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25 of the Best Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Check out our list of the best toys for 1-year-olds, including Montessori toys, outdoor toys, educational toys, and ride-on toys.

Published November 3, 2023

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There are more toys than ever for children of all ages, including young toddlers. Montessori toys, outdoor toys, educational toys, ride-on toys, climbing toys . . . the list goes on. If you have a 1-year-old and you’re looking to up their toy game, look no further. Below, we’ve rounded up the best toys for 1-year-old toddlers to help you find the perfect one.

5 Best Montessori Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Montessori toys are open-ended toys that encourage youngsters to play freely and independently. Even more, these toys allow children to hone practical life skills — making them an excellent investment for children of all ages. Here are five Montessori toys that will provide endless quality play for your 1-year-old.

1. Object Permanence Box With Tray

Object Permanence Box With Tray
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This classic Montessori toy introduces the concept of object permanence in a way that’ll keep your 1-year-old engaged and having fun. It allows little ones to work on spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and cause-and-effect relationships by experimenting with dropping the included balls into the cutout hole and onto an attached ramp. Choose from a multi-textured ball set or a multi-colored ball set.

2. Lovevery Friends of All Shapes Puzzle

Lovevery Friends of All Shapes Puzzle
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This beautifully-designed shape-sorting puzzle is recommended for 16 months and older but can easily grow with your toddler. It features five shapes, each revealing a different child’s face. We love that this puzzle encourages spatial awareness skills, shape recognition, fine motor practice, and problem-solving skills — all while promoting diversity. As a bonus, this puzzle comes with a free digital play guide created especially for parents by experts in the child development field.

3. Lovevery Drip Drop Cups

Lovevery Drip Drop Cups
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Another product from Lovevery’s highly-rated line of Montessori toys, this set of 12 stacking cups is one of those toys that’s a must for every 1-year-old. They’re perfect for nesting, pouring, containing, and balancing. Plus, they double as an instant bath toy! Like Lovevery’s Friends of All Shapes Puzzle, this pick comes with a free digital play guide.

4. Punch and Drop Hammer Box

Punch and Drop Hammer Box
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A wooden hammer box toy allows 1-year-olds to hone their fine motor skills, visual and spatial perception, and gross motor responses. This one comes with a hammer, three balls, and a hole on the side of the box for toddler-friendly ball retrieval. We love that it’s sustainably made with non-toxic paints and dyes.

5. Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits
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If quality play is what you’re aiming for, Lovevery delivers. The Play Kits are beautifully curated, age-based Montessori kits that arrive at your doorstep every three months. Each box features an assortment of toys designed for open-ended play, a board book, and a parent guide to maximize each item’s potential.

5 Best Climbing Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Young toddlers are constantly working on developing important gross motor skills, such as crawling, walking, and — you guessed it — climbing. So, they need plenty of opportunities to practice their new skills. These climbing toys provide just that.

1. Costzon Climbing Toy

Costzon Climbing Toy
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If you’re looking for the perfect investment toy for your 1-year-old, this five-in-one climbing set is the way to go. It’s perfect for ages 1 to 8, so you’ll get your money’s worth for years. You’ll also be amazed at how quickly your tiny tot perfects their balance, coordination, and risk-taking skills. This playset comes in several other configurations and is available in a natural or rainbow color. We especially love that you can adjust it for different heights and purposes!

2. Wooden Climbing Dome

Wooden Climbing Dome
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A wooden climbing dome is another excellent option for creating a playroom paradise for your one-year-old. This one comes in five sizes and is suitable for use up to six years old. From Wood And Hearts, this climbing dome is another solid investment in quality climbing toys.

3. Soft Play Climbing Blocks

Soft Play Climbing Blocks
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If you have a little explorer who loves to climb, a foam climbing block set is a must. This set includes five pieces that can be arranged in various ways for endless climbing fun. The pieces are large and lightweight, and they can easily be wiped clean.

4. The Nugget

The Nugget
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This four-piece set features a foam base, a cushion, and two triangle pillows. The foam pieces have washable fabric covers and can be set up in countless configurations for maximum fun and climbing. You can build ramps, slides, you name it — the options are endless. Plus, Nugget offers many aesthetically pleasing color options to complement any room in your home — your children’s or otherwise — so you never have to settle for one look.

5. Lovevery Organic Cotton Play Tunnel

Lovevery Organic Cotton Play Tunnel
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This play tunnel is perfect for encouraging movement and creative play. It’s simple to set up and take down, is easy to wipe clean, and folds flat for easy storage. This tunnel is designed to last for years, and your toddler will have a blast climbing through it indoors or outdoors.

4 Ride-On Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Ride-on toys are fun for young toddlers for many reasons. First and foremost, they provide a whole new way for kiddos to explore their surroundings. Plus, they’re a great way to encourage independent play, gross motor skill development, and coordination. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Radio Flyer Busy Buggy

Radio Flyer Busy Buggy
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This sit-to-stand ride-on toy is perfect for ages one through three. It can be used as a push walker or a ride-on, providing versatility for every stage of your 1-year-old’s development. It also features 17 built-in sensory activities, including interlocking gears, a horn to honk, and a key to turn. What’s not to love?

