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20 Unique Party Favors for Kids

Discover unique and cost-effective party favors for kids - from board books to activities - for any birthday party.

Published February 3, 2023

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Kids’ birthday parties are an excellent opportunity to get creative and think outside the box. You only get to plan one per child every year, so you might as well make it worth it, right? But they can also be a giant money pit, with much of what’s left quickly discarded after the last guest leaves. Food, decor, and activities; it all adds up, and party favors are no exception, especially when there’s no guarantee your guests will use them. So, whether your kiddo is turning 1 or 10, we’ve covered you with unique party favors for kids you won’t find in a traditional goodie bag that won’t go to waste!

Unique Birthday Party Favors for Kids

1. Board Books

Box of Dr. Seuss board books
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Cost-effective and practical, board books will surely be a hit for young children and parents alike. Set out a bin with a collection of classics, or choose titles related to the party’s theme; your options are endless. For an extra-special touch, consider crafting personalized bookmarks for each little reader to take home.

2. Bath Crayons

Assorted colors of bath crayons

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Your guests probably have no shortage of regular coloring crayons at home, but bath crayons? Blow them out of the water (no pun intended!) with this fun alternative. Crayola offers multi-packs for around $6 each, whereas brands like Honeysticks boast high-quality sets for more money. Whichever you opt for, as few as two or three oversized crayons thoughtfully tied together are an excellent favor.

3. Mini Stuffed Animals

Dinosaur stuffed animlas
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Or loveys if you’ve got a lot of babies attending. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with this sweet sentiment. Children of all ages will love picking out a new friend to take home and keep.

4. Little People Figures

Little People princess toys
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These beloved toys are a Fisher-Price favorite and come in various characters and collector’s sets. Whether you’re hosting a farm animal-themed party, Disney princess bash, construction-zone celebration, or anything in between, you’ll find Little People figures to fit the bill. Perfect for toddlers, your guests will be delighted by these tiny treasures.

5. Ice Cream Shop Tokens or Gift Cards

Ice cream party gift certificates
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Because who says the classic birthday treat has to be limited to the party? There’s a good chance your favorite local scoop shop serves up tokens for individual cones. If so, consider purchasing one for every guest and give them another special occasion to look forward to. Plus (if your family is anything like mine), you will use the leftovers from no-shows!

6. Beach Balls

Rainbow beach balls
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Especially fitting for pool parties, beach bashes, and summertime birthdays, beach balls bring youthful fun to any party. You might even consider incorporating these into party activities before sending the kids home with their own.

7. Sand Buckets and Toys

Sand buckets and shovels in a variety of colors
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Another excellent option for warm-weather parties (or themed gatherings), you can guarantee guests will enjoy these for seasons to come.

8. Bubble Wands

Rainbow pack of bubble wands
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Bubble wands are low-cost and high-fun, making them a perfect go-to for any children’s party favor. Buy in bulk and allow kiddos to pick out their favorite color to keep, decorate with stickers to match the festivity’s theme, or personalize with children’s names. You can’t beat their versatility.

9. Hula Hoops

Little girl hula hooping with multi-colored hoop
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Another children’s classic that you can buy in bulk for simplicity and saving, hula hoops will leave little ones excited to get home and burn off even more energy post-party. Win-win for both the kids and their adults!

10. Helium Balloons

Rainbow variety of latex balloons
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These are a two-for-one, doubling as a party decoration and a festive favor; what kid could resist picking out a helium balloon from a bouquet on their way out the door? And let’s be honest; parents will be grateful not to have any extra “stuff” to store long-term, too.

11. Wooden Puzzles

Farm animal puzzle
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While candy and fidget spinners provide instant gratification, timeless toys like wooden puzzles make for quality favors that last. Check out Melissa & Doug for a higher per-favor budget. Search Amazon for many puzzle sets perfect for party favoring for the most bang for your buck.

12. Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaur figurines
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Your options for your T-rex-obsessed birthday boy or girl are abundant with dinosaur figures. If you prefer to give one larger figure to every child in attendance, check out Fat Brain Toys’ jumbo dino multi-packs. Or buy mini figurines in bulk and bag up a handful for each guest.

13. Mini Sensory Activity Kits

Ocean theme sensory kits for kids
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If you’re feeling crafty, Pinterest has plenty of ideas for concocting your own. If you’re in a time crunch, check out Etsy. With many kits available for under $10, this creative favor will keep little ones busy long after the party ends. Either way, sensory kits are entirely customizable – guaranteeing a favor fit perfectly for any occasion!

14. Mini LEGO Kits

Mini lego kit
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Best suited for ages four and up, LEGO Classic Creative Starter Sets are available for $4.99 each at Target. Even the most LEGO-obsessed kid will jump at the opportunity to add more to their collection.

15. Kids’ Musical Instruments

Kids musical instruments set
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Take the typical noisemaker up a notch with this kid-approved favor. Purchase a kids’ musical instrument set, then let each guest select their favorite to keep. With sets like B. Toys’ Parum Pum Pum, including maracas, tambourines, triangles, and more, nobody will leave the party empty-handed.

16. Individually Packaged Card Games

Kids card games
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These are often found in three-packs, like Melissa & Doug’s Classic Card Game Set, featuring Go Fish, Animal Rummy, and Old Maid, and can be utilized for multiple favors and provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family. This compact, space-savvy option can be used as a stand-alone favor or with another goody.

17. Watercolor Paint Sets

Watercolor paint sets
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For the budding artists in your child’s life, you can’t go wrong with practical arts and crafts supplies as favors, such as watercolor paint sets. Perfect for an Eric Carle-themed party (or any theme incorporating DIY projects as entertainment), you might even opt to put these to use as a part of the fun.

18. Custom Water Bottles

Color changing personalized cups with straw
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Not necessarily the most exciting item for little ones, but we’re going for longevity here. Customize with children’s names, skip the paper cups, and allow guests to start using their favors at the juice bar instead. Practical and personal!

19. B. Toys Pull-Back Toy Cars

Pull back toy cars
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Designed for tiny fingers and big fun, these pull-back toy cars are just right for a quirky favor young ones will be happy to get their hands on. Plus, they’ll keep kids occupied while parents wrap up goodbyes. Let the races begin!

20. Punch Balloons

Assorted color punch balloons
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An amusing alternative to helium balloons, attendees of all ages will get a kick (okay, a punch) out of this favor, conveniently available in bulk and all colors of the rainbow. Scatter them in a designated play area during the party or send guests off with them uninflated; this simple idea is sure to be a hit.

Regarding kids’ birthday party favors, you can stick to tradition and stuff goodie bags with treats and prizes that might bring a short-lived moment of joy – or you can opt for something more unique. We guarantee these ideas won’t go to waste!

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