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Best Gifts for 2-Year-Olds

gift guidesUpdated June 30, 2022


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With the holiday season underway, I can relate to having toddlers to shop for but aren’t sure what to get a 2-year-old. Having a 2-year-old myself, I find it to be a reasonably tricky age to shop for. While my son is obsessed with dinosaurs and loves books and puzzles, there are only so many of those things you can gift over and over again. So, if you’re stumped on what to get for the 2-year-old in your life, read on.

I’m sharing some of my top picks for this holiday season — including gifts that our kiddos can get use of all year long — because, let’s face it, we mamas are tired of giving or receiving those gifts that only provide entertainment for the first hour of Christmas morning. Let’s make the most of these holiday gifts, shall we?

Best Gifts for Two-Year-Olds


Outdoor Play

Radio Flyer Trike

Bounce Horse


Toddler Slide

Bubble Lawn Mower


RADIO FLYER 2’N’1 RIDE ON TRIKE: The Scoot 2 Pedal grows with your child through two milestone stages of play and helps develop their motor skills and coordination. First, your child can learn to scoot for fun, and then when they are ready to learn how to pedal on their own, you can extend the EZ flip-out pedals and watch them go! This is the perfect first trike for your little girl or boy. The extra-wide wheels offer a stable ride, and the covered storage bin adds extra fun to the adventure.

RODY BOUNCE HORSE: The Rody horse is a fun workout that your two-year-old is sure to love! It gives children playtime fun while building muscle and improving their motor skills. Bouncing strengthens the leg muscles and improves arm and grip function as your toddler holds onto Rody’s ears. Their core strength also builds as they move to balance. The Rody has been a favorite for years and is available in a multitude of fun colors.

FOLD & GO TRAMPOLINE: Ready, set, jump! If your 2-year-old isn’t interested in bouncing on a Rody, then this Fold & Go trampoline may be the perfect fit! It’s super simple to assemble and perfect for indoor or outdoor active play. Get your toddler to strengthen their legs and arms with every bounce on their own mini-trampoline. Laughter and regular exercise can boost self-esteem, reduce stress, and improve sleep. What parent doesn’t want that for their child?!

LITTLE TIKES FIRST SLIDE: Nothing says fun like a slide! This cute and bright playing set is the perfect beginner slide. It folds and unfolds in seconds, which makes it easy to store.

BUBBLE LAWN MOWER: An awesome toy that will have that kiddo bubbly with glee! This lawn mower doubles as a bubble blower machine kids will love. It comes with a bottle of bubble solution to fuel the fun.


Quiet Time Toys

Making Faces Magnetic Set

Quiet Book

Chuckle & Roar Pop It

First Number Train


MAKING FACES MAGNETIC SET: Create hours of quiet play using these magnetic faces and their facial features! Your two-year-old can easily mix and match the pieces to create different facial expressions. It will provide them with an engaging activity that can be done without making a lot of noise. It can also easily be transported on the go!

QUIET BOOK: A book full of engaging and practical activities? Sign me up! This “quiet book” is perfect for toddlers. It teaches life skills such as how to use a button or zipper. It also introduces them to many concepts, including how to tell time and tie shoelaces!

CHUCKLE & ROAR POP IT: These are so addictive! This is my son’s go-to toy in the car. It keeps him entertained quietly and doesn’t take up much room. It’s easy to keep in my car or take with us. Plus, they’re very affordable and have no separate pieces or parts.

FIRST NUMBER TRAIN KIT: Your toddler can build and rebuild this colorful number train building kit while imaginative playing with the DUPLO people and animal figures This educational toy helps with counting and number learning in a way that engages children.


Puzzles and Games

Honeybee Game

Peg Puzzle Set

Name Puzzle

Wooden Jigsaw Animal Puzzles


HANNA HONEYBEE GAME: While there aren’t too many board games for two-year-olds, something like this Hanna Honeybee is designed for ages 2+, making it a great way to get your toddler involved in family game night!