2. Step2 Push-Around Buggy

Step2 Push-Around Buggy
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An adorable push car for riders up to 50 pounds! This push buggy features an easy-latch adjustable seatbelt for safety, a honking horn and steering wheel, two cup holders, and under-hood storage. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

3. Balance Bike

Balance Bike
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A must for toddlers 12-24 months, this balance bike can help riders gain confidence while working on their balance, coordination, and even walking. This one features a sturdy aluminum frame, a non-slip handle, and a soft, supportive seat. It can be used indoors or outdoors and weighs less than four pounds for easy transport.

4. Ride-On Bouncer

Ride-On Bouncer
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A ride-on bouncer is a great way to keep 1-year-olds moving and laughing while also improving balance and developing motor skills. B. Toys Ride-On Bouncer features bumpy ears, and horns fit for 1½-year-olds and up. It comes with an air pump and takes only five to 10 minutes to inflate fully.

5 Best Outdoor Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Fresh air does wonders for children, so adding a handful of age-appropriate outdoor toys to your 1-year-old’s wishlist makes sense. Regardless of whether you have a tiny outdoor space or acres to work with, there are outdoor toys you can’t go wrong with.

1. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Ride-On Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Ride-On Car
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The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is arguably one of the most well-loved outdoor ride-on toys for toddlers, and it’s easy to see why. The car comes in various eye-catching styles and allows riders to be pushed or scoot along on their own with the removable floorboard detached. This Ladybug Cozy Coupe is just one of many darling styles.

2. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table
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There’s no denying the fun a 1-year-old can have splashing in water. Add in a spiral ball drop, a Ferris wheel for scooping and dropping balls, a twin water wheel, and a water cup with fun characters, and you’ve got an instant hit for the backyard. This water table is the perfect height for toddlers and will provide hours of fun.

3. Toysmith Get Outside GO! Pro-Ball Set

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Pro-Ball Set
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This fade- and stain-resistant pro-ball set includes a soccer ball, basketball, and football. They’re perfect for tiny hands (and feet) but durable enough to last a while. What 1-year-old doesn’t love getting their hands on a new ball?

4. Splash Pad Sprinkler

Splash Pad Sprinkler
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Whether you live in a warm climate year-round or want to plan to make the most of summertime when it comes, you’ll want a splash pad sprinkler for your little one. This one features a learning mat as its base, full of letters and animal characters. Its shallow-water design ensures peace of mind regarding water safety, too.

5. Bubble Lawn Mower

Bubble Lawn Mower
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Older babies love bubbles. Even more so when they get to control the bubbles themselves! This bubble lawn mower is just right for little ones just starting to get around on their feet. It works without batteries and even plays realistic mowing noises when pushed.

3 Best Educational Toys for 1-Year-Olds

No matter what the toy of the hour is, children learn through play. These educational toys take the learning potential up an extra notch. They boast targeted learning and hands-on, interactive fun, making them excellent toys for your curious 1-year-old.

1. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm Animal Puzzle

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm Animal Puzzle
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This animal shape sorting puzzle features large, easy-to-grip pieces perfect for older babies and young toddlers. It encourages problem-solving and hand-eye coordination while teaching five animal sounds and songs. It’s a perfect introductory puzzle!

2. Fisher Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm

Fisher Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm
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Another Fisher Price favorite, this Little People barn set is an absolute must. It has over 45 songs, sounds, and phrases across three unique levels. In particular, the set aims to teach counting, opposites, animal sounds, and colors. It comes with one farmer figure, four animal figures, and two food figures.

3. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy
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Yet another Fisher Price must, this snuggly plush toy has plenty to offer in terms of learning. The toy features three levels aiming to teach shapes, counting, parts of the body, the alphabet, and more. With over 100 first words and over 75 songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases, it’s bound to keep your 1-year-old engaged and entertained.

3 More of the Best Toys for 1-Year-Olds

If you’re shopping for a 1-year-old, don’t stop browsing with the items above. There are so many other great toys out there for your toddler girl or toddler boy. Here are a few more toys we highly recommend for 1-year-olds.

1. Hape Mighty Echo Microphone

Hape Mighty Echo Microphone
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This battery-free, voice-amplifying microphone is simple and guaranteed to provide big fun. It’s designed to stimulate speech, perfect for little ones becoming more familiar with their vocal abilities. It’s a perfect way to promote creative expression and language development.

2. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella First Baby Doll

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella First Baby Doll
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A soft, sweet first baby doll is a quintessential toy for any 1-year-old. Manhattan Toy’s Baby Stella has various styles and features a magnetic pacifier, life-like toes, fingers, a belly button, and simple, embroidered facial features. It’s as darling as can be and will allow your kiddo to naturally practice their nurturing skills, role-play, and imaginative fun.

3. Sarah’s Silks Mini Playsilks

Sarah's Silks Mini Playsilks
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These beautiful, 21 x 21-inch silk squares provide endless opportunities for creative play and an excellent tactile experience. Also, they come in several vibrant colors and can be used for dress-up, imaginative play, movement games, and more. What’s more, they’re lightweight and truly versatile; Sarah’s Silks are a go-to for everyday use and tossing in the overnight bag for travel.

With countless options in stores and online, shopping for any young toddler can be overwhelming. So that’s why we’ve rounded up 25 must-have toys for every 1-year-old. Whether you’re looking for the best toys for your little one, a birthday gift for another child, or a last-minute holiday present for your grandchild, niece, or nephew, you’ll want to take our word on the items listed here. Happy shopping!

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