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‘Friends’ Themed Kids Birthday Party

For a cool kid's birthday, check out this Friends themed birthday party. It's so good you might want it for your next party.

Published July 31, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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We love a good birthday party theme. And we always tell people, a kid’s first birthday party is really for the parents. So why not make that first birthday party a theme that everyone will enjoy? Samantha, one of our lovely members in our Moms with Tots Facebook group, recently shared her adorable pictures of her twins’ first birthday party, and we immediately fell in love. It was a Friends birthday party theme! Could that BE any cuter?! Samantha thought of some of the best ways to incorporate this nontraditional kid-themed television show into the perfect twins’ birthday bash! We love this idea so much that we want it for our next birthday. 🙂 Here are some Friends birthday party ideas that the whole party will adore!

How did you come up with this birthday theme for your kids?

As crazy as it sounds, I had actually been thinking about their first birthday party since they were born! There are so many fun twin birthday themes. I was scouring all the twin social media groups I belong to for some ideas, but I couldn’t settle on one. The day I chose the theme, I happened to be watching “Friends.” At the same time, my twins were playing together, and my daughter reached over to give her brother a toy she was holding. They are not great at sharing, so the gesture struck me, and I remember thinking, “I hope they are close friends forever.” Then it hit me! I thought, “Why not have their party be a Best Friends theme? They’ll love having a party, and I would love anything, Friends!”

You came up with so many great ideas to create an amazing birthday party! Where did you find all of your decor items?

I knew I wanted a pretty elaborate dessert table. (I am a huge sweets fan.) And I wanted that to be the focal point of the party. I’d also seen so many great photos of these amazing balloon arches, and I wanted something like that.

Friends dessert table
Friends dessert table
Friends dessert table
Friends dessert

To help me pull it all off, I worked with a company called To the Moon Party Planning. I had a few specific ideas (e.g., having my front door converted into the iconic purple door with the frame), and she was fantastic at making everything happen.

Other details like the “I’ll be there for you ‘cuz you’re there for me too” banner and the orange couch photo wall backdrop and props were from Amazon and various Etsy shops.

"I'll be there for you" banner

One of my best friends is an artist, and she created the Central Perk poster that we hung over our coffee bar.

Central Perk hand drawn sign

The twins’ rompers that read, “Could I BE any cuter?” were from Zulily and our family shirts were all from Amazon. (How You Doin’? tee and Pivot tee)

Family dressed up for a Friends themed kids birthday party

We see that you even put thought behind the food. So please share what you did and any recipes!

This was so much fun! Once I had decided on a big dessert bar, I just started thinking of all these ideas. I knew I wanted to have mini trifles to honor Rachel’s famous trifle debacle, but we said they were vegetarian so Phoebe could eat them too.

Rachel's Trifles

We also had mini cheesecakes as a toss to the cheesecake that Rachel and Chandler ate off the floor. We had chocolate chip cookies from “Phoebe’s grandmother: Neslee Tolhouse” and a big plate of “Mocklat.”

Chandler and Rachel's cheesecake

Most of those treats, plus our incredible cake and two smash cakes, came from an amazing bakery called Sugar from the Heart. They totally outdid themselves!

Friends birthday cake

We love your activity for friends and family to participate in. How did you come up with this cute idea? Can you share with us your party activity details?

I was hurrying to finish their baby books because I had a goal to stay on top of them for at least the first year! Lol! There are several blank pages toward the back, and I thought it would be a great idea to combine the concept of a guest book and a memory book by having the guests write a message to the babies in their actual baby books. It turned out so great!

Signing baby books at birthday party

Another idea I had was to display their monthly growth photos, and I did that by having a little sign that read, “Best FRIENDS since day one” and their pictures underneath it.

1 year olds birthday banner with pictures

How did your kids and your guests react to the Friends birthday party? What was everyone’s favorite part?

When I first sent out the invites, I thought I might get some comments like, “What made you choose that theme?” Or something similar since it’s definitely not a traditional baby theme. But to my surprise, I had so many exciting comments, and I think that’s because it’s such a well-loved show. I think the favorite part of the party was actually totally unexpected. At the last minute, I ordered some blank “Hello, my name is” tags from Amazon and wrote all the major characters (including aliases) that I could think of. Everyone from the main 5 to Tag Jones, Emily Waltham, Dr. Drake Ramoray, Regina Phalange, and everyone in-between. I placed them all over, kind of like giant confetti, and they were meant just to be fun decorations. But people actually started putting them on, and it was hilarious to see which characters people identified with.

What was your favorite part of the Friends birthday party?

One of my favorite parts was that my son fell asleep in the middle of his party and had to take an unexpected nap break. Of course, those are the things you can’t plan for! But his twin sister held down the party while he rested because she’s definitely the more outgoing of the two. And I absolutely LOVED watching them go to town enjoying their smash cakes, which were definitely smashed! It was one of my favorite days, with so many memories we will smile about for years to come.

Twin baby boy eating his Friends smash cake
Baby girl eating her Friends smash cake

What a fun and creative birthday theme that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks! If you have a birthday party theme that you would like to share, send us an email! We would love to share your inspiration with our amazing community of parents.

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