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Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids (Ages 1 – 8)

Outdoor play is important for kids' development and parents' sanity! Here are the best outdoor toys for kids ages 1-8.

Updated April 29, 2024

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Playing outside is vital to our children’s health, physical growth, social/emotional well-being, sleep, cognitive development, and more. It also helps kids build essential skills like executive function, risk-taking, and socialization.1 Research shows that children should get at least 40 minutes of outdoor play daily to help them fully thrive and learn.2 How can we pry them away from that screen time and get them excited to play outside? They won’t want to come in once they get out there with the right tools! I have rounded up my favorite outdoor toys for kids that will excite your child and engage them in play that gets them some fresh air and sunshine for hours.

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys for Kids


Playhouse and Swing Sets

KidKraft McKinley Wooden Swing Set

A wooden playset with a small tower featuring a clock above a black door, a step ladder on the left, two green swings on the right, and a yellow slide descending from the tower. This charming addition to outdoor toys for kids is designed for recreational use by children.

Babyjoy 4-in-1 Toddler Climber and Swing Set

Two children are playing on a teal and gray indoor playset. One child is sliding down a slide on the left, while the other sits on a swing on the right, holding a steering wheel toy. An orange ball lies on the floor in the foreground, reminiscent of their favorite outdoor toys for kids.

KidKraft Appleton Wooden Swing Set

Image of a wooden playset featuring two yellow swings and a green slide, perfect as outdoor toys for kids. The playset has a small climbing wall leading to a platform with a roof and ladder. The structure is supported by a stable wooden frame, ensuring hours of fun and safety for your children.

Backyard Discovery Beacon Heights Elevated Playhouse

Four children are playing on a blue and white wooden playhouse with a slide, one of the most delightful outdoor toys for kids. One child is sliding down, another stands at the top, while two others climb on the structure. The playhouse features a small roof, windows, and railings.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Castle Climber

A plastic outdoor play structure designed to resemble a castle, perfect among outdoor toys for kids, featuring a slide on the left side and a climbing ladder on the right. The structure is primarily brown with green accents. Blue ropes are attached to the slide's sides.

Sweetwater Wooden Playhouse

Three children are enjoying their outdoor toys for kids, playing with a wooden playhouse. One child stands outside holding a toy phone, while another opens the front door. The third child is partially inside the playhouse, looking out from a window. The playhouse has a black roof and small planter.

Tee Pee

A beige teepee tent with a dark brown trim and wooden poles, perfect as outdoor toys for kids. The tent features a front opening that can be tied back, a small rectangular window on the front, and another window on the side. The square-shaped base and triangular panels add to its charming design.


Three children are sitting on a round green swing, one of the fun outdoor toys for kids, suspended by black ropes. They are in a grassy backyard with trees and a wooden fence. One child waves, while the others smile.

Dome Climber

Four children are playing on a geometric dome climbing structure, one of the best outdoor toys for kids. Two children are sitting on the top, one on each side. One child is hanging from the bars, and another is climbing up while wearing a helmet. The structure is blue and green.

While visiting your local playgrounds is a great activity for kids, having a playhouse or swing set in your backyard is super convenient! We may see it as just a swing and slide, but it could be so much to a little one’s imagination. This type of play helps promote imaginative play with coordination development and gross and fine motor play. Most of all, it allows them to create social and emotional relationships!3


Yard Work

CUTE STONE Kids Gardening Tool Set

A children's gardening set featuring a turquoise and red wheelbarrow, a matching watering can, a green apron with pockets, gardening gloves, and various small tools including a trowel, fork, spade, and rake—perfect outdoor toys for kids to explore nature.

Play Day Bubble Mower

A child's toy lawn mower with a green base, black wheels, and a blue and yellow control panel. The handle is gray with yellow and green buttons. This engaging piece from our outdoor toys for kids collection is designed to resemble a real lawn mower.

ArtCreativity Bubble Leaf Blower

A bubble machine featuring a blue and green handheld device with a white nozzle releasing bubbles, perfect for outdoor toys for kids. Next to the machine are three bottles of bubble solution labeled

Giant Bubble Wands Kit

A young girl is playing outdoors with a large bubble wand, creating a giant bubble. The packaging for the outdoor toys for kids is shown to the right, along with packets of bubble solution and the bubble wand. The background is a grassy field.

Kids Gardening Tool Set

A set of blue gardening tools and accessories, including a watering can, trowel, rake, transplanter, and gloves, stored in a vibrant blue and turquoise striped carrying bag with multiple pockets. Perfect as outdoor toys for kids to inspire their young green thumbs!

Yard Tools

Set of four colorful gardening tools featuring wooden handles. From left to right: green rake, yellow leaf rake, purple trowel, and red hoe, perfect as outdoor toys for kids. Each tool has a vibrant head and a hole at the top of the handle for hanging.

