 26 hearts. On one half of each heart, write the upper case letters. On the other side, write the lowercase equivalent. Then cut each heart in half down the center. Mix up the pieces and have your child match each heart to have an upper and lower case letter pair. This is a great hands-on learning activity for young kids that they’re sure to love!

2. Cotton Ball Painting

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

This activity is all about the process and not the result! Using a piece of recycled cardboard, glue several cotton balls into the shape of a heart and set it aside to dry. Once the cotton balls have dried, fill a cupcake tin with water and drop several drops of food coloring into each section. Have your child use an eye dropper to transfer the colored water onto the cotton balls. You can purchase a set on Amazon cheaply if you don’t already have one. Using medicine droppers is a great fine motor activity for your child to work on coordination, finger strength, and grading force. It’s a great way to isolate and strengthen the muscles in your child’s fingers for writing, coloring, and other fine motor tasks.

3. Painted Rocks

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

Spread some love around your neighborhood! Go for a walk with the kids and collect various rocks (what kid doesn’t love to go pick out rocks, right?). Then grab some paints and decorate the rocks however you’d like. You can help them write out messages of love using a permanent marker. Or leave them looking colorful! Then go around the neighborhood and leave the stones by mailboxes or near your neighbors’ doorsteps. This is a great way to teach kids how to spread positivity and do kind things for others. This activity is fun all year round, especially for Valentine’s Day!

4. How We Show Our Love

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

Grab a marker and some construction paper, and have your kids help you list all the ways we can show our love. Younger kids may need some prompting, but once you give them a few ideas, they should be able to come up with some on their own. It’s a great conversation to have as a family around the dinner table. And it helps kids identify different feelings and how their actions impact others. If you have slightly older children, they could even be the ones to do the writing.

5. Yarn Heart

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

Be still my heart! You can set this Valentine’s Day activity up in a couple of minutes, and it will preoccupy your little one for a good chunk of time! Cut out a heart from some recycled cardboard. Punch some holes along the edge, leaving about a 1-inch border. Give your child a bundle of red yarn (you can wrap some tape around the end to make it easier for them to lace) and have them practice lacing all around the edge of the heart. You can impose as much structure as you want for this activity (i.e., encouraging your child to lace just around the edge). But I decided to sit back and let our little guy go wherever he wanted with the yarn. Lacing is an excellent fine motor activity for kids, and the result of this project is adorable!

6. Heart Resist Painting

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

This activity makes for an excellent gift for grandparents or other family members! Cut out a large heart and place it in the center of a piece of cardstock or a canvas. (I got these small canvases at the dollar store, so they’re incredibly affordable!) Gather some pink, red, and white paint and clip a cotton ball to the end of a clothespin (they will use it for dipping into the paint). Have your child dip the cotton ball into the paint and dot it all around the canvas, being careful not to disrupt the heart shape. It’s best to have your child work from the lightest to the darkest colors to avoid a big smear of paint. Some color mixing is good and makes the result look pretty, but you want some definition of pink vs. red.

7. I LOVE YOU Cards

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

These cards could not be any cuter and are incredibly easy to make! Trace your child’s hand on a piece of pink construction paper and cut it out. Glue down the middle and ring fingers so that the hand forms the sign for “I love you” in American Sign Language. I glued down just the fingertips so that the hand was sort of 3D. Once the fingers are dry, glue the whole hand cut out onto a folded piece of red construction paper and write “I love you” on the front. Have your child help you come up with a sweet message to a loved one, and there you have it! The most precious little Valentine’s card that costs hardly anything!

8. Homemade Playdough Hearts

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

What You Will Need:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 tbs cooking oil
  • 1 cup of water
  • food coloring of choice (I used these pretty pastel colors)


  1. Mix together all of the dry ingredients in a bowl, including the flour, cream of tartar, and salt. You may wonder what the cream of tartar is for—it keeps the playdough nice and malleable!
  2. Separately, mix the water and food coloring together in a medium-sized pot.
  3. Once that’s combined, add your oil.
  4. Add your dry ingredients to the pot and mix well.
  5. Cook on medium heat until a dough starts to form. I keep stirring to keep the playdough all together.
  6. Once it starts clumping together, remove it from the heat and allow it to cook for a couple of minutes.
  7. Spread the playdough on a kitchen mat or baking pan and knead it until it’s nice and soft.

Yes, that first part was more of a craft for mom or dad but now your toddler gets to have some fun!

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

After the playdough is done, I roll it out and give my little girl heart-shaped cookie cutters. Depending on how old your little one is, you might have to help them press it into the playdough, or they might be able to do it themselves! Either way, they will love smashing it into the playdough.

Once they are cut out, I place the playdough hearts in cute, airtight gift bags and let her hand them out to her little friends.

9. DIY Heart-Shaped Stamps

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

My second favorite creative craft for toddlers is heart-shaped stamps. The great part about these stamps is they are free to make!

How To Make the Stamps:

  1. Simply take an empty toilet paper roll and press it in half.
  2. Then, take one of the creases and fold it inward to make a heart.
  3. Use scotch tape to secure the heart in place. That’s it!
  4. Now load up on some pretty Valentine’s Day color paints and pour them onto a paper plate or bowl.

Set your toddler up with either white or colored paper and the stamp. Depending on their age, you may be able to dip the stamp for them or offer a little help. (Your floors may thank you.)

9 Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids They'll Love

While it might seem simple, this craft allows little ones to improve their coordination and is just fun for them. After your little one is done, frame it and give it to a grandparent. They are sure to love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your little love bugs! I hope you have fun doing these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids!

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