MELISSA & DOUG WOODEN PEG PUZZLE SET: This Melissa & Doug Peg Puzzle Set is an entertaining and educational developmental toy that makes the perfect gift for your 2-year-old. It includes three peg puzzles, with six pegged wooden pieces in each. We love these wooden puzzles because it is made for smaller hands to grasp easily. The pieces feature beautiful animal illustrations, with these same pictures on the puzzle boards under each piece. We’re big fans of Melissa & Doug products because they are also made from high-quality materials just like this one. It’s assembled with precision manufacturing standards, which maintains stability and safety. Your toddler will love playing and learning with this set!

PERSONALIZED NAME PUZZLE: Get a personalized puzzle with your child’s name on it to help them begin learning letters plus how to spell it! Using a puzzle also helps with hand-eye coordination skills. While using this puzzle, they also learn some animal names and shapes as well! A bonus is the puzzle will look beautiful in any bedroom or playroom.

WOODEN JIGSAW ANIMAL PUZZLE SET: Educational and entertaining! This wooden puzzle set features a Bear, Ladybug, Bee, Owl, Butterfly, and Tortoise. It comes with 6 cognitive cards, which help improve recognition ability.


Arts and Crafts

Crayola Doodle Board

Clay Play Activity Set

Color Pages

Water Doodle Mat


MY FIRST CRAYOLA DOUBLE DOODLE BOARD: If your toddler has started to show some interest in coloring, this is a great gift! This Crayola Double Doodle Board is a drawing tablet with a wipe-off surface and a space to hold crayons. It’s a great packable entertainment option if you are looking for something you can also take along with you to places like restaurants.

MELISSA & DOUG CLAY PLAY ACTIVITY SET: Get those little hands moving with a clay set! This one comes with different tools and eight tubs of modeling dough. They can cut, sculpt, and roll or shape, model, and mold! Allow them to express themselves as toddlers through sculpture and creation.

CRAYOLA WONDER MESS-FREE COLOR PAGES: Allow your toddler to practice their holding of a writing utensil plus coloring skills without making a mess! These color pages from Crayola come with special markers that only color on the paper that comes with them. No more worrying about turning around for one second to find that the interior of your car or carpet has been colored bright red and blue!

WATER DOODLE MAT: It’s magic! This magical water painting pad allows your child to paint with friends on the table or floor, exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception, develop painting and creative skills. The best part is it magically disappears, so there is no mess!



100 Animals Book

Chug Chug Tractor

Poke a Dot


LEAPFROG 100 ANIMALS BOOK: This is an excellent gift for your 2-year-old, especially if they are starting to show some interest in educational-style books and toys. This is an interactive Leapfrog book that features 100 different animals from 12 different categories. It’s fun, entertaining, and educational.

CHUG CHUG TRACTOR: This is probably my son’s favorite book of all time! It has interactive flaps you can lift that reveal different things. The story is engaging but still short and sweet enough to hold his attention. The last page has lights that light up for a fun surprise!

MELISSA & DOUG POKE A DOT: Another favorite at our house! My son loves these books. They have great pictures and come in a board book style which makes them durable. Each page has clear dots you can poke, and they make a subtle popping sound!




Rainbow Stacking Tunnel

Playsilk Scarves

Dinosaur Stacking Toy


LOVEVERY PLAY KITS: I love these play kits for toddlers. They come with Montessori-inspired toys, providing educational based-play for 2-year-olds for hours. Many of these toys are made from sustainably sourced wood and organic cotton fabrics, making them a total win.

RAINBOW STACKING TUNNEL: Rainbows are all the rage right now, and this stacking tunnel isn’t just fun for toddlers. It also makes a beautiful playroom decor item, which, let’s face it, is a total toddler toy bonus! It’s great for toddlers learning to stack and balance items, but this rainbow stacking tunnel can also be used for learning colors. It’s a toy that will last for years.