Power Tools

A set of green and black toy yard tools, including a lawnmower, a chainsaw, a leaf blower, and a string trimmer. These outdoor toys for kids also feature an orange and black safety goggle and a pair of black and grey gloves.

Camping Set

A collection of outdoor toys for kids is displayed, featuring a blue and orange tent, lantern, gas lamp, utensils, flashlight, walkie-talkie, plates, hot dogs, and other camping gear. The toys are arranged neatly on a light background.

Is there nothing cuter than a child following Dad around with their lawnmower? We may find yard work daunting, but our littles think it’s the best thing ever. These outdoor toys for kids encourage their future lawn skills and help with modeling behavior as they watch and imitate their parents. When a child learns to model behaviors or skills, it helps them learn new and strengthen their skills.5 Here are some of my favorite “grown-up” tools for outdoor play!


Water Play

Minnidip Kiddie Pool

A small, inflatable kiddie pool with a tropical leaf print design in green and pink colors. This delightful addition to your collection of outdoor toys for kids features three distinct, circular air chambers and is partially filled with water.

Magnolia Inflatable Pool

An inflatable three-ring kiddie pool with white and gold stripes, perfect among outdoor toys for kids. It rests on a light-colored surface and features a white inner lining.

Step2 Spill and Splash Water Table

A blue plastic water activity table with two basins and an attached blue umbrella is the perfect addition to outdoor toys for kids. The table features small toy figures, a water wheel, and various accessories, all supported by beige legs designed to resemble stone.

Giant Dinosaur T-Rex Float Joy Sprinkler

Three children are joyfully jumping in a backyard, surrounded by outdoor toys for kids, including a large inflatable dinosaur, with water sprinkling from above. The day is sunny with clear skies, and there are houses and a tall palm tree in the background.

Surfing Dino Inflatable Giant Sprinkler

An inflatable green dinosaur toy stands upright against a plain white background. The dinosaur has a light green body with darker green spines along its back, yellow eyes, and white teeth. Perfect for outdoor toys for kids, the glossy material shines brightly and features printed text on its side.

HITOP Kids Splash Mat

A blue inflatable splash pad, one of the perfect outdoor toys for kids, features a mermaid illustration in the center, surrounded by colorful jellyfish and bubbles. Water jets create an arching fountain effect, spraying water into the air.

Intex Rainbow Cloud Inflatable Baby Pool

An inflatable kiddie pool designed to resemble a white cloud with an attached rainbow-colored canopy, perfect for outdoor toys for kids. The canopy is arched over the pool area and includes colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Water Balloons

A collection of Zuru Bunch O Balloons in various colors including green, blue, red, and yellow. Each color set is grouped together in bunches, with the product logo prominently displayed in the center—perfect outdoor toys for kids to enjoy hours of fun.

Giant Water Slide

An inflatable water slide with a small pool area at the bottom is one of the best outdoor toys for kids. One child is climbing up the rock wall, another is sliding down, a third child is playing in the small pool, and a fourth child is standing nearby with a water gun. Several accessories are scattered around.

Reusable Water Bomb Balloons

A photo displays six colorful water balls, wet and covered in droplets. The balls are light blue, pink, white, yellow, light green, and orange. In the background, there is a black mesh bag with more water balls inside. These outdoor toys for kids have water splashing around them.

Water play in modern times is a far cry from running through your average sprinkler. The possibilities are endless with all the new, fun ways to explore water! It has been shown that water play is a beneficial type of play for kids, as it helps them develop their physical, social, emotional, and creative skills, among other abilities.6 Starting at 6 months and up, there is something for everyone in this category of outdoor toys!7


Bring Art Outside

Muddy Maker Mud Kitchen

A wooden play kitchen labeled

Inflatable Outdoor Easel

An inflatable painting easel with a colorful design perfect for outdoor toys for kids. The frame is blue and green, featuring a white canvas adorned with painted flowers and a butterfly. Three paintbrushes and paint containers are neatly placed on the green shelf at the bottom of the easel.

Solar System Outdoor Chalk

A box containing circular sidewalk chalk pieces designed to resemble nine planets of the solar system. This set of outdoor toys for kids features packaging with an outer space theme, complete with rocket and star graphics. Three chalk pieces are placed outside the box, partially used.

Crayola Neon Sidewalk Chalk

A box of Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk, an ideal outdoor toy for kids, is displayed. The packaging features the word

Rock Painting Kit

A colorful Creative Kids

Glow-in-the-Dark Rock Painting Kit

A box labeled

Bird Feeder Crafts

The image shows three colorful flower-shaped bird feeders hanging from branches. Two blue jays are interacting with the feeders. Below are art supplies including paint, brushes, and decorative stickers, suggesting a craft project for creating bird feeders as engaging outdoor toys for kids.

Do you have a child who loves to create and make things? Bring that creativity and artistry outside for play! Creating something using nature (or even just creating in nature) can help make a calm environment for your little one. It may even make them more aware of their surroundings and help them appreciate what Mother Nature offers.1 These fun kids’ outdoor toys will help let your little one’s creativity run free!


