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Father’s Day Crafts for Awesome Dads

Make Father's Day special with these easy, fun crafts for kids of all ages. Create handmade gifts with only a handful of materials.

Published May 31, 2023

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Dads play an important role and deserve to know how cherished they are. Father’s Day will be here before we know it, now is the perfect time to prepare something special for the amazing guy(s) in your kiddo’s life with a sweet Father’s Day craft.

If your child’s dad is anything like my kids’ father, you might find yourself scratching your head when figuring out what to give to him (or what to assist your children in gifting to him). Here are two easy (and fun!) Father’s Day craft ideas for kids of all ages. They make excellent gifts and require only a handful of simple materials each.

Father’s Day Craft 1: ‘Dad Rocks’ Photo Frame

A "Daddy Rocks" DIY kids project for Father's Day

Memories are meant for keeping, and this pun-centered craft allows fathers to do just that. Kids will enjoy thoughtfully placing stones and favorite photos, and dads will smile as they look back at cherished moments frozen in time.

What You’ll Need for This Father’s Day Craft

Craft items laid out on a white counter - picture frame, sharpies, got glue gun and glue sticks, and a bag of rocks

To make this Father’s Day craft, you’ll need the following:

Kids paint, construction paper, a painter's palette and paint brushes on a white counter

You’re ready to get crafting once you’ve gathered the items above!

1. Select and Glue the Rocks in Place

The first thing you’ll want to do is have your child select their rocks for the frame. Whether you’re using store-bought crafting stones or rocks your kiddo has collected outdoors, encourage them to pick out the ones they think Dad will love (even if the rocks look alike, youngsters will take great pride in this task). Then, leaving a space wide enough to pen a short, handwritten note, glue the rocks onto the frame using your hot glue gun. This step requires adult assistance for young children!

Gluing rocks on the frame - DIY kids craft for Father's Day

2. Write a Special Message

Using a permanent marker in the space left open and free from rocks, write (or have your kiddo write, if they’re old enough to do so) a sweet and punny message from or inspired by the list below.

  • Dad, you really rock!
  • Daddy is our rock.
  • Dad, you’re a rockstar!
  • Dad rocks!

3. Place and Personalize Your Photo

Kids' picture with handprint picture and a roll of Scotch tape

Place your printed photo in the frame to complete this Father’s Day craft. For photo gifts like this, I always write the month and year on the back of the photo. If you’d like, you can customize this even more by adding your child’s handprint to the back of the photo. Cover your kiddo’s hand in paint, press onto the pre-cut construction paper (as the paint is likely to smear on photo paper), and let dry. Then, tape or glue the handprinted paper to the back of the photo.

Woman's hand holding up a side view of a picture

Father’s Day Craft 2: A Keepsake Hammer

Whether you’re in a time crunch, have a new baby with limited crafting abilities, or want to do something sentimental for Dad that he’ll treasure for years, this keepsake hammer will surely be a hit.

What You’ll Need for This Father’s Day Craft

Hammer, Sharpies and ink pad on a white counter

You’ll only need a few items for this Father’s Day craft:

Regardless of your child’s age, adult supervision is suggested for this project.

1. Write a Thoughtful Note

Hammer with writing written on the handle of the hammer in permanent market. The sharpie is laying next to it.

Using your permanent marker and on one side of the hammer’s handle, write (or have your child write, if they’re old enough to do so) a personal note from or inspired by the list below.

  • Dad, I love building memories with you!
  • When it comes to being a great dad, you’re nailing it!
  • My daddy can fix anything.

2. Add Your Child’s Fingerprint

Hammer with two little fingerprints with the ink pad next to it

Flip the hammer over to the blank side of the handle. Then, place your little one’s thumb firmly onto the ink pad. Finally, press their thumb onto the bottom of the hammer, holding it firmly in place before lifting carefully and letting it sit to dry. The idea here is that you can return to the inkpad every Father’s Day, adding a thumbprint (or thumbprints, if you have multiple children) each year!

Two easy and adorable Father's Day crafts for kids

Whichever craft you and your kiddos complete for Father’s Day will surely be well received and cherished by the special man in your family. The two options shared here are unique, easy to follow, and able to be personalized. Plus, they both serve a purpose beyond being hung on the refrigerator (although those handmade gifts are equally unique in their own right). Look no further if you need a perfect craft to make and give for this upcoming Father’s Day!

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