PLAYSILK SCARVES: Play silks are such a multiuse item for your toybox. You can do many things with them, from adding them to a fort you build together to playing dress-up or using it as part of a play scene with other toys. I love these enchanted play silks.

DINOSAUR STACKING TOY: This colorful dinosaur stacking toy is a great early learning game. The dinosaur building blocks can help train children’s concentration, thinking skills, logic, and hands-on skills.



Doorway Sport Zone

Bowling Friends


Basketball Hoop


LITTLE TIKES 3’N’1 DOORWAY SPORT ZONE: Switch up the sports your toddler is playing on a dime! Choose from basketball, football, and soccer. It hangs easily on any door for hours of fun and shaking out all the extra energy your little one may have!

MELISSA & DOUG BOWLING FRIENDS: Set up a fun and quick game of bowling with this set! Each pen is a different animal. The ball is bouncy and encourages hand-eye coordination and motor skills! This would be fun for you and your toddler to play together or for them to play independently.

LITTLE TIKES TOY SPORTS T-BALL: Let them start practicing their swing for T-Ball! This set from Little Tikes allows your toddler to hit a lightweight plastic baseball off a tee. It can easily be used inside or outside for hours of fun!

LITTLE TIKES BASKETBALL SET: This adjustable kids basketball hoop is perfect for outdoor and indoor play! Help your little one develop social, motor skills and coordination while having some fun shooting hoops. The height is adjustable to grow with your child and it includes balls!


Pretend Play

Green Toys Truck

Cuddle + Kind Lamb

Baby Stella

John Deere Tractor


GREEN TOYS TRUCK: Green Toys offers toys made from 100% recycled plastic and free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC. They are also USA-made and have so many fun toys for toddlers. This green truck is super cute, but there are so many other options. There’s something for every toddler you’re shopping for this year!

CUDDLE + KIND AVERY THE LAMB: Not only are these hand-knit dolls adorable and beautifully made but for every purchase, ten meals are provided to children in need. 1 doll = 10 meals. These dolls are handcrafted in Peru by women artisans with premium 100% cotton yarn. This Avery the Lamb doll is sure to become one of your child’s new favorite toys.

MANHATTAN TOY WEE BABY STELLA: This Wee Baby Stella doll set includes a bottle that attaches magnetically, a bedtime storybook, and a plush teddy bear. We love how Wee Baby Stella dolls also come in various fabric skin tones and hairstyles and how this one features a microencapsulated lavender scent that you can smell when you hug Baby Stella. The perfect first friend for your little one.

JOHN DEERE BIG SCOOP TRACTOR: This John Deere Big Scoop Tractor is the ultimate tractor sandbox toy and is sure to be the favorite gift for your 2-year-old! Measuring almost two feet long, this tractor features a heavy-duty steel hood, oversized free-rolling wheels for hours of action-packed play, and a roll bar handle to grab and go. A large functional front loader features an easy-grip handle to scoop and dump all types of big loads; rock, sand, dirt, or whatever the job might be. Your toddler will have hours of fun with this toy!



LeapFrog Leaptop

Amazon Fire Kids Tablet

LeapFrog Learning Lights Remote


LEAPFROG 2-N-1 LEAPTOP TOUCH: There are five learning modes on this LeapTop, including ABCs, numbers, games, music, and messages. The keyboard features letters A-Z and numbers 1-10. There are opportunities for toddlers to role-play activities like emailing.

AMAZON FIRE 7 KIDS TABLET: There are so many educational apps and websites you can utilize on this tablet! One year of Amazon Kids+ is included, which gives you access to PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and More. There is also a 2-year worry-free guarantee that if it breaks, you can return and they will replace it for free!

LEAPFROG LEARNING LIGHTS REMOTE: Keep little ones entertained in a big way with a pretend-play remote that introduces numbers, shapes, and first words! Bright colors and 10+ lights encourage babies and toddlers to explore

This is a busy time of year, and holiday shopping can feel stressful. I hope this list of gifts for a 2-year-old helped spark some inspiration! Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season and happy shopping!

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