Gross Motor Skills

T-Ball Set

A children's T-ball set is shown. This outdoor toy for kids includes a yellow plastic bat, a red and blue tee, and multiple white plastic baseballs. The tee has a sturdy blue base and a red stand where one baseball is placed on top.

Chillafish Balance Bike

A children's balance bike with a teal frame and black accents, perfect as an outdoor toy for kids. The bike features two black tires, a black seat, teal handlebars, and a small decorative plate on the front. The brand name,

JOYIN Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

A set of six inflatable bowling pins, featuring colorful numbers, shapes, and wavy designs, is arranged in a cluster. A young girl is seen in the background holding a large black ball, ready to play with these fun outdoor toys for kids.

Red Light Green Light with Motion Sensing

The image shows a toy traffic light with red, yellow, and green lights, perfect for outdoor toys for kids. A smiling cartoon monkey dressed as a police officer is on a screen below the traffic light. The top text reads

Roller Coaster

A colorful plastic toy ramp, perfect as an outdoor toy for kids, features a small red ride-on car that resembles a motorbike. The ramp boasts green, orange, and blue sections with a small green and red platform at the top, making it an exciting addition to any backyard adventure.

Stomp Rocket

Two children are playing with a Stomp Rocket toy set that comes with four foam rockets. The girl on the left is stepping on the yellow launcher, and the boy on the right is looking up at a launched rocket. The packaging for these exciting outdoor toys for kids is visible in the background.

Stomp Rocket Dueling Stomp Racers

Two children stomp on air launch pads to send toy race cars zooming forward, showcasing the excitement of

We may go to the basics of riding bikes and playing ball when we think about outside play. These are still fantastic ways to promote social skills (ex., sharing) and encourage active play in our littles.1 Adding more elements to this type of play can help engage your child longer and further broaden their development. These are some of my favorite outdoor toys for kids, from sports sets to simple games to play with your neighbors.


Exploring Nature

Hiking Set

A blue and orange backpack with two green binoculars, sunscreen, a water flask, a compass, adhesive bandage strips, a wipe-clean packet, and a whistle. Perfect outdoor toys for kids, the backpack has mesh front pockets and a

Outdoor Discovery Critter Case

A colorful insect cage with a yellow handle, blue mesh sides, and red base. The label reads

Bug Catcher Vacuum with Critter Habitat Case

A bug hunter set featuring a bug vacuum and a critter barn, perfect outdoor toys for kids. The green bug vacuum has an orange trigger and transparent nozzle. The critter barn, with a clear container and green lid with handle, houses a frog and cricket. Packaging is visible in the background.

Gardening Tool Set

A kids' gardening set featuring a green and yellow apron, matching gloves, a green watering can, a green and orange tote bag, three small gardening tools with wooden handles, two orange pots, and colorful plant labels—a perfect addition to their outdoor toys for kids collection.

GeoSafari Binoculars

A brightly colored pair of binoculars for children, labeled GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars, is shown in front of its packaging box. The box features images of a child using the binoculars and text that says

On The Nature Trail Book

A book cover titled

Skillmatics Card Game

The image shows the cover of a Skillmatics game box titled

Walkie Talkies for Kids

The image shows a set of two blue and green kids' walkie talkies next to their box. The walkie talkies have a display screen, buttons, and an antenna. Perfect outdoor toys for kids, the box features an illustration of the walkie talkies and states it's for ages 3 and up.

Scavenger Hunt Game with Walkie Talkies

A Scavenger Hunt game set includes a box, two walkie-talkies (one pink, one yellow) with bows, and multiple game cards. The box features colorful graphics with children and adventure-themed imagery. Perfect as outdoor toys for kids, the cards are labeled for different game activities.

Scavenger Hunt Card Game

The image displays the packaging and a drawstring bag for Hapinest's

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope

A colorful plastic toy telescope with a blue body, orange accents, and yellow details is mounted on a turquoise tripod. Perfect for outdoor toys for kids, the telescope features a purple eyepiece and a large orange lens at the opposite end.

Turtle Sandbox

A green turtle-shaped sandbox with a removable lid is shown. The lid has a turtle shell design, and the sandbox is partially filled with sand. One of the perfect outdoor toys for kids, it features a friendly turtle face with eyes and limb details. A logo is visible on the front.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas for child’s play are the most fun! Exploring the nature around them opens up so many sensory skills and helps with their cognitive and psychomotor development.4 It may even expose them to a topic they didn’t know they liked, such as birds, plants, or bugs, which can lead to new play through books and puzzles. These are my favorite toys and books to help your young bug catcher.

No matter what category your child gravitates toward, the benefits of outside play are endless. These outdoor toys for kids will lead to discoveries and adventures, helping them sleep better, get a little vitamin D, and more.1 And it’s all found in our backyards! Happy playing!

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