5 Mom and Kid Approved Toddler Cartoons

5 Mom and Kid Approved Toddler Cartoons | Baby Chick

5 Mom and Kid Approved Toddler Cartoons

After recently getting cable installed (I know, we are behind the times) we were thrilled that our toddler would now be able to watch all the super popular kid’s cartoons that she had been deprived of. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed to find that the few shows my picky daughter would actually watch were not on cable, but rather sweet, cute and educational shows we had been able to view from our antenna!

These are my toddler’s top 5 cartoons, and why I love them too:

1. Dinosaur Train

This is my daughter’s absolute favorite show! It revolves around the Pteranodon family, and their four children. One of their sons, Buddy, is a T-rex, and therefore eats, acts, and is capable of different things than the other three Pteranodon kids. The episodes are based on the Pteranodon family as they travel on the Dinosaur Train to meet many different species of dinosaur to prove to Buddy that it’s okay to be different, and that’s what makes him special. I enjoy that my daughter is learning all about dinosaur species, what time period they lived in, what they ate, and all their individual features. There is a paleontologist this is a part of each episode, and gives some cool facts and details about the dinosaur that was featured in each episode. It’s very entertaining and creative, with bright, vivid colors. I give this show a top rating!

2. Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

My daughter loves this show because the characters are so lovable. The episodes revolve around Daniel’s neighborhood school, bakery, doctor’s office, and music shop. The neighbors travel through town on trolley, and visit with each other. Each episode focuses on a different challenge that young kids face. From feelings and expressing emotions, to sharing and being kind to others, this show covers it all, and puts each lesson to a catchy tune, which I love. Plus, it totally reminds me of my childhood watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood–I’m so happy that it’s come back in such a sweet way that I can share with my kids!

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3. Splash and Bubbles

This is an underwater adventure show about two fish friends. Silly and humorous, each episode introduces new species and happenings under the ocean (volcano anyone?). Cute and educational this is a must see!

4. Wild Kratts

This show is all about nature and animals. Two brothers explore different continents and animals with their awesome and helpful sidekicks. Transforming into the animals they are studying, they are also busy out smarting poachers, and other bad guys. I love that each episode highlights a different and sometimes unusual animal, and really delves into that “creatures features.” Super educational and interesting it’s something I feel good about showing my toddler. Plus, if you were a kid in the late 90s, early naughts, you might remember Zaboomafoo? This is a spinoff from that lemur show!

5. Sesame Street

This one is a given. It’s been a parent favorite for many years (it’s been on TV since 1969! We’re currently on season 48!), but my daughter loves it because of the adorable characters. The counting song, and letter of the day song get her up and dancing, and I love that the episodes also touch on topics like kindness, and sharing. Perfect for kids of all ages, this show rates a 100%.

These are my picky top 5 toddler cartoons (no cable necessary) and I love them too! Happy watching